Book Review

Book Review: Grit Gravel and Gear by Dhruv Bogra

Title: Grit Gravel and Gear

Author: Dhruv Bogra

Genre: Adventure/Travel, Non-Fiction

Publisher: The Write place

Language: English

Narration Type: First person narration by Author Dhruv Bogra.


Book Summary: Grit Gravel and GearGrit Gravel and Gear by Dhruv Bogra

Twenty-two stories in Grit, Gravel and Gear chronicle Dhruv Bogra’s epic solo ride on a touring bicycle named ‘Quest’. In 2016, Dhruv embarked on a journey of discovery, adventure and peril when he chose to plunge into the far end of the planet to fulfill a childhood dream to explore the lands and indigenous cultures of the Arctic, the Maya, the Zapotec and Aztec in Mexico and Central America, and the world of the Inca in Peru.

Cycling alone for 15,000 kilometres across ten countries—from the cold and barren wilderness of the unforgiving Arctic Tundra to the thin air of the Andes—he endured hardship, misery, catharsis, happiness, and unbridled joy. Riding on the saddle for thirteen months, he encountered bears, wolves and moose as also touring cyclists, indigenous peoples,artists, writers, hunters, farmers and homeless hitchhikers experiencing extraordinary kindness from people in the villages and small towns.

Grit, Gravel and Gear is about the author’s voyage of discovery and how he stumbled upon unusual wisdom, deep life lessons, an endearing love for a woman and the land that gave birth to his soul.


Book Review: Grit Gravel and Gear

Grit, Gravel and Gear by Dhruv Bogra is an informative start to an interesting take on a man’s journey, cycling to some of the most fascinating and historical countries, while engaging with the people and the culture.

An interesting viewpoint as the author, Dhruv Bogra narrates his journey cross-country. Visiting different locations that most people only dream of visiting. The reader connects with the author and the landscape he is travelling on. Imagery of beautiful countries Alaska, California, Mexico or Peru and beyond.

The reader is able to get a glimpse into this man’s world; his triumphs, his struggles and the amazing experiences he has.

I could read the story through his eyes, it’s not just like reading from a travel book or history book, but learning alongside the author about the places he goes, and the generous and friendly people he meets. You can get a sense one of the reasons he survived this major feat was because of the kindness of others, opening up their homes to him and his travelling companion.

At times I wished there was a bit more detail about some of these amazing countries. Sometimes I felt it was a bit brief, so it was difficult to get fully immersed and picture where he was. Some words could have provided a more descriptive view, but in the end that is the beauty of this story, he wrote what he thought.

It was great to see some of the pictures half-way through the story. That enabled a better picture of the author and the places he went.

I especially enjoyed reading about the culture and the places of great significance in history. Throughout the novel telling a little bit of history about the places he was at, and the hard reality of his choice of transport.

Going to places that really only a cycle can go, and having intimate experience with nature and the locals purely because one day to the next he didn’t know where he was going to stay.

The Author gave the feeling of been there with him. The different places and cultures. An inside view of touring on a budget and roughing it. The regular punctures, gear and spoke problems is probably simple enough but I am the person that needs the bike shop at the next corner when tragedy strikes.

I followed most of the journey looking at google maps which made it exciting from the computer desk. Where the author may of got soaked i only had to read it.

All a person can say this was incredible. Most people would never have had this experience, so to get a glimpse into it was great. Definitely recommended, especially for those that enjoy history and travel.

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