Intergalactica by F P Trotta

Intergalactica undeniably succeeds as a starry-eyed adventure. F.P. Trotta polishes up familiar space opera tropes with positive messages of our connectedness across space and time. He leaves no doubt about humanity's rightful place stepping boldly into the cosmos.

Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano

Ann Napolitano's latest novel Hello Beautiful is a poignant and emotionally complex family drama that explores the relationships between four sisters and the ripple effects of trauma across generations.

The Billion Dollar Spy by David E. Hoffman

David E. Hoffman has produced a nonfiction spy thriller that will enthrall intelligence aficionados and casual readers alike with its brilliant reconstruction of an espionage Cold War epic. Bringing to light secrets kept hidden for decades, The Billion Dollar Spy shines a revealing light on sacrifice, loyalty and geopolitical upheaval through the lens of one man's courageous betrayal.

The Lady in the Café by Anu Jacob

Title: The Lady in the CaféAuthor: Anu JacobPublisher: Fulton BooksGenre: RomanceFirst Publication: 2023Language: English Book Summary: The Lady in the Café by Anu Jacob When Anastasia meets a stranger...
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The Blizzard’s Secrets by DJanée

Prepare to be whisked away by the enchanting pages of DJanée's "The Blizzard's Secrets." This literary gem unfurls a captivating odyssey through a realm teeming with enigmatic enclaves, power tussles, and the intricate labyrinth of identity.

The Double Bottom Line by Donato Tramuto

Title: The Double Bottom LineAuthor: Donato TramutoPublisher: Fast Company PressGenre: Business, LeadershipFirst Publication: 2023Language: English Book Overview / Summary Today’s workforce comprises 5 different generations and is becoming increasingly...

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus tells the story of one woman’s journey pursuing her dreams in 1960s America, when society severely limiting the roles available to women. Published in 2022, this debut novel instantly became a sensation for its vivid characters, gripping plot, and fascinating blend of science and social commentary.

Cowboy to Courtroom by Billy Strickland II

Billy Strickland II's memoir, "Cowboy to Courtroom," is this extraordinary journey, a journey that unfolds like a breathtaking novel with each page resonating with the tenacity of a true pioneer.
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The Journey Inward by Sumiti Kapoor

Sumiti Kapoor's "The Journey Inward: A Path to the Soul" is an eloquent and inspiring exploration of spirituality that transcends the conventional boundaries of the genre. Kapoor's unique perspective and personal experiences shape a narrative that seamlessly intertwines the complexities of modern life with the profound quest for self-discovery.

Awaken Your Soul by Theodore Orenstein

Prepare to embark on a mind-expanding expedition through the pages of "Awaken Your Soul" by Theodore Orenstein. This book isn't your typical spiritual roadmap; it's more like a treasure map leading to the hidden gems of your inner world. It's as if Orenstein has concocted a cosmic...

Marching with a Broken Shadow by Dyson Russell

"Marching with a Broken Shadow" is a deeply introspective and emotionally evocative poetry collection that weaves together a tapestry of human experiences, dreams, and memories. Dyson Russell, the poet, skillfully crafts each poem, allowing readers to embark on a journey through the beauty and complexities of life.

The Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight by Jennifer Ivy Walker

"The Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight" serves as a flawless conclusion to The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven series. Jennifer Ivy Walker's storytelling prowess and boundless imagination shine through in every page.
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