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Works by Modern Writers That Are Worthy Of Attention

New Voices, New Classics: Works by Emerging Writers You Should Know

If you love to read, you’re probably interested in the best modern works by contemporary writers for reading – the ones that are not a shame to buy in paper and on which it is not a shame to spend a few evenings. We collected the most exciting books of the last 2-3 years. These are significant works worthy of your attention.

You can spend your leisure time in different ways. For example, someone prefers to play online casino games andar bahar real cash or enjoys playing musical instruments. But for those who like to relax while reading an exciting book is also enough.

Which interesting book to choose to read next? All the works by Modern Writers on this list are good, so you can point randomly and not go wrong. Or read the descriptions of each book and choose the one whose theme and setting are closest to you at the moment—dreaming of being in New York City? Gilbert and Salman Rushdie can help. Are you in love with France? Choose Houellebecq. Or you’re ready to travel to the fictional state of Gilead. Margaret Atwood welcomes such daredevils with open arms.

Swing Time by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith’s “Swing Time” is a modern classic. Two girls danced together but entered adulthood, and their friendship fell apart. One entered the world of show business and became an assistant to the world-famous singer Aimee. The heroine and the singer’s band will travel worldwide and discover how the stars live. By participating in a charity campaign in Africa with Aimee, she will return to her roots. But this return threatens danger: her life could instantly turn upside down. Does being from birth make one flawed, diminishing one’s chances of personal happiness?

Beartown by Fredrik Backman

Bjørnstad, the Beartown, is a tiny town in the taiga north of Sweden, with only the forest and a lake frozen for almost three-quarters of the year beyond. The city has a dying factory, a store, a school, and a hockey stadium where the junior team trains. Kevin is a rising hockey star; Maya is the athletic director’s daughter. But, then, the irreparable happens at a party after winning the quarterfinals, and Bjornstad turns against the victim who has taken the city’s future. Will Bjornstad recover before it’s too late? Will he find a new lot? After the sound, tragicomic books about Uwe, Grandma, and Britt-Marie, Fredrik Backman writes a poignant social drama. Here are reflections on responsibility for those we have raised and the question of which is more important – the city’s fate, the man’s, and the trap of friendship. However, the trademark Bachmanian humor we are accustomed to (since the release of A Man Called Ove) will also be there, but a little different – more mature and with bitterness.

They also released the second part of the story – “Us against you” in 2017 and third part “The Winners” in 2021. Frederik Backman is one of the best modern writers whose works are known for their heartfelt and poignant storytelling, endearing characters, and ability to tackle complex issues with sensitivity and humor.

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy

A break between a first and second novel in 20 years is rare. It’s doubly periodic when your second book is anxiously awaited even after a long time (reading generations and preferences have changed). Indian novelist Arundhati Roy has proven that this is possible. Her first book, The God of Small Things, after which won the Booker Prize and made Roy famous, came out in 1997. Better than any synopsis and a brief retelling of the book’s plot work, the words of the writer herself: “If the first work was heartbroken, this one is shattered. The scene of the novel – the cemetery of Delhi, where they find rest not only for the deceased but also shelter – is quite alive. All kinds of people live here, from poor artists to beggarly refugees, and each has its own story. This book is about people seeking happiness in a world full of war and violence.

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

Like her older friends Ann Tyler and Fanny Flagg, Ann Patchett makes ordinary family stories into masterpieces of psychological prose. But the novel “Commonwealth” stands out from the rest of the writer’s excellent books. It’s the most real. For Patchett, “Commonwealth” became a kind of psychotherapy. In it, she put all her feelings and her soul. The story of how one chance encounter at a christening destroyed two families and six children has become, at the same time, “their own-others” – a tale of Patchett. In the world, someone marries and divorces daily, and love stories are beautiful even years later in retellings at family parties (“He came with a bottle of gin to someone else’s christening-and he met her”). But that’s what happens next? That’s what Patchett recounts from a quiet and non-judgmental observer’s perspective.

Autumn by Ali Smith

It is a novel about life in post-Brexit Britain, the fall of the kingdom, and the changes people go through in the wake of recent social events. The writer combined the political theme with the love story of Daniel and Elizabeth, who met when she was 11, and he was 80. The book has already been called the first great novel of the post-Brexit era about the breaking of times and Britain’s uncertain future. It is part of Ali Smith’s ambitious “seasonal” project – in addition to “Autumn,” “Winter,” and “Spring” have already been published.

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