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Gopala Gopala

the author of Juvenile Adults

Juvenile Adults by Gopala Gopala (Gopalakrishnan Shankar)Gopala Gopala is the pseudonym of Gopalakrishnan Shankar, the author of Juvenile Adults. Gopala Gopala is a corporate business leader, lives in Bangalore for the last twenty years with his wife and this is his first book. He is a Civil Engineer and a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

His last 20 years of professional working life has been in large companies holding leadership positions at CEO/MD levels managing Retail, e-commerce, Fashion, FMCG distribution, and Infrastructure businesses with a consistent record of accomplishment of high performance. At work, he believes in combining digitalization, research-based analysis, risk-taking, and having a learning organization for success. Also combines economic and social contribution where possible.

He has been running half-marathons for many years and taking learnings from the same in professional life. His overall career spans hands-on experience with six large companies in India, Middle East, and the UK in management roles and functions for nearly three decades.

His hobbies include running, going to the gym, cooking, listening to music, traveling, wine tasting, reading, and writing. These days in Covid times, cooking and reading take a lot of his time.


TBE: Can you tell us a bit about your book ‘Juvenile Adults’ and what inspired you to write it?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: This is a book on Surreal fiction. It’s my first book, I have always wanted to write a book and here I have combined fiction, management, short stories, travel experiences, wine tasting and bhagwat gita into a commercial pot-pourri.


TBE: Without spoiling the story for readers, can you share something about your story which is not in the blurb or any available excerpts?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: It’s a riveting story of a family which suddenly faces hardships in a foreign country from seemingly friendly territory and how they overcome it with dignity.


TBE: Samson leaves his distinguished career in India for his family business in Oman and then in Canada. Ultimately, he is a protagonist who sets out on a journey that ends in personal—and spiritual—transformation. Do you think travel necessitates personal growth because one is forced to respond to and accept the unfamiliar? In your opinion, how much does it depend on an individual’s willingness to embrace opportunity?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: After some stage in a career and even life, further growth and transformation surely comes only from exploring the uncharted territory and taking chaos headlong. Opportunities are everywhere, the challenge is enticing but not every situation is a victory or resolution.


TBE: ‘Juvenile Adults’ explores the challenges and the opportunities that come with migrating to another country. It’s fresh and well-paced, and its characters are beguilingly complex. Can you tell us about your main characters, Samson, Stella and Kenneth.

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: The main characters are normal, ordinary people who set out to advance in life but meet extraordinary situations, people and circumstances.


TBE: The India, Oman and Canada play important role in the story, tell us a bit about why and how did you choose these countries. What do you love about the setting of your book?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: I show these countries to show the diversity of experiences as we move along in the globe. Oman is a hidden jewel, lot of interesting things there, not well known to the outside world.


TBE: Ultimately, what do you hope readers will get out of your book?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: Truth and tenacity wins. Human endeavour is unlimited and life is all about different experiences.


TBE: What does your writing process look like? Do you map story out from start to finish or do you begin with an idea and see where it takes you?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: I have a plot in mind even as I start, but I keep pivoting the story and extensions within some boundaries as I move along. It keeps me fresh and innovative also even as I write.


TBE: How was your publishing experience with Leadstart?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: Excellent, such a nice little professional team full of enthusiastic and knowledgeable women. I really enjoyed the experience with Leadstart.


TBE: Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Gopalakrishnan Shankar: I am already working on a plot for my second book. Its going to be a mystery thriller. This time set in India and Canada.


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