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Book Review: Just The Two Of Us by Shubham Kulkarni

Title: Just The Two Of UsJust The Two Of Us

Author:  Shubham Kulkarni

Publisher: Notionpress

Genre: Romance, fiction.

First Publication: 2018

Language: English

Protagonist: Shree and Ruchika.

Major Characters: Shree, Ruchika, Ketan, Meghna, Sneha.

Narration: Third person.

Book Summary:  Just The Two Of Us

Shree, a calm and mature young guy who is best friend to Ketan, Shree joins the tuition on the insistence of his best friend. There he finds the love of his life in Ruchika, a fervent and enthusiastic young girl who likes to dream a lot and is very ambitious about her career.

Shree and Ruchika both fall for each other on their first eye contact. Ketan introduces both of them with each other and their friendship begins which eventually gets converted into love and relationship when Shree proposes Ruchika on an inhabited bridge – their regular meeting place. The story of just the two of them starts at a very lovely point and they start spending some quality time.

Relationship between Shree and Ruchika builds up more when they come to know that their families know each other and they start dreaming about their marriage and a bright carrier. The relationship between them becomes more mature when they start understanding each other.

The trust and love Shree and Ruchika have for each other encourages them to have a bright future and they both start working hard for it. The time they spend with each other nourishes their love, it cherishes their relationship with feelings and emotions. Their relation gets flourished with the trust and promises they gave each other.

But the things take different turn when Ruchika calls Shree on a very fine day and ends their beautiful 3 years old relationship. Shree breaks his courage due to this incident and waits for her come back cohering few questions with him.

Why did she left him? Why did she broke up with him? and why this beautiful relationship got such a vicious end? Is this even an end or there is something more? An unpredictable end of this novel ‘Just the two of us’ answers all this questions. This novel tells about the darker side of love. It states that not every story is enough fortunate to have a happy end, some take implausible ways towards the end.

Major Characters: Just The Two Of Us

Ruchika: An enthusiastic and fervent yet ambitious young girl who likes to dream big about her life and career.

Shree: A calm and mature yet directionless guy who finds his aim of life when he falls in love with Ruchika.

Ketan: Best friend of Shree and his support system too. Ketan is the person behind the meeting of Shree and Ruchika.

Sneha: Girlfriend of Ketan and a friend to Ruchika.

Meghna: College friend of Shree who tries to console Shree after his break up with Ruchika.

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