Short Story

Book Review: Happimess by Biswajit Banerji

Happimess by Biswajit Banerji begins on a strong note combining humor, wit, creativity, and intelligence, wrapped in symbolism which lays the foundation for the rest of the stories.

Book Review: What The Eyes See by Nitya Ravi

What The Eyes See by Nitya Ravi is a fascinating and sometimes disturbing collection of seven short stories. Across these stories runs a theme of dark human nature and it's consequences.

Book Review: Not Really Indian by Subhashini Prasad

Not Really Indian is ten separate stories which share one overarching theme. All share the theme of Indians who find it easier to hang on their customs than assimilate, creating people proud of their culture yet longing for their old country.

Book Review: The Lady In The Mirror by Charu Vashishtha

The Lady In The Mirror is an excellent set of short stories exploring the human condition with all its flaws and neurosis. Author Charu Vashishtha addresses internal conflicts, unspoken words, greed, self-belief, subconscious self, love, jealousy, and freedom through the 8 short stories in the book.

Book Review: The Goat Thief by Perumal Murugan

Title: The Goat Thief Author: Perumal Murugan Translator: N. Kalyan Raman Genre: Fiction / Anthology of Short Stories First Publication: 2017 Language: English Setting Place: Urban, Suburban and Rural Parts...

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