Mystery Thriller

Song of the Whale by Sunil MS

Poignant, lyrically written Song of the Whale tells the story of a man suffering from dissociative amnesia. He has forgotten even his mother's face. Now he only remembers fragments from his past.

The Memory Bell by Kat Flannery

The Memory Bell by Kat Flannery is a gripping mystery thriller that is full of family dysfunction, long-kept secrets and a healthy dose of suspense loaded with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.

Dead Man Walking by R J Bishop

Dead Man Walking covers everything that could be asked for in a crime-mystery novel of its type, it has extensive and believable action, the characters have depth and believability with a true sense of reality running through every page,
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Not Today by David E Feldman | Dora’s Rage Series Book #1

Title: Not TodayAuthor: David E FeldmanSeries: Dora's Rage Book #1Publisher: Eface MediaGenre: Crime Mystery, Action ThrillerFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: Not Today by David E Feldman Sanitation...

AgniBaan : Guardians of the Fire Chamber by S. Venkatesh

Built around two interwoven stories, one from the 535 CE and one present day, the book is set in Egypt, US and India. Author S Venkatesh mixes a decent understanding of folklore and history and came up with a great conspiracy in this fast paced quest for the AgniBaan.

Mortal Crisis by Dr Diwakar Bansal

This book takes medical mysteries to extreme levels and that’s what made it such a fun read. The mystery that serves as the center of the plot is filled with enough dread and is enough to leave you excited for the grand reveal.

A Proof of Truth by Annapurna Saripalli

Title: A Proof of TruthAuthor: Annapurna SaripalliPublisher: Leadstart publishingGenre: Crime mystery, Legal thrillerFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: A Proof of Truth A successful lawyer, a loving father, a...
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The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia

Title: The Lost Woman of SantacruzAuthor: Vijay MedtiaPublisher: Leadstart publishingGenre: Crime Fiction, Mystery ThrillerFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: The Lost Woman of Santacruz by Vijay Medtia Mid-July, Inspector...

Arihant: Revenge Par Excellence by Shubhan Balvally

Title: Arihant: Revenge Par ExcellenceAuthor: Shubhan BalvallyPublisher: Self-publishedGenre: Crime Thriller, Sci-fiFirst Publication: 2019Language: English  Book Summary: Arihant - Revenge Par Excellence by Shubhan Balvally This story is about...

Walking the Wrack Line by Buck Rish

Walking the Wrack Line by Buck Rish was an entertaining medical thriller drama revolving around Mary Beth Munden. This book is a beautifully written, compelling read that is full of heart touching moments.

The Housewife by Aarti

Title: The HousewifeAuthor: AartiPublisher: The Write PlaceGenre: Crime ThrillerFirst Publication: 2020Language: English  Book Summary: The Housewife by Aarti This story of a model housewife, Ava, and her best...
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