Book Review: Arya Dharma : The Noble Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

This book, 'Arya Dharma', is a work of very high quality and very deep research for which the author learned nearly all the ancient Indian cultures and all of its ancient literature. The work is polymathic in it's outlook and covers nearly all known aspects of the Indian civilization from its geography, its literature, governance, religion, philosophy to science and even coinage.

Book Review: How much is too much?: Divorce in India by Neha Mehrotra

'How much is too much?: Divorce in India' is a part relationship self-help book, part memoir of the author Neha Mehrotra. Most of the book is an examination of the history of marriage and the recent changes in marriage, the repercussions of which we're still working through.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

In The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, Investment is also specifically mentioned to be different from trading or speculating. Some may call it ‘Fundamental’ investing and what it means is just that one must study the company’s fundamentals (financials/management) before selecting it for investment.

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers: The Story of Success starts off with the famous ‘10,000 hours rule’, which says that no-one ever got really expert at anything without putting in the time and effort, and studies have put the bar at circa 10,000 hours.
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The Life of Z by Debashish Sengupta

In The Life of Z by Debashish Sengupta, author takes a look at the various aspects of living in a digital world and what it means for our kids and teens as well as what it might mean for their (and our) future.

Book Review: Soul Selfie by Sadguru Rameshji

Soul Selfie by Sadguru Rameshji is one of those books that makes you not feel but think. The book gets condensed at times, compelling the reader to think, sometimes ponder on his personal life and on human behavior throughout the history.

Make Your Own Luck by Bob Miglani & Rehan Yar Khan

Title: Make Your Own LuckAuthor: Bob Miglani & Rehan Yar KhanPublisher: FingerPrint PublicationGenre: Self Help, Non-FictionFirst Publication: 2019Language: English  Book Summary: Make Your Own Luck What does it take...
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Happiness to the Power of Infinity by Rohit Sodha

Happiness to the Power of Infinity is brilliant book with concrete techniques to change ones habits, founded in extensive research. Much of what is presented, is common sense I think, but the difference is, that it is articulated in ways I can not, and is tested in research studies.

Book Review: Moment of Signal by Sreedhar Bevara

What I love most about this book, Moment of Signal, is the zero nonsense it allows. I read this when I really needed a kick up the backside, and it did that. The book builds on the premise that the circumstances affect us not as much by how good/bad they are but how we react to them.

Enrich Life by Preeti Pathak

Preeti Pathak's Enrich Life has taught me many valuable lessons, including what specific behaviors and thoughts comprise compassion, as well as how to apply those principles to myself. 

Best Self-Help Books Of All Time you need to read during downtime

We have gathered the best self help books of the last several decades, from perennial bestsellers to new releases. If you’re looking for motivation to change your life or your outlook, check out our inspiring list of the most influential and best self help books of all time.
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