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Blogging for Authors: Share Thoughts With Your Readers Online

There are a few reasons you may think of starting a writing author’s blog. Maybe you want to make a blog for authors or promote a book you wrote; maybe you are going to create blog and get profit. In any case, blogging can be a bad or an excellent idea for authors, depending on the circumstances. In this article, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of blogging for authors.

Arguments for Blogging

First, let’s define the meaning of an author’s blog. In this case, blogging is not the final goal for authors, and a connection method is one of the tools for book promotion and attracting readers. Online blogging can be useful for writers who don’t have a lot of fans. In what way is it helpful?

A Habit to Write

Writing a book requires consistency. The ideal schedule is to write every day. But it’s not that easy if you don’t have a habit of consistent work. The blog can form this useful skill because you need to post regularly. After some time, it will seem natural for you to sit down and write every evening or every morning.

Promotional Tool

Even the most interesting book needs some help on its way to the reader. The Internet provides great opportunities for the promotion of your masterpiece. Non-fiction authors can post articles on the related topics and give valuable advice, raising the book’s popularity. Authors of fiction books can post short stories, share some information about the characters, and discuss the book with subscribers. You can describe your publishing experience, create a blog about writing a book and guide the newbie authors. To know more ways of online book promotion, read this article.

Testing Ground

You can test your ideas or plot devices on your readers before putting them into your book. The blog gives a perfect chance to receive immediate feedback and improve your writing techniques. Don’t become discouraged because of hate and undiplomatic critic, and don’t change your mind after every comment. Only a thorough analysis of comments and cold-headed consideration can help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

A Way to Earn

Yes, you can make some money with a blog itself. There are several good ideas author bloggers can use to gain profit. But before you can implement them, make sure your blog is well known and has a wide audience. Advertisers, for example, prefer resources with consistent and regular posting, active visitors, and big amount of subscribers. We recommend learning some information about blogs for SEO businesses.


Arguments against Blogging

But not everything in the garden is rosy. Blogging has some downsides for authors we want to describe.

It’s Time-Consuming

If you spend all your free time blogging, you can’t write a book. In such a situation, the habit of consistent everyday writing is useless for your final goal. So, before thinking about how to start an author’s blog, evaluate the amount of time you are ready to invest in this job. If you barely have an hour for writing, it will be a bad idea to spend it on the blog. Remember that starting a blog without regular posting is useless. Readers don’t like to wait, so they will unsubscribe if you can afford to publish only one article in a month.

It’s a Slow Strategy

Don’t expect to wake up famous the next morning after the first post. Blogging is not a fast marketing tool. Your popularity will grow slowly, and it can be discouraging. Unfortunately, other ways of book promotion require spending, so you have to choose what resource is more valuable for you: time or money.

It can be Disappointing

If you are easily upset by a critic or negative comments, the author’s blog is not the best way to promote your book. People can be cruel, especially on the Internet. You have to be ready to receive feedback of any kind; otherwise, you can lose your self-confidence and stop writing.


How to Share Your Thought the Right Way

If you learned the pros and cons and decided to start a blog, all the same, we want to give some tips on sharing in your posts:

  • Be honest: don’t try to be popular telling things you don’t believe; your subscribers will feel it and get disappointed;
  • Be consistent: don’t jump from one topic to another; the overall theme of your blog will attract visitors, and they expect to receive the information related to this theme;
  • Be patient: the blog success build for a long time, don’t wait for immediate results;
  • Be polite: aggressive and hateful posts can create a lot of hype, but its cheap popularity build your image on respect and politeness;
  • Be confident: don’t let negative comments upset you and kill your spirit, ignore the offenses; they don’t deserve your attention.

Follow these simple rules, and your blog and your book will find a well-deserved success. At the moments of weakness, when you think to stop posting, think of the end goal; it will give you the strength to continue this difficult but exciting journey.


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