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The Best Books For Students to Inspire Writing

Reading books by other authors will help students improve their writing skills, Here is a list of books that inspire writing and make you a better writer

A great writer starts with a passion for writing and then begins writing ideas on pen and paper before creating their best book, paper, or any other form of writing that can inspire other readers.

Established writers encourage young writers to form a habit of reading what others have written, especially in the genres they desire to write. Reading books by other authors will help students learn their style of writing, choice of words and receive inspiration to write creatively. Here is a small list of books that can inspire you and improve your writing skills.


Find your voice – Angie Thomas

Every writer develops their unique way of writing and uses a certain voice of words to express their inspiration and pass over their message. Some writers bow to public pressure and change their voice of words in favor of public opinion.

Angie advises upcoming writers to write their texts with honesty and use their judgment to decide the tone of their writing, the perspective, and how their final writing should be like. She includes writing exercises, tips, and suggestions to inspire writers to start their writing journey.


The writing life – Marie Arana

Marie Arana had written columns for about ten years before she wrote this book. She interviewed many fiction and non-fiction writers and they narrated their writing journey starting from how they started writing, their challenges, good times, and everything a writer goes through. Marie included a profile for each writer in this book. After reading the stories of over 50 writers, the student will get inspired and get encouraged to start writing.

It might be hard for students to get encouraged and start writing, especially if they have no one to encourage them. Reading books can help inspire writing and improve creative skills. Another alternative for students is to seek the help of professional essay writers from EduBirdie, to help them get professionally written essays and perform better in education. Essay writing for college students is a great way to help them become better writers in other fields while in college and after.


Mouth Full of Blood – Toni Morrison

The book is a collection of essays and lectures by the late Nobel prize winner. It offers insights into the art of writing and mostly revolves around areas of race, art, and citizenship. The book describes how vernaculars can help create fresh stories. A notable piece of advice by Toni to writers is when he says that what writers do is remember and the best way to remember is to write.


Where the Crawdads Sing – Della Owens

This novel written in 2018 is intriguing and its narrative and dialogue will take you back to memories of the 1950s. The story is about a girl who lived a difficult life but luckily, she found a learned boy and fell in love with him. The book is good for inspiration to any writer who’s not sure how to include voice in their writing. This is one of those books that is not about writing but still can inspire you to write your own story.


Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott

This is an inspiring book to help beginning writers to start writing. Anne includes exercises, insights, tools, and tips to help teach the basics of writing. She has written details on how to build characters, create a plot, scenes, the steps towards creating the first draft, and getting your work published.


On Writing – Stephen King

Stephen is a renowned writer and has written many horror books but this book titled On Writing is different. Stephen chose to write a memoir and a guidebook to discuss how he became a writer and his journey so far. He includes in this book important basic tools every writer should have. The story is very inspiring and a beginner writer will feel encouraged to start writing.


Essays – Lydia Davis

Lydia is known for her books on fiction and stories. This book is full of essays she has written for many years and she acknowledges her success to a series of experiments she did with her writing to see which one would do better.

In the end, she was able to create her writing language and according to her, language can work wonders if it’s pushed beyond the limit. She says taking a risk and being brave is something every writer must embrace.



The worst enemy that can hold a student from writing is fear of the unknown. This is a fear that makes the student always have a question about what will happen or what if I don’t write well. The best way to overcome fear is for the student to start writing and follow their inner desire. The text they write each day will help them build their writing skills and the inspiration they get from other authors will help them refuse procrastination.

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