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Amazing Apps for Reading Historical Fiction

Every lover of books has their favorite genre. Some will enjoy the wonders of epic fantasy, others indulge in detective novels, while a few will be very passionate about historical fiction. I fall into the third category and can easily devour one or two books a week. Medieval sagas of chivalry and adventures set in the Victorian period are my favorites. Still, I won’t shy away from Scottish romance or indeed anything with a good plot. Surprisingly enough, sometimes it is fairly difficult to find new and interesting titles, especially if you are always hungry for more.

Find new titles & avoid running out of fresh content

If you are looking for a way to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, you will definitely have to turn to some online resources. Finding a large database of ebooks, complete with reviews, shouldn’t be too difficult. With new titles being added on a weekly daily basis, you will be able to get your fix of history and drama without even having to visit a bookstore. Even if some of my friends frown upon it, I must admit that I have stopped bothering with printed text and always read my favorite fiction on my tablet. It’s so much easier and has saved me a lot of space – not to mention money.

Track your progress & never lose the thread of the story

The next point may sound a bit silly to some but is actually a legitimate concern for any voracious reader in love with historic tales. Sometimes, I will start reading a book, go through about 20 or 30 pages, only to realize that I’ve read it six years ago. To avoid such a scenario, I always try to keep a neat list of the novels and stories I’ve read, the ones that I want to read, and even quick outlines of the plot – all for my personal reference. Sometimes, you can do all of this and more with a suitable online platform that will allow you to catalog your books and always know where you’re at – even down to the page you’re on in each ebook you’re reading.

Rely on audiobooks to make commuting less of a bore

It is also important to address the big elephant in the room. Not everyone has the time for online reading. Work, kids, and a thousand other things can clog up our schedules to the point at which we are unable to enjoy a good book. Luckily, audiobooks provide a convenient solution. My commute to work is quite long so I always play one in the car. I can keep my eyes on the road yet still enjoy the adventures of my favorite fictional characters. It’s all so easy and these apps have helped me keep my passion for the written word going.

Great Apps to find Historical Fiction E-Books

I am now quite happy knowing that I have plenty on my plate in the months to come and that each book download is just a couple of taps away. No need to haul chunky paperbacks around and no worries that my supply will run out.


Finding truly exciting and well-written historical fiction is not necessarily an easy task. A voracious reader like myself always needs a steady supply. Luckily, I have found a way to be informed about the latest releases and keep track of the ones that I’ve already read by using these Apps to find Historical Fiction E-Books. I can even have everything delivered to my tablet in any chosen format – ebook or audiobook – so that I can access the content whenever, wherever, and however I please. Not bad for someone who isn’t exactly tech-savvy.

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