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I Prescribe Love by Lavnya Krishnamurthy

Title: I Prescribe Love

Author: Lavnya Krishnamurthy

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

Genre: Romance

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: I Prescribe Love by Lavnya KrishnamurthyBook Review - I Prescribe Love by Lavnya Krishnamurthy

‘What do you want to be, dear?’

‘A doctor and only a doctor, nothing else!’ Replies a bespectacled, nerdy, double plaited, enthusiastic Shwetha, as her parents ask her about her career plans. Little does this girl from a traditional Tamil Brahmin family know however, that those innocent words were going to change her life completely.

The day she steps into medical school, so many new and exciting things happen in her life one after the other – long lasting friendship, first crush, first love, and an eventual heartbreak. Just when she thinks her life couldn’t be more perfect, fate casts a sarcastic smile on her. As her hands heal many, she wonders whether or not her heart will truly heal and if true love will find its way to her.

If you are ready to ride a light-hearted roller coaster of romance, friendship, heartbreak, the becoming and life of a doctor, well what are you waiting for?

Pick this book up and hop on!


Book Review: I Prescribe Love by Lavnya Krishnamurthy

We can never imagine what kind of life lies ahead of us and this book made me realize that we can never say “never”, “I will” or “I can”, not until we are right at that very moment wherein we need to make a decision (rational or not). Yes, we can determine what we want to be in the future but we can never foresee the things and changes that we are to encounter. We can do nothing but to choose, and even by just making one wrong choice will change something sometime everything and the future will be far more different from what we sought it to be.

I Prescribe Love by Lavnya Krishnamurthy is a very well written book. It gives a good description about the daily lives of doctors and their profession. The book is mainly based on Shwetha and Gautam’s journey through school, medical college and their respective field. The ups and downs, the rise and fall, the realisations they have. They both look out for each other no matter what the situation. Both go through disappointing relations, realising the true relation at the end.

The book is a breezy read yet it compels reader to think of mad ways of the world. The characters are very convincing and well crafted. There are many good dialogues and quotes that I kept highlighting. Before starting the book I came to know that the author is a doctor by profession but her passion lies in writing. Considering that she pulled off all practices of medical world in the best way.

I loved the character of Shwetha, who is a beautiful, equally strong in her brains, knowledge and hard work, faces the world and keeps struggling despite having everything needed for a successful career. The fantastic well-rounded story aside, the writing itself is very detailed and descriptive.

I would recommend I Prescribe Love by Lavnya Krishnamurthy for all graduate students of any discipline to understand that with the glamour and pride that comes with a profession, also comes responsibility and sacrifices which must be made.


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