Author's Corner

Author Interview: Ameya Bondre | The Author of Afsaane

Ameya Bondre is a physician and public health researcher, working with a healthcare technology start-up associated with IIT-Bombay. Born and raised in Mumbai, he studied at KEM Hospital, and later at Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

Author Interview: Juhi Ray | Author of The Final Puzzle

Juhi Ray pursued a career in the medical world. Her literary aspirations dwindled.  Every year, her top three New Year's resolutions would include "write more regularly".

Author Interview: Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta is an author and a mental health proponent. He is a survivor of severe clinical depression. In 2017, he started writing a blog to sensitize people about mental illness and suicide prevention.

Academic Paper Samples as Effective Tools to Improve Your Writing Skills

Professional writing services are able to provide you with superb academic papers you can use to improve your writing skills. Experienced writers are able to create unique content. Every text is an ideal sample to follow when working on the same topic.

Author Interview: Atul Jalan

Atul Jalan, A science storyteller and futurist, is the founder-CEO of a pioneering AI venture, Manthan, by day. It is his fourth successful venture as an entrepreneur, and there is no knowing where he might take us next.

The daily routines of the famous writers

Half-baked and unfinished work, mindless time wasted on the internet and never catching up with on what you set out to do every day! It’s a struggle. A painful wrestling to do better but every time, somehow, falling behind our daily routines. If you check the daily routines of famous writers, then you'll realize how they made it to become bestseller authors.

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