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Self-Love Books to Take Better Care of Yourself

Beyond Self-Criticism: Learning to Love Yourself with These Inspirational Books

Sometimes it just takes a little help to get the self-love thing right. These 3 self-love books inspire and remind us of what’s so important: accepting ourselves, being mindful of boundaries, and meeting needs. You can not just try gambling with your feelings.

Self-care books can be helpful, but should not be the only solution for deeper problems. They are not a substitute for seeing a therapist, doctor, or attending a support group. The big difference, of course, is mutual exchange, which is not possible with a book.

Why Is Self-Love So Difficult For Us?

Why is self-love so difficult? Let’s take a quick test: name three things that you don’t like about yourself, that you’d like to improve, that you might even find annoying about yourself. And now three things that you find great, great, lovable, and completely wonderful about yourself. Well, which was easier?

Criticizing yourself is often quicker than praising yourself. This is often because we don’t really know ourselves and therefore don’t know our strengths. But it is also due to the fact that we sometimes prescribe to an ideal: That’s how perfect I would be. And who is perfect? Accepting our “imperfect” sides and understanding that no one lives up to our self-imposed standards of perfection is the difficulty of self-love. That’s why self-love books exist to help you feel comfortable with your unique self. Our top 6.

Our List of Self-Love Books For Tough Times

  • Compass for the Soul by Bas Kast

Bestselling author Bas Kast (known for “The Nutrition Compass”) looks at why our souls are often not in good shape in his new book “Compass for the Soul – The Conclusion of Recent Studies on Resilience and Inner Strength”. Whether it’s stress, crises or fear of the future – the psyche often has to endure a lot, and doesn’t put everything away so easily. What remains? A run-down self that is miles away from a self-confident or self-loving self.

In his new book “Compass for the Soul,” Bas Kast looks at the latest scientific research and tests it on himself. The result is 10 strategies suitable for everyday life that help us to go through life more calmly, more joyfully and, above all, with more energy.

  • The Café at the Edge of the World by John Strelecky

The world bestseller “The Café on the Edge of the World” by John Strelecky is a classic among self-love books. Above all, because it is not written like a classic guidebook, but tells a fictional story, peppered with philosophical questions, about which one ponders as a reader:in automatically.

In the book, advertising manager John gets lost and ends up in a small café in the middle of nowhere. On the menu he finds – in addition to dishes – three questions: Why are you here? Are you afraid of death? Are you leading a fulfilled life? Together with the people in the café, John approaches the answers, and as a reader:in you inevitably notice how you yourself begin to ponder them.

With the result that you finally know what you want, who you are and what is really important to you in life. That’s the purest form of self-love: admitting to yourself what makes you unhappy and seeing how you can get your mind and body in a happy mood.

  • My journey to myself by Sabrina Fleisch

Author Sabrina Fleisch works as a psychological counselor and anxiety and stress management coach. In addition to her coaching, she writes advice books, including her self-love book, My Journey to Myself: Find the answer within yourself that no one else can answer for you.”

In it, she encourages a thought experiment: imagine you have everything you’ve ever wanted – dream house, dream partner:in, dream job, etc. But according to Sabrina Fleisch, very few people are willing to accept all the good things. In her self-love guide, she reveals why this is so and how to find ways to grant yourself all the happiness in the world.

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