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7 Reasons Why Reading Is Good for Your Child’s Mental Health

In this day and age, when the Internet has taken over almost all aspects of our lives, reading a book has become a less and less common activity. We can see it, especially with the new generations. They seem to have no more time than what it takes to watch a TikTok or Instagram story. However, there are several reasons why reading is good for your child’s mental health and development. Here’s why you should encourage it:

Reading is a stress-buster

In recent years, there has been a meteoric rise in the prevalence of mental health issues like anxiety among students, who have been under unprecedented amounts of stress. Common and healthy ways to deal with it are:

  • Engaging physical activity
  • Socializing
  • Reading books

Reading is a fantastic opportunity for children to escape the problems they’re facing and enter a new world. Reading helps you concentrate, which may help alleviate tension and anxiety. The same amount of tension may be relieved by reading for 30 minutes as by doing 30 minutes of yoga (of course, your kid can always choose to do both).

It helps with emotional development

Some of the feelings that children experience as they develop might have an adverse effect on their emotional well-being. Isolation might set in if they come to believe they are the only ones who have ever felt the way they do or gone through what they are going through. They may not have the tools to process their feelings in a healthy manner. Reading books about similar feelings might reassure a person that they are not going wild and that their feelings are quite normal. Learning from the mistakes of others is another benefit of reading about the experiences of others.

Battling loneliness

This one is especially for children from the moment puberty hits and all throughout the teenage years. This is the time when a child experiences a swirling storm of hormones and doesn’t really know how to cope with it. It’s often followed by insecurities combined with a lack of understanding from a parent. That’s why a lot of teens feel lonely and isolated.

In times like that, it’s good to escape into the other world for a bit and find a protagonist who has the same problem. The world doesn’t seem so lonely when you read about the adventures of someone who reminds you of yourself. Seeing how the main character solves their problem will be beneficial in multiple ways and will make your teen feel less lonely.

Reading helps battle depression and anxiety

Reading is a wonderful way to introduce your child to new worlds and exciting experiences. This is one of the reasons reading is good for your child’s mental health. But boosting literacy skills is not just that. Your child’s depressive moods may be alleviated by the laughter and joy they experience when absorbed in a good tale. Of course, it’s always important to look out for the signs of serious mental disorders, so you can bring additional help to your kid if necessary.

If your teen has already gone through some rough times, bringing them good books to read can be one way to help them heal. Addiction recovery experts from Little Creek Recovery always advise reading therapy as a part of healing after addiction treatment. Getting lost in an imaginary world of characters can help your kid slowly reconnect to the real world.

It boosts communication skills

Reading aloud to preschoolers is a great way to help them practice speaking and listening, as well as build vocabulary. That way, they may express themselves and get support from others. As they improve their reading skills, youngsters of a certain age may branch out into more complex literature and a wider range of topics. This will aid them in expanding their vocabulary and developing their communication skills. Also, this can be a great way to boost their creativity and writing skills—no more Fs on their essays in school!

Making friends will be a breeze

Isolation is a major factor in the development of mental health problems in children and adolescents, and this was worsened during the epidemic. Many young people have trouble making and keeping friends. When children read, they enter a new world where they may relate to the characters.

Thanks to this, they’ll feel like they’ve stepped into the middle of the action. Reading helps youngsters develop social skills that will serve them well in many aspects of life, including their connections with others. They learn to empathize with others’ experiences, which aids in developing meaningful relationships with peers.

Reading is a great way to wind up

Today’s youth are always on the move and subjected to a barrage of information. It’s tough to wind down and get a good night’s rest when you have school, homework, a mobile phone, and extracurricular activities to think about. All students, even college freshmen, require enough sleep for their health. Students find that reading before bed is an effective way to wind down and get some shut-eye. Children who read for as little as 15 minutes before bedtime see significant improvements in their sleep quality.

Call it a day with a little bedtime reading

A child’s mind may find release from the stresses of the day through reading. This can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Some kids will be interested in the story because of the words, while others will be interested in the pictures. No specific emphasis on feelings is necessary for a book to improve a child’s mental health and well-being. Sometimes all it takes to make the end of the day better is doing something that piques their interest or makes them giggle.

Reading is good for your child’s mental health – encourage it

Now that you know these seven major reasons why reading is good for your child’s mental health, it’s time to take action. Listen to your kid’s preferences and go to the bookstore to buy their favorite genre. Then, grab your favorite book and make a reading party with your little one. This can be a fun bonding experience too!



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