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10 Best Drawing Books to Enliven Your Spare Time

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing and Master the Art of Drawing

Are you ready to get creative in your spare time? Drawing is a fun activity that can help us relax and be creative. It also helps us learn new skills. But it can sometimes be tricky to choose the perfect drawing book for your needs. If you have ever gone into an art store or browsed through Amazon, you know how hard it can be to find the best drawing book about art.

Drawing books can teach you things like how to shade and use perspective. Some other books might teach you to illustrate comic books and perform graffiti art. That’s why we did some research and found 10 of the best drawing books that are available. This guide will help you pick among the best drawing books without feeling stressed.

Top 10 Drawing Books for Novice and Professional Artists

If you are an artist, it is important to have the right resources. This includes having access to the right tools and materials. This will make a difference in the art that you create. The best drawing books for artists contain a lot of useful information, including ideas, help, and ways to do things. These books not only help foster creativity, but they also provide practical guidance on topics like:

  • Media selection;
  • Observational drawing;
  • Rendering textures;
  • Colour essential theory.

A good drawing book is full of pictures to help you get ideas for your own drawings. Whether you’re among complete beginners or intermediate artists, it includes advice from experts to help you improve your skills.

The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study

The book offers artists an outstanding program of instruction. The renowned author, Kimon Nicolaides, provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to drawing. The guide eliminates the need for external guidance or correction. The book takes readers through the constructive drawing fundamentals. It also builds up their knowledge of how to render shapes with accuracy and depth. So, head out to the new Australian casinos and try to sketch those lit slot machines.

The chapters in this book will help you improve your observation skills. You will learn about tonal values and how light affects them. This will help you understand art better when painting with oil paint. The workbook-style sections provide practical exercises that allow readers to apply each new concept they learn. This will help them remember what they have learned and also help them absorb new things. This book is among the best drawing books because it can elevate any level of an artist’s ability to confidently create credible drawings with just a few steps!

Pop Manga Drawing

The Pop Manga Drawing book by Christopher Hart is a great resource for beginner and intermediate artists. This handbook provides instructions with pictures to teach artists how to come up with the best drawing using the Pop Manga technique. This book has tips on different parts of Pop Manga drawing. This includes how to draw heads and hairstyles, eyes and foot designs, and expressions that make the art feel real.

The book provides more information about Pop Manga and the different drawing techniques that can be used. It also offers advice on how to use colour, create compositions, and present work in a way that is impactful. What makes Pop Manga Drawing different from other books is that it is an absolute and utter beginner’s guide. It has great drawing exercises to learn size vs shape relationships, perspective, and image framing. Highly recommended for any level artist aiming to boost their basic drawing techniques!

Keys to Drawing

Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson is the perfect book for anyone looking to take their art to the next level. This book has information and examples about different drawing techniques. It is a good book for people who want to learn how to draw or improve their drawing skills. Keys to Drawing covers a lot of information that will help any artist. You will learn about important concepts like proportion and perspective. You will also learn how to render shadows and reflections.

Furthermore, the book also has graphs, models and figure drawings. These pictures help readers to understand complex ideas. Overall, Keys To Drawing is a very important book for any artist who wants to get better at their art.

Scratch & Sketch Under the Sea

Scratch & Sketch Under the Sea is perfect for anyone who wants to get better at art or have some fun creative play. This book provides a wide variety of drawing exercises that can be tailored for all artists. The book has twelve different sea creatures for readers to use to create their own stunning artwork.

The drawings on each page have hints of other drawings that were uncovered before. This makes the drawings more complex and imaginative. The Scratch & Sketch Under the Sea book also includes colourful overlays. These overlays show how professionals create life-like images using light, contrast, and depth. This book is highly recommended as a great resource for anyone’s library!

Art Fundamentals

Art Fundamentals is the perfect choice for anyone, from the absolute and utter beginner in art all the way up to professional-level artists. This comprehensive and striking text covers every angle of the basics of visual arts, such as colour, texture and form. Art Fundamentals teaches you principles like light and shade and perspective. This will give you well-rounded and helpful advice. It also provides an in-depth exploration of the development of the composition. This makes it a great resource for visual artists looking to improve their drawing skills.

Art Fundamentals is a book that teaches you about different aspects of art, like painting and cartooning. It makes learning more enjoyable by adding funny details to the illustrations. Art enthusiasts have found Art Fundamentals to be engrossing and informative. This is a must-read classic book for those serious about pursuing art!

The Art Spirit

The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri, is one of the most popular drawing books that enhance your creative thinking. This book is important because it talks about traditional ways of doing things, while also including modern ideas. This makes the book a good resource for any artist. The text provides practical advice on topics such as:

  • Composition;
  • Coming up with the best drawing;
  • Colour theory;
  • Colour mixing;
  • Artistic best drawing principles.

Henri’s lessons inspire artists to create more meaningful works. He also provides information on life drawing and aesthetics to help guide them. The Art Spirit is a very important resource that artists can use over and over again as they improve their skills. The Art Spirit is a good place to learn more about art, whether you want to learn technical skills or be more creative. You’re guaranteed to gain new insights into art as you keep developing your skills as an artist.

Draw Great Characters

Draw Great Characters by award-winning books authors Jay Green, Tricia Goring, and Rachel Adams is an essential resource. This inspiring reference book provides clear step-by-step tutorials on character drawing. The book has art teachers’ suggestions for character designs and information on basic anatomy. This will help artists capture the unique personality traits that come together to symbolize individuals.

Draw Great Characters also offers in-depth information on clothing styles, facial features, expressions, movement and more. This enables artists to craft developed characters for storyboards, illustrations, comics or any other basic forms of creative digital art in the blank pages provided in the book. With over one hundred pages of quality instruction, this book is a must-have addition to any artist’s collection.

Simply Draw

If you’re looking for a comprehensive drawing book that covers the basics, Simply Draw is a perfect choice! Not only is it great for novice artists, but also professional illustrators in need of refreshing their skills. Simply Draw brings items to life with its comprehensive and detailed tutorials. It provides readers with step-by-step instructions on landscapes, still life subjects, animals, people, and figure drawing. It also contains helpful tips and techniques on perspective drawing and working with colour.

If you want to learn how to draw or keep up with the latest trends, Simply Draw is a great resource. It has everything you need to get started, including step-by-step tutorials and tips from professionals. Whether you are just beginning in your artistic pursuits or refining your craft, Simply Draw will provide you with all the necessary tools to bring your creations to life!

Sketching From the Imagination: Creatures and Monsters

Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures and Monsters is a book that can be invaluable to both amateur and seasoned artists. Filled with useful tips on composition, sketching, and anatomy, this book provides detailed guidance for artists of all skill levels. It features renowned concept artist Robyn Lakes’ work, as well as many exclusive images from first-time Sketchorama contributors.

Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures and Monsters covers all aspects of creature creation from subtle, sweet animal characters to an array of monstrous beasts of all kinds – big or small! This is why it is the best anatomy reference book.

Additionally, the book allows for creative freedom and encourages experimentation with varied media styles which makes it suitable for any kind of artist that loves to draw figures. With Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures and Monsters on hand, you can explore fantastic worlds filled with incredible sketching objects that are sure to pique your curiosity and creativity.

Drawn to Life

Drawn to Life is the best drawing book because it offers a lot of information on the principles of figure drawing. The book has a series of helpful discussions and practice exercises. These provide readers with an invaluable source of reference material and artistic inspiration. Drawn to Life is a book that has pictures of different figure drawing concepts. The pictures are good at showing how to draw people. The book also challenges readers to use their imagination and improve their skills.

Drawn to Life contains tips, reflections, and advice from professional artists. The author’s simple style makes it easy for beginner artists to start drawing. The explanations are brief, and there are pictures to help guide you. A venture that promises to be eye-opening, captivating, empowering, ad endlessly rewarding.

Bonus Book – Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing

Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing is a great choice for both beginners and professional artists. Of all other drawing books, this one has a lot of information about drawing realistic portraits. It also has advice from experienced artists to help you get the best drawing experience.

Pocket Art provides information on how to create a drawing that is realistic. It also shows how to make the drawing more interesting by adding shadows, highlights, and different textures. Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing is among the best drawing books for artists who want to improve their skills. The book has instructions and pictures to help people who want to learn how to draw. The book will teach you how to make your drawings look amazing.

Benefits of Drawing

Drawing is a powerful tool that can leave lasting impacts on many facets of life. Beyond just being a form of artistic expression, drawing also offers numerous benefits for mental health, cognitive development, and overall well-being:

  • Drawing helps improve your focus and concentration;
  • Drawing provides a great way to express yourself creatively;
  • Drawing improves hand-eye coordination;
  • Drawing helps improve your memory;
  • Drawing reduces stress;
  • Drawing enhances problem-solving skills;
  • Drawing improves one’s ability to see objects or patterns from multiple angles.

Drawing is a timeless art form that has been used for centuries as a means of self-expression, communication, and creativity. It is a versatile skill that can be used in a variety of ways, from sketching quick ideas on a napkin to creating detailed and intricate works of art.

The Bottom Line

From aspiring amateurs to professional artists, drawing books offer something for everyone. If you want to improve your figure drawing skills or learn more about various drawing techniques, there are lots of resources that can help you. The right drawing book will give you the guidance and inspiration needed to take your art to the next level. With all of these excellent options on the market, it is easy to find a book that best suits your needs and interests. So head out and start drawing!


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