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List of Books by Colleen Hoover in Order

The New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover has captured readers’ attention with her evocative and compelling writing in her books. She was born in 1979 in Texas, where she began writing at a young age and fell in love with the art of storytelling. In 2011, while working for child protection services and residing in a trailer with her husband and three kids, Colleen Hoover began her career as a writer. She had a background in social work, but she turned to writing instead, and started working on her debut novel, Slammed, a young adult romance set in the world of slam poetry. CoHo launched her writing career by self-publishing the book on Amazon.

Since the publication of her first book, “Slammed,” in 2012, she has written more than a dozen other novels and novellas, many of which have become New York Times bestsellers. Colleen Hoover’s work is famous for its heartfelt themes and appealing characters. Her ability to evoke deep and intense emotions in her readers has made her a popular figure in the literary world, and her novels generally centre on the themes of love, grief, and self-discovery. Colleen Hoover has been lauded for the compassion and sensitivity with which she approaches taboo issues like abuse, death, and addiction in her books.

Character development is one of the most impressive aspects of Colleen Hoover’s books. Her characters are complex and have flaws, anxieties, and vulnerabilities just as real people do, and she writes about them in a manner that makes it easy for readers to relate with them. The secondary characters in CoHo’s books are just as well developed, and they all contribute significantly to the tale and the protagonist’s personal growth.

Colleen Hoover’s books, many of which have been adapted into movies, are loved for their sentimental depth. Her books are frequently compared to Nicholas Sparks’, and she has received high appreciation for their emotional depth and compelling plots. She has achieved literary superstardom, with thousands of dedicated fans awaiting for her each new release

Colleen Hoover’s philanthropic works are as well-known as her literary ones. She is the brain behind the charitable organisation known as The Bookworm Box, which encourages literacy and raises money for various causes. As a result of the work that CoHo has done for this organisation, she has been able to make a positive difference in the lives of many individuals and has contributed in spreading the love of reading.

Here is a list of books by Colleen Hoover:

Book Series by Colleen Hoover

For avid readers who enjoy losing themselves in the immersive world of romance book series, Colleen Hoover’s books are a must-read. From the heart-wrenching love story of Sky and Dean in the “Hopeless” series to the intriguing and suspenseful plot of the “Never Never” series, Colleen Hoover’s books offer a captivating range of characters and storylines. For romance book series enthusiasts, this list organizes Colleen Hoover’s books by series.

Slammed Series by Colleen Hoover

1. Slammed (2012)

Layken, who is 17 years old, moves to Michigan with her mother and younger brother after her father dies. She is having trouble getting used to her new life when she meets Will, her charming and attractive neighbour. Layken and Will hit it off right away because they both liked poetry. But their budding relationship is complicated by the fact that Will is Layken’s new poetry teacher, which renders it forbidden for them to be together.

Layken and Will keep finding ways to be with each other and talk about how they feel through poetry, even though they have to face numerous challenges. Sadly, as their love grows stronger, a devastating secret could make things worse between them. Layken has to face her own feelings of loss and sadness while fighting to keep the person she loves by her side. Will must also make a decision that could change their lives in a profound way.

The complicated relationship between Layken and Will forces each of them to face their pasts and the way it have affected their present and future. Slammed is a moving and heartwarming story about love, family, and the power of words.

2. Point of Retreat (2012)

This is the second book in the Slammed series, continuing the story of Layken and Will. Their intense love affair began in the first book when Layken met Will, a troubled musician struggling with addiction. Despite Will’s issues, they formed a passionate bond.

Point of Retreat picks up two years later. Though Will has remained sober, his past continues to haunt him and strain his relationship with Layken. She struggles with trust, concerned his addictive personality will resurface. Yet she is still drawn to his wildness.

The couple faces various challenges that threaten to tear them apart. Layken yearns for a stable relationship but struggles to accept Will’s unconventional nature. Will loves her deeply and works hard to prove himself, but his insecurities plague him. He fears he does not deserve her.

Misunderstandings arise as they navigate work, family and friends. Hoping to reconnect, they take a weekend trip together. But tensions quickly flare, pushing Will towards a decision that could either bring them closer or drive them apart for good.

The story explores issues of addiction, trust, and intimacy in romance. Layken and Will must confront the root causes of issues that plague their relationship. They must determine if they truly understand and accept each other, or if their passionate but problematic bond will inevitably lead to a breaking point. The outcome will shape their future together.

3. This Girl (2013)

This Girl continues the story of Layken and Will from the first two books in the Slammed series. Their tempestuous yet passionate relationship has survived adversity, but new challenges loom.

Layken faces a dilemma when she discovers she is pregnant. Though initially fearful, she eventually shares the news with Will, hoping fatherhood will be the change he needs. However, Will seems distant and reluctant to discuss the baby. His withdrawal makes Layken wonder if becoming parents will instead tear them apart.

As Layken’s pregnancy progresses, her anxieties grow. When Will misses an important doctor’s appointment, Layken decides they need time apart to think through what becoming parents truly means for their future together. She moves in with her friend Ryan to gain some clarity.

Meanwhile, Will struggles to process the news of fatherhood. Though he loves Layken deeply, his history of substance abuse and past failures make him doubt he can be the father Layken and their child need. He withdraws, fearing his instability will only burden them.

While living apart, Layken and Will realize how much they truly want each other in their lives. But they must decide if they can fully commit to one another – and to becoming a family. Only by confronting their insecurities and fears head on will they determine if their love can withstand the challenges of parenthood.

The story explores themes of communication, vulnerability, and forgiveness within a committed relationship. Ultimately, Layken and Will must choose to either come together to raise their child – or risk losing each other for good.

Hopeless Series by Colleen Hoover

1. Hopeless (2012)

Hopeless follows Sky, a seventeen year old girl who meets Dean while working at her family’s restaurant. Dean and his father run the local tattoo parlor next door. Dean is eighteen and has a rebellious streak which Sky finds alluring.

Sky comes from a troubled home with a volatile father and an alcoholic mother. Dean provides an escape for Sky, giving her hope and confidence she never had before. Their relationship quickly becomes intense and they find solace in each other.

However, not everything is as it seems. Dean continues to have secrets he refuses to share with Sky. His hidden past soon comes to light, revealing a deep tragedy that continues to haunt him. His intense struggles and inner turmoil threaten to tear them apart.

Sky wants to help Dean overcome his pain so they can truly be together. But for that to happen, Dean must first find a way to make peace with his tragic past. Only when he faces his demons head on can Sky and Dean hope to build a real future together.

2. Losing Hope (2013)

Losing Hope picks up where Hopeless left off, continuing the turbulent love story of Sky and Dean. Though they overcame obstacles in Hopeless, new challenges threaten to tear them apart in Losing Hope.

The book begins with Sky moving in with Dean. Their relationship feels solid but Sky struggles with jealousy and trust issues due to Dean’s secretive past. When Dean has to leave town for work, Sky worries he is hiding things from her again.

While Dean is gone, Sky receives a startling call from someone claiming to know secrets about Dean that shake her to the core. Sky is forced to reconsider everything she thought she knew about the man she loves. Suddenly, Dean’s mysterious past appears far more complicated and disturbing than she ever imagined.

When Dean returns, Sky confronts him about the call and its revelations. Dean admits parts of his dark past but denies other disturbing claims. As doubt and mistrust grow between them, Sky starts to question everything about their relationship.

Dean begs Sky to trust him, insisting he has never lied to her. But Sky’s fears and suspicions threaten to overwhelm their love. As doubts fester, Dean and Sky’s relationship begins to unravel.

Will Dean find a way to prove his innocence and save their love? Or will Sky’s loss of faith in him ultimately lead to their tragic end? The answers lie in facing the painful truths of Dean’s shadowy past and rebuilding the trust that once held them together.

3. Finding Cinderella (2013)

Finding Cinderella tells the sweet yet heartwrenching love story of Daniel and Six, two lonely souls yearning for love and connection.

Daniel, known for his charming wit, hides feelings of emptiness and longing beneath the surface. Six carries a painful secret that isolates her from others.

When fate brings them together in a closet at a party, an instant bond forms. They begin sharing secrets and finding solace in each other’s company, using nicknames to remain anonymous.

As their relationship grows, so do the challenges they face. Daniel and Six help each other heal from past hurts while navigating the complexities of love.

However, forces beyond their control threaten to pull them apart. They must confront painful secrets from their past and make difficult choices about their future.

Colleen Hoover beautifully depicts the power of love to heal deep wounds. She captures the essence of young love in all its tender yet tumultuous glory. The story is one of self-discovery, forgiveness and embracing love in its purest form.

Through relatable characters and evocative prose, Colleen takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster. We root for Daniel and Six’s happily ever after, reminded that love can overcome even the darkest of secrets.

Their love story reminds us that sometimes the ones who love us best see our potential, not just our past. When we dare to open our hearts and forget past mistakes, growth and healing begin. Daniel and Six show us that true connection begins when we can see and love each other for who we are, not who we pretend to be.

Though challenges threaten to pull them apart, their bond proves stronger than secrets and pain. Finding Cinderella reminds us that genuine love always finds a way.

4. Finding Perfect (2019)

In Finding Perfect, the conclusion to Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless series, Daniel and his friends plan a Friendsgiving celebration.

Daniel, Six, Holder, Sky and Breckin eagerly prepare for the dinner at Sky’s parents’ home. However, lingering issues strain their group.

Daniel, concerned for Six, finally asks the questions they’ve avoided since discussing a shared secret. He realizes that very secret clouds the holiday.

Determined to comfort the one he loves most, Daniel embarks on a journey for truth. It holds potential for both revelation and heartache.

As he uncovers the truth, Daniel confronts his fears and navigates complex emotions.

Finding Perfect explores the power of friendship, the value of honesty and human resilience. Colleen weaves a compelling story that keeps readers hooked as the characters grow.

Daniel’s search forces him to face hidden feelings. His willingness to have hard conversations and confront truths strengthens his bond with Six.

Their story teaches us growth requires walking difficult paths. By seeking truth and embracing vulnerability, we discover resilience within ourselves and depth of love between friends. Even long-hidden secrets can connect us when approached with courage, honesty and compassion.

Finding Perfect’s ultimately redemptive ending reminds us true revelation begins the moment we decide to face our fears and embrace the imperfect truths of love and friendship.

Daniel and Six’s story shows that though challenges may strain even the closest bonds, love gives us the resilience to endure. Their imperfect yet real connection reminds us that being human means making mistakes, but valuing each other through them. Finding Perfect is a celebration of navigating life’s difficulties together, imperfectly yet perfectly human.

Maybe Someday Series by Colleen Hoover

1. Maybe Someday (2014)

The story follows Sydney, a young woman who has given up on love after a string of failed relationships. Content with being single, Sydney focuses on her career as a music therapist and takes a job working with patients in an assisted living facility.

One of Sydney’s patients is Ridge, an arrogant but reclusive retired baseball star who is bitter about his forced retirement. Sydney challenges Ridge’s curmudgeonly outlook and the two slowly form an unlikely connection through music.

As Sydney and Ridge spend more time together, they find themselves drawn to each other in unexpected ways. However, Sydney is wary of starting anything serious with a warped celebrity like Ridge. Meanwhile, Ridge hides a tragic secret that isolates him from the world.

When Ridge finally reveals his secret to Sydney – a secret that has fueled his misanthropy for years – she must decide whether she has room in her heart for a man as broken and flawed as Ridge. For his part, Ridge must overcome his own issues in order to prove himself worthy of Sydney’s love.

The story explores themes of forgiveness, healing and the power of human connections to restore hope even in the darkest times. It shows how finding love may involve seeing beneath a person’s flaws and imperfections to recognize their essential humanity.

In the end, Sydney and Ridge must choose whether to remain isolated in their respective hurts, or open themselves up enough to recognize their growing feelings as a chance for redemption, growth and maybe even love. Their story reveals that some hope can be found in the most unlikely of places – and sometimes the one we least expect is the one who changes us most.

2. Maybe Not (2014)

In Maybe Not, part of Colleen Hoover’s Maybe series, Warren and Bridgette’s fiery yet passionate romance unfolds.

Warren, known for his carefree ways, shares an apartment with the fiery and independent Bridgette. Sparks fly from the moment they meet yet their first encounters are marked by heated arguments and witty banter.

Warren tries to uncover layers beneath Bridgette’s tough exterior, their animosity turns into an irresistible attraction.

As their lives intertwine, Warren and Bridgette discover they have more in common than they’d thought. As walls crumble, vulnerabilities and hidden desires are revealed.

But just as they begin letting down their guards, their pasts threaten to pull them apart.

Colleen weaves a compelling tale of unexpected love filled with complex, imperfect characters navigating personal demons and twists. The story is laced with humor, heartache and chemistry that captivates readers to the very end.

Maybe Not is a testament to the transformative power of love and how we can find solace in unexpected places. Colleen’s mastery of storytelling and vivid characterization make this novella a must-read for fans of the Maybe series and anyone seeking a passionate yet defying-expectations love story.

Warren and Bridgette’s story shows that love sometimes emerges when we least expect it. Their romance teaches that true connection begins when we accept others’ imperfections yet choose to see them fully—walls, defenses and all.

Though past pains threaten to separate them, their bond proves stronger than secrets and misunderstandings. Warren and Bridgette show us that love worth having means embracing each other—flaws, scars and all. Together, they navigate life’s challenges imperfectly yet perfectly human.

3. Maybe Now (2018)

Maybe Now continues Sydney and Ridge’s story from the previous books in the Maybe Someday series. They have overcome obstacles to be together, but face new challenges ahead.

The book begins as Sydney and Ridge marry in a beautifully heartfelt ceremony. Though deeply in love, they quickly realize married life is different from their courtship. Adjusting to living as husband and wife proves more difficult than anticipated.

Sydney and Ridge struggle to balance their individual needs and interests under the shared responsibilities of marriage. They argue frequently over differing perspectives on finances, schedules, and in-laws. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings arise, threatening to create a rift between them.

Despite the tensions in their relationship, Sydney and Ridge remain committed to resolving their issues and growing closer as spouses. They make an effort to compromise, make sacrifices and prioritize each other.

Sydney starts navigating life on Ridge’s terms, immersing herself in his celebrity world to better support him. Ridge works on being more attentive to Sydney’s needs and sharing household duties more equally.

After a particularly bad fight, Sydney and Ridge realize they must heal old wounds from their past relationships to truly move forward together. They open up about painful memories and insecurities, enabling them to see each other with renewed understanding.

Through honesty, patience and compromise, Sydney and Ridge find a way to bridge their differences as individuals uniting as one couple. Their love – though tested – transforms into a deeper bond of intimacy, trust and unconditional acceptance.

The story ultimately shows that overcoming obstacles in marriage requires openness, compromise and a willingness to see one’s spouse not as a burden but as a partner embracing life’s journey together. By choosing each other again and again, Sydney and Ridge’s love endures – maybe now and always.

It Ends With Us Series by Colleen Hoover

1. It Ends With Us (2016)

The story follows Lily Bloom who grows up witnessing domestic violence within her own home. As a result, Lily swears she will never let a man control or hurt her.

After a series of failed relationships, Lily meets handsome surgeon Ryle Kincaid. Their connection is immediate and intense. Soon, Lily moves in with Ryle and they fall deeply in love.

However, Lily soon discovers Ryle has a history of violence and volatility. She uncovers evidence of his abusive tendencies with past girlfriends. As Lily spends more time with Ryle’s friends and family, she pieces together a disturbing pattern of manipulation and control in his personality.

Lily begins to see glimpses of the same rage that marked the men who abused her mother. Concerned for her safety, she keeps her distance from Ryle. But their magnetic connection remains undeniable.

As their relationship deepens, Lily struggles to reconcile the loving, attentive man she fell for with the very real darkness within him. Ryle works to win back Lily’s trust by proving he has changed.

Ultimately, Lily must decide if Ryle will succumb to his abusive nature or overcome his demons through the power of their love. And Ryle must choose whether to reflect inwardly to evolve beyond his past – or lose the woman who may be the key to his redemption.

The story explores themes of generational trauma, cycles of abuse, and the process of healing deep wounds within relationships. It asks whether love can truly conquer all, or if some hurts run too deep to overcome – even with the best of intentions.

2. It Starts With Us (2022)

It Starts With Us continues the story of Lily and Ryle from the first book, It Ends With Us. Though their love has endured much, new challenges put their future together at risk.

The book begins with Lily and Ryle planning their wedding. However, when Ryle’s estranged former fiancée resurfaces and threatens to expose shameful secrets from Ryle’s past, doubt creeps into Lily and Ryle’s relationship.

As Ryle grapples with hiding the truth from the woman he wants to marry, Lily senses a distance growing between them. Doubting Ryle’s trustworthiness triggers memories of past abuse for Lily. She questions whether Ryle can evolve beyond the darkness within himself.

Ryle agonizes over whether to confess his secrets to Lily. Though he loves her deeply, shame and fear keep him from being fully honest. His omissions only drive a widening wedge between him and Lily.

When Ryle finally reveals the truth behind his former fiancée’s threats, Lily struggles to forgive Ryle’s lies and secrecy. She begins doubting their entire relationship. Meanwhile, Ryle realizes secrets and shame will only destroy what he and Lily have built together.

Through honest and painful self-reflection, Ryle comes to see his toxicity and abusive patterns, and resolves to change. His journey toward healing redeems him in Lily’s eyes. Lily overcomes her wounds from the past, seeing Ryle for who he truly aims to become.

Their love transforms, rooted now in truth, vulnerability and mutual growth. Though their story began with lies and pain, in choosing each other – and themselves – they find where real love starts: within.

Stand-Alone Books by Colleen Hoover

If you don’t feel like reading a series and would rather immerse yourself in a compelling love tale that doesn’t need any previous knowledge, Colleen Hoover has a number of standalone romance books. Here are the best standalone books by Colleen Hoover that will keep you turning pages with their original plots and memorable protagonists.

Ugly Love (2014)

Ugly Love is one of the best romance books written by Colleen Hoover. The story revolves around Tate Collins, a hardworking pilot and girl with a troubled past who avoids relationships, until she meets airline pilot Miles Archer.

Tate and Miles are almost complete opposites- she is quiet and reserved while he is funny and outgoing – yet they form an intense and unexpected connection. Miles insists he doesn’t want a relationship or strings attached yet cannot stop thinking about Tate. When he shows up at her apartment late one night, she realizes he is what she has been searching for. Their passionate love affair begins as steamy as it is surprising.

Soon though, Tate starts to pull away as her painful past threatens to surface. Miles makes it clear he is willing to do anything for her, yet when the truth of her demons is revealed, he may find he is in way over his head. As they both struggle with emotional baggage, the balance of their roller-coaster romance shifts. They must then decide whether to part ways or work through their difficulties to build a life together.

The story addresses issues of love, trust and family relationships with raw emotion and sensitivity. The complex characters try to overcome their struggles and define what love truly means to them. While their shared passion remains intense, finding inner peace and acceptance may prove the ultimate test of their bond as they face hard truths about themselves and each other. If they can build a foundation of honesty and openness, their relationship has a chance to evolve into something permanent. But first, they must navigate the labyrinth of ugly complications on their journey to true love.

Confess (2015)

Auburn Reed’s troubled past meets Owen Gentry’s mysterious charm when their paths collide. Auburn stumbles upon Owen’s art studio and discovers his unique way of confessing secrets through his paintings. Drawn to each other, they embark on a intense relationship that challenges them to confront their painful histories.

As their connection deepens, secrets are revealed that threaten to tear them apart. Owen’s paintings depict confessions that become intertwined with their own confessions, creating a complex narrative that grips the reader.

Colleen Hoover skillfully captures the intensity of Auburn and Owen’s bond along with the vulnerability they uncover in each other. The chemistry between them is palpable, keeping readers emotionally invested in their journey.

Themes of guilt, redemption and the healing power of love drive the story forward. Hoover balances heart-wrenching moments with tender scenes, instilling a sense of hope that even the darkest secrets can be overcome.

Through the art of confession, Hoover tells a thought-provoking love story that shows the transformative power of truth. It reminds us of the importance of embracing the past to shape the future.

November 9 (2015)

November 9 is an emotional and thought-provoking romance novel by bestselling author Colleen Hoover. It is considered one of best Colleen Hoover books and a fan favorite.

The story follows Fallon, who has experienced significant grief and trauma in her life. As a child, her mother died in a tragic accident, leaving her alone with her father. Fallon grew up longing for more but unable to move past her painful memories. As a result, she has built up walls to keep people at a distance, believing that love only brings suffering.

Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist and awkward yet caring guy who has also experienced loss in his life. Despite Fallon’s reservations, the two form an unexpected connection. Ben shows Fallon a different way to live, full of warmth and hope. Slowly, Fallon allows her barriers to come down as she opens up to Ben about her past, finding joy and comfort in his company.

However, Fallon’s trust issues run deep and she still struggles to accept vulnerability.
As their relationship grows, Fallon’s grief and trauma begin to fully resurface, threatening to pull her back into darkness. Ben is the light she craves but Fallon may sabotage what they have built due to deep-rooted fears.

Through emotional turmoil and heartbreak, November 9 tackles complex themes of family relationships, loss, love, and hope for the future. Fallon must decide if she can overcome her own pain to fully embrace love and move forward from the tragedy that has defined her life. With Ben’s patience and belief in her, Fallon may learn to hold on instead of letting go.

Too Late (2016)

Colleen Hoover’s book “Too Late” plunges readers into a world of suspense. Sloan finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with Asa. However, a chance encounter with Carter may provide an escape. Yet fleeing Asa proves dangerous as secrets rise to the surface, threatening not just Sloan but her loved ones. As stakes mount, Sloan musters the strength to protect herself.

Hoover delves into human complexities and trauma’s lasting scars. She explores desperation, resilience and love’s power through nuanced characters. Sloan’s authentic journey evokes emotions as readers root for her escape from darkness. Hoover sheds light on domestic abuse victims’ turmoil, eliciting varied feelings.

“Too Late” transcends survival – it testifies to the human spirit. Even in darkest times, hope and life reclamation remain possible.

With its thrilling plot and twists, “Too Late” leaves readers questioning trust, redemption and freedom’s price. Hoover again proves her mastery of resonant stories that explore the human condition.

Never Never (2016)

Colleen Hoover’s captivating novel plunges readers into mystery. Charlie and Silas wake up with no memory and must navigate their confusion. An unlikely bond forms between them. They work together to uncover the truth behind their shared amnesia.

Their investigation reveals secrets, lies and truths about their pasts. Unforeseen twists and revelations challenge everything. Hoover creates a sense of urgency and suspense, keeping readers hooked. The chemistry between Charlie and Silas adds romance amidst the mystery.

As their memories continue fading, they race against time to solve the enigma surrounding them.Each new discovery reveals the complexities of their lives and consequences of the past.

“Never Never” is a thought-provoking novel exploring identity, love and human connection.Hoover’s vivid character development immerses readers until the final page. Readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as they unravel the mystery with Charlie and Silas, rooting for them to reclaim their memories and each other.

Without Merit (2017)

In this book, Colleen Hoover transports readers into the complex world of the Voss family through the eyes of Merit Voss. Each family member grapples with struggles and secrets, seeking solace in their own ways.

Merit finds comfort in quirky habits but carries untold truths weighing heavily. When the perceptive Sagan enters her life, Merit questions her own perspective and the secrets she guards. Their deepening relationship teaches her the importance of vulnerability and connections’ transformative power.

Merit embarks on a self-discovery journey amidst family dynamics, misunderstandings and unlikely friendships. The novel explores mental health, forgiveness and relationship complexities, delving into honesty and communication’s profound impact.

Hoover’s masterful storytelling effortlessly blends humor, heartache and hope. She crafts multidimensional characters that readers relate to and root for, capturing the messy beauty of human experiences.

“Without Merit” powerfully examines family, love and finding one’s truth.Hoover’s prose evokes genuine emotions and introspection. As readers traverse the Voss family’s intricate lives, they’re reminded that even in darkest times, hope,redemption and one’s voice remain possible.

With its compelling characters and resonant storytelling, “Without Merit” transports readers into a moving world that reflects on their own lives and authenticity’s importance.

Verity (2018)

Verity by Colleen Hoover is a psychological thriller book about lies, secrets, obsession and the darkest depths of human nature. Lowen Ashleigh is hired by Jeremy Crawford, the husband of an injured and confined bestselling author, Verity Crawford, to complete her next book. Lowen discovers Verity has left behind a manuscript called “Verity” which is said to be too disturbing to publish.

Intrigued, Lowen reads the manuscript and is instantly captivated and horrified by what she finds. The manuscript reveals dark secrets about Verity’s past and paints an entirely different picture of who she really is. As Lowen continues to read “Verity”, she becomes convinced the disturbing events in the book actually happened and begin to suspect Verity’s husband may be hiding even darker secrets of his own.

Lowen becomes obsessed with the truth behind Verity’s story and begins pursuing questions on her own, investigating Verity’s life and her husband who has inexplicably vanished. The more she learns, the more she realizes nothing is as it seems. Lowen starts to lose her grip on reality as the line between fiction and truth becomes disturbingly blurred.

Verity explores themes of obsession, possession, manipulation and the nature of good and evil as Lowen digs deeper into Verity’s twisted tale. She must decide if she has the courage to uncover the true monster hiding just beneath the surface. But the truth may be darker than anything in Verity’s manuscript, and once learned, impossible to forget.

Verity is a chilling psychological thriller that plays mind games and keeps readers guessing until the very end as reality becomes indistinguishable from fiction and enemies hide in plain sight. Lowen learns you can never truly know people, and some stories are better left untold.

All Your Perfects (2018)

All Your Perfects is one of Colleen Hoover’s best romance books. The story follows Quinn and Graham, who meet by chance when Quinn hits Graham’s car and is forced to drive him to his destination as part of her restitution. Though hesitant at first, Quinn and Graham forge a bond during this chance encounter that quickly turns into a romantic relationship.

Graham seems perfect for Quinn and sweeps her off her feet with his charm, intelligence and compassion. However, Quinn struggles with feelings of shame from secrets in her past that she has never revealed to anyone. Graham accepts Quinn fully as she is, flaws and all, and shows her what unconditional love feels like. They fall quickly and deeply in love.

However, their seemingly perfect love story is thrown off course when a tragic incident forces Graham to confront painful secrets from his past that he has kept hidden. His revelations challenge Quinn’s ideas about who Graham really is and how well we can truly know another person. Graham and Quinn must decide if their love is built on illusion or deep enough to endure even the darkest truths about each other.

All Your Perfects tackles issues of imperfection, vulnerability, shame, secrets and forgiveness within relationships. Though Graham and Quinn seemed perfect for one another at first, they eventually learn that true intimacy requires revealing the parts of ourselves we spend the most time hiding. As they confront their fears about opening up, they find that flaws, scars and imperfections often bring people closest together. If they can learn to love every part of one another, imperfections and all, their relationship has a chance at being perfect in it’s own real way.

Regretting You (2019)

Colleen Hoover takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster through Morgan and Clara’s story of love, loss and forgiveness. This heart-wrenching tale explores the complexities of human relationships.

Morgan and Clara, a mother and daughter, navigate their shattered lives after tragedy. Hoover vividly portrays their raw, conflicting emotions. Morgan struggles with regrets and secrets while shielding Clara, who craves independence and answers about her father.

Unexpected twists reveal a web of secrets, connections and truths. Hoover weaves multiple perspectives, providing nuanced understanding of each character’s motivations.

Amidst the chaos, an unlikely friendship blossoms between Clara and Miller, a charismatic boy with his own scars. Together they embark on a journey of self-discovery that will forever change their lives.

Hoover’s skillful storytelling evokes genuine, relatable emotions. She captures the complexity of human relationships, exploring themes of love, forgiveness and the impact of our choices.

Regretting You is a touching story of love, regret, forgiveness and second chances between a mom and daughter. Their near loss helps them move past old hurts, really see each other and cherish every day together. The complexity of family ties is explored as Clara and Morgan heal strains in their relationship. In the end, their renewed closeness shows that family love endures, even through life’s hardest moments.

Heart Bones (2020)

In “Heart Bones,” Colleen Hoover captures complexities of love,connection and self-discovery. Beyah,who endured hardship,spends a summer with her estranged father in a coastal town expecting escape.

Yet she encounters Samson, an enigmatic local boy with secrets. Their connection ignites, becoming an anchor amidst turmoil.Together they embark on a healing,transformative journey unearthing family secrets.

Hoover’s storytelling brilliance shines through richly developed, relatable characters readers invest in deeply. As Beyah and Samson navigate their complex relationship,they confront past obstacles.The narrative explores forgiveness, redemption and love’s healing power.

Hoover’s evocative prose draws readers into the coastal setting,making them experience the story alongside characters.Descriptions of the ocean,air and emotions create an immersive experience.

Both heartwrenching and heartwarming, “Heart Bones” testifies to human resilience and love’s transformative power.Hoover again proves her ability to craft narratives that resonate. Readers are taken on an emotional ride,reminded of the human heart’s indomitable strength.

Layla (2020)

In Layla,Colleen Hoover takes readers on an emotional ride through Leeds and Layla’s complex love story against supernatural forces. Their ideal romance changes when Layla becomes haunted by a menacing spirit.

Hoover skillfully blends romance, suspense and paranormal themes. She explores depths of emotions, examining themes of trust, loyalty and how far we’ll go to protect loved ones. Readers turn pages anxiously to uncover truth behind Layla’s haunting and its impact.

With vivid, relatable characters who grapple with inner flaws, Hoover delivers. Leeds struggling to understand Layla’s situation while facing his own fears adds layers to the story. Their journey forces them to confront deepest fears and make choices altering lives forever.

In Layla, Hoover presents not just a tale of love and intrigue but explores forgiveness’ power and resilient human spirit. The novel tugs at heartstrings,leaving readers hopeful that love can transcend darkest circumstances.

With her masterful storytelling and ability to delve into human emotions, Hoover again proves her contemporary fiction power. Layla is a must-read for fans of gripping romance and supernatural themes, offering a thought-provoking exploration of human experiences.

Reminders of Him (2022)

Colleen Hoover’s Reminders of Him takes you on an emotional journey with Kenna as she fights for redemption and a second chance.

After serving 5 years in prison for a devastating mistake, Kenna returns home hoping to reconnect with her 4-year old daughter. But everyone in her daughter’s life refuses to give Kenna a chance to prove herself, determined to keep her at a distance.

The only one open to Kenna’s presence is Ledger, a local bar owner and one of the few connections to her daughter. As their paths intersect, Kenna and Ledger form an unexpected bond.

Though their relationship grows, they keep it a secret as revealing it could jeopardize the trust they’ve built. Kenna must confront her past and seek forgiveness in order to move forward.

Reminders of Him explores themes of redemption, second chances and the power of love. As Kenna and Ledger navigate obstacles around them, their romance blooms amid the challenges. Will they find strength to overcome and create a new life together, or will past mistakes haunt them?

Through Colleen’s heartfelt storytelling, we go on an emotional journey delving into forgiveness, redemption and human resilience. Reminders of Him offers a compelling narrative showing love’s transformative power and our ability to grow and heal.

Though Kenna made a devastating mistake, Colleen’s beautiful writing shines as Kenna fights for her daughter and a chance at a new life with Ledger. Their love story reminds us we all deserve grace, forgiveness and a second chance at happiness.

As we conclude exploring Colleen Hoover’s mesmerizing books, we’re spellbound by emotions woven within. Through lyrical prose and captivating narratives, Hoover invites us on transformative love, loss and self-discovery journeys. Her words embrace our hearts, stirring soul depths.

Colleen Hoover’s books are portals into human experiences. They remind us of human resilience, forgiveness’ power and beauty emerging from pain. With each page, we immerse in a world where passion intertwines with vulnerability while hope lingers in darkest corners.

So reader, open doors to enchanting worlds Hoover crafts. Let her words envelope you in an emotion symphony where joy and sorrow dance. Discover characters who’ll reside in your heart and stories lingering in thoughts after final chapters.

In Hoover’s realm, where love’s essence is captured in poetic prose, we’re reminded that within human experiences’ depths amid life’s tapestry, lies enduring power of written word. Here we find solace, inspiration and gentle reminder that, as in Hoover’s stories, there’s always one more step along our own extraordinary journey.


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