Book Review

Book Review: Defining Your Greatness by Lorraine V Cuff

Title: Defining Your Greatness

Author: Lorraine V Cuff

Publisher: BookBaby

Genre: Self Help, Personal Growth

First Publication: 2018

Language: English


Book Summary: Defining Your Greatness by Lorraine V CuffDefining your Greatness by Lorraine Cuff

Discover practical ways to attain personal greatness. My story and others facing adversity and making impossible a reality while honoring my home away from home, the island country of Jamaica.

The book details my achievements and achievements of others that rise above the fray due to hard work and commitment to realize their dreams. No matter where you are in life there is evidence that opportunities are presented on a daily basis to allow us to achieve more.

We are often inspired through others to move past our own difficulties and triumph within in our own lives. I am committed to helping others cultivate their dreams and aspire to achieve goals. This book is a tool of practical and simple ways people to achieve them.

Book Review: Defining Your Greatness by Lorraine V Cuff

The greatness begins with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose and with little or no hard work. We should have faith within ourselves, our ideas and work. Faith is basically a state of mind which may be induced or created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind through the principle of auto-suggestion. Every thing, action, circumstance, failure, or success is spawned by only one thing – thoughts. It is your thoughts and the way you develop and guide your thoughts that will bring you to wherever you want to be.

Defining Your Greatness is like the cliff notes or the cheat sheet to personal growth. Which is why I loved it!! Instead of drawing out the formula to spirituality and meditation, author Lorrain Cuff gives you snippets of doable and less intimidating passages. This helps you take the beginning steps toward achieving your greatness instead of feeling overwhelmed by information and running in the opposite direction.

“We are what we practice. Practice does not only apply to things of action; it also applies to our thoughts. Every thought is practice in some way, either positive or negative.”

The basic thrust of this idea is that our thoughts create our world to some extent and for most people, our self-doubt does get in our way. When we let our insecurities rule, it can be difficult to think we deserve something and so we end up sabotaging ourselves. All the passages really resonate with me; meditation, spirituality, gratitude, and the power of manifesting your true life.

Lorraine Cuff is reinventing the wheel in Defining Your Greatness when it comes to the tried and true methods of getting out your own way and opening yourself up to possibilities of life. Which she is fully aware of, she’s just given a simplified beginners guide to stop with the excuse and start making the changes you need today!

Reading Defining Your Greatness by Lorraine Cuff was one of those “defining moments” for me, as I began to formulate my working philosophy. Lorraine Cuff’s light-hearted and yet authoritative writing style reinforces one’s awareness that the point of power is always within you, not somewhere “out there”, and that you are the master of your own created reality.


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