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Suhana Bhambhani

the author of The Unproposed Guy

Suhana Bhambhani is a former investment banker with an eminent zeal for writing. Live a well-balanced life, giving time to your family, friends, work and self-spirituality is her motto. She gives her best writing in creative content and article scripting. The Unproposed Guy is her debut novel.


The Unproposed Guy by Bhavik SarkhediTBE: How did you come up with the idea for The Unproposed Guy?

Suhana Bhambhani: My biggest inspiration for writing this book has been Bhavik Sarkhedi. His motivating nature and high experience in the field enthused me to follow my aspiration and pen down my first official book.


TBE: You write about some heavy themes—things that many of your readers have probably never experienced—yet it’s very easy to identify with your characters. How do you make them so relatable?

Suhana Bhambhani: The heavy themes in the book like existential crises are more common and they have no limit when it comes to age or gender. Everyone can experience them at some point. Feelings of existential anxiety or career evaluation are normal. Discussing your concerns with someone or a professional may help you gain clarity and reconnect to your life’s purpose. Such feelings and experiences can also be a turning point in a person’s life. You realize your life matters more than you know.


TBE: When you first wrote the book, did you ever imagine it becoming what it has now?

Suhana Bhambhani: No, but with the hard work of the publishers, marketing team and Bhavik’s guidance, it has reached this successful point.


TBE: I remember reading and reviewing The Unproposed Guy and how different this book felt to me after I first read it, but it felt intimate and raw in a way that differed from other contemporary novels. Combining humor and heft and filled with hilarious, witty, pitch-perfect dialogue, it’s not afraid to tackle weighty topics with grace and humanity. How did you conceive of Kevin? How did this character come to you, and what was it like to have him romping around in your head?

Suhana Bhambhani: Honestly, Kevin’s character is Bhavik’s invention. His idea and my writing became a combination of our creativity and hard work, the result of which is ‘The unproposed guy.


TBE: It was a courageous decision on your part to give Kevin an average family and friend circle, since it forced you to explore elsewhere for sources of conflict, which you handled quite well. I believe this was a smart move on your part. Let’s talk about this choice.

Suhana Bhambhani: The story had to cover that Kevin is just like you and me. A very normal, teenage boy who is confused about girls, career and relationships and how with humor in his life he could face all of it. Just like him we all have something that can help us face our struggles in life.


TBE: Love, guilt, and the quest to understand are big themes within this book. What drew you to write about them?

Suhana Bhambhani: As this book depicted Kevin’s life journey filled with his every experience, it had to deliver what every teenager goes through today. In terms of love, rejections, friendships and exploring their life.


TBE: Do you think that young adult novels are more progressive than other types of literature when it comes to portraying a diverse range of characters?

Suhana Bhambhani: In today’s time, I don’t think it is restricted to young adult novels. Any literature today can be depicted, accepted and appreciated for progressiveness, diversity or simplicity as well.


TBE: What was the most challenging part of writing this story? What message do you hope people will take away from this book?

Suhana Bhambhani: I feel the challenging part of writing this book was of becoming complacent or hitting an author’s block that sort of scared me at times. The key message of this book is a. you can take time in your life, let the ups and downs be part of your experiences as you never know how your life will unfold and b. always make humor a part of your life, be it as a career or as a hobby as it surely helps live life that may be filled with struggles in an easier and calmer way.


TBE: How was your publishing experience with Leadstart?

Suhana Bhambhani: Frankly, Leadstart has been a great publisher from the start. Be it editing, marketing, sales team, every professional was always there to help us, answer our queries, give us updates and to simply work hard to promote the book. I would definitely recommend Leadstart to my friends and colleagues and even any new author who wants a book published from one of the best in the field. I feel blessed with my first publishing experience being so professional and rewarding.

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