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Book Review: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh

Title: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman

Author: Mehool Parekh

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Detective Fiction

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Bhoot Bhavish BartamanBook Review - Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh

A beautiful woman is found brutally murdered in her bed. The usual suspects are arrested by the police until an odd-ball amateur sleuth starts to investigate. Something about the murder does not sit right with him.

To start with, the victim – Rupali, a regular housewife living in marital bliss. But is that the truth?
Why would someone murder her and why did she meet such a gruesome end?
Who, in reality, was she?

Introducing Major Bartaman Bhowmick, southern command of the Indian Army. Peace-time Army life and supportive seniors allow Major Bhowmick to indulge in his hobby and passion – crime detection. His sharp investigative talents are highly valued by his cousin, an ACP in Pune. Robin Chowdhury is a city crime reporter, whose combination of keen intellect, attractive looks and affinity for all things tech, makes her a great sidekick for the major.

This book is as much about Rupali’s astounding story as her murder and Major Bhowmick and Robin’s investigation into the murder with its surprising conclusion.


Book Review: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman

I thoroughly enjoyed Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh. A happily married house wife, Rupali, is murdered; and Major Bartaman Bhowmick, southern command of the Indian Army, is determined to find real murderer of Rupali. Though police have arrested suspects but the detective Bhowmick is not satisfied with it.

The down-and-out Major Bhowmick and his assistant Robin are quite likable characters. They make a terrific team. Robin is smart and excitable and her character adds a lot to the book. The book carries a good cast of suspects. Many with different theories as to whom killed Rupali. Outstanding character development throughout the book. Detective’s investigative process and interview skills were quite enjoyable and well done.

The mystery in Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman is excellent, it slowly comes together and it is fun to piece it together alongside the detective. I felt like it really worked and was very clever. This book is more than 300 pages long and I didn’t feel like any of it was superfluous. It was well-crafted, and didn’t go down the paths I expected it to go, especially with confrontations. Oftentimes I thought two people were going to hash it out, and the book would take a different turn – it was exciting and kept me guessing.

The storytelling was in top form, full of intrigue and drama that held my interest from the beginning and didn’t let go. I was invested in this story and was rooting for both Robin and Bhowmick as they searched for a killer no one else believed existed. The ending was unpredictable but also possible, leading to an overall feeling of satisfaction with the way the novel played out.

The characters are amazing. Of course the reader ends up loving the protagonists: Major Bhowmick and Robin, but author Mehul Parekh’s talent also shines through strongly in all his supporting and side characters. He did an amazing job at crafting living, breathing characters that leapt off of the page. I could easily visualize all these people.

Overall this was a very vibrant and satisfying mystery, full of colorful characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyone who enjoys run-of-the-mill detective stories will no doubt adore this novel, and those who don’t may very well find themselves attracted to a new genre.

Book Summary: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman

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