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Tapan Ghosh

the author of Signposts

Signposts by Tapan GhoshA multifaceted personality, Tapan Ghosh, the author of Signposts, is an engineer, pioneering entrepreneur and a patent holder in his professional life, and a writer and filmmaker at heart.

Author of 5 books that cover fiction, poetry and musings on life, Tapan Ghosh is a great believer in drawing lessons from the experiences that have come his way.

“Live life to the fullest if you want to know what it’s all about,” he says. Signposts by Tapan Ghosh is published Become Shakespeare.


TBE: What first sparked the idea for Signposts?

Tapan Ghosh: Looking for direction while going through twists and turns of life.


TBE: What made you think about life as you do in your book?

Tapan Ghosh: I live life to the fullest as boredom is the only threat I fear!


TBE: As you grow older, do you find it to be the case that the further you go, the less you really know? What motivates you in your life?

Tapan Ghosh: As I grow older, my experience grows, and so does the lust for learning.


TBE: What was the most life changing experience you had?

Tapan Ghosh: When I realised the real me is a Nobody while I pretended to be a Somebody.


TBE: How do you believe that finding one’s ‘true self’ can exist in the highly connected, yet ironically isolating world of today?

Tapan Ghosh: You indeed to find yourself amid the worldly ways and not by running away to the mountains or in the solitude.


TBE: How can one really find the extraordinary in the ordinary without needing a powerful, exhausting, physical journey? Do all searches for the ‘own-self’ require a long journey?

Tapan Ghosh: The journey is internal, and it’s not exhausting if you are not biased.


TBE: I want to ask you about Love. It’s often said that with time and age and wisdom, there comes a new appreciation or understanding of Love. How do you believe people would grow to understand Love?

Tapan Ghosh: Love is when you are detached from the worldly people and attached to the God within; something I call as the detached attachment.


TBE: How do you wish to be remembered? You have this incredible motivational, spiritual and romantic thread throughout your books.

Tapan Ghosh: Struggler! Discovering oneself is an ongoing process, living life to the fullest!


TBE: What is one thing most people would be surprised to know about you?

Tapan Ghosh: I would be surprised to know that myself. It will happen after a year from now.


TBE: Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Tapan Ghosh: Movie serial Seasons 1 and 2 is completed, and Season 3 is in process. All three to be published in the form of a Novel. Moreover, a collection of short stories, one, ‘Thinking out Aloud’ and the other. ‘Living on the Edge’ are in the loop too.

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  1. When I realised the real me is a Nobody while I pretended to be a Somebody. What a deep insight in a single line!

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