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Best Books About LeBron James

Exploring the Life and Legacy of King James Through These Captivating Books

LeBron James, a forward in the Los Angeles Lakers, is the biggest NBA star on the planet right now. A four-time NBA Most Valuable Player, a three-time NBA All Star Most Valuable Player, one-time NBA Rookie of the Year, two Olympic gold medals and one bronze Olympic medal are just some of the achievements in this inspiring player’s career.

James is a reliable player for his team, and you might want to bet on the Lakers to win the NBA Championship. You can check out the NBA playoff odds and, in minutes, lay your bet down at an online sportsbook.

Given LeBron James’s fantastic exploits on and off the court, authors have felt driven to write books about the player, and even James himself has felt compelled to make contributions to the book world. Below is a look at some of the most popular books about LeBron James.

GOAT: LeBron James by Bob Gurnett

“GOAT: LeBron James,” by Bob Gurnett, asks the question “Who is the greatest player of all time?” and the answer is, of course, LeBron James. The book is full of photographs and information and is aimed at young sports fans. This book also highlights the values of lifelong dedication, constant hard work and an obvious, unbelievable talent for the game to even be considered for the GOAT title. “GOAT: LeBron James” backs the argument for James as the GOAT with plenty of statistics, plus engaging quotes and entertaining sidebars. It’s a must for young fans.

LeBron by Brian Boone

“LeBron,” by Brian Boone, is the type of inspirational book you need to read if you’re setting out on your own journey into professional basketball, or even on a journey into any other profession for that matter. The book hints at some of James’s former school basketball highlights, such as being named “The Chosen One,” and contains motivational quotes, truths and some of his most spectacular achievements.

In “LeBron,” you’ll read all about the GOAT’s rise from being a skinny lad in Akron to attaining some of the most amazing accolades it’s possible to in world basketball. The book doesn’t just at his basketball career, however. It discusses James’s success in entertainment and his exploits in investment and social activism. James is a smart investor and has spoken out several times against social injustice.

That might also be because James didn’t have it easy either. The book details some of the highs and lows of his life and career, such as not having a father figure to support him on his path. The art of the book also captures what a champion’s heart should like.

LeBron James by Clayton Geoffreys

“LeBron James,” by Clayton Geoffreys, is another fantastic biography to relate the life of the greatest player to have ever set foot onto a basketball court. The story tells of how he was a leader who was doubted by many and is now one of the biggest title contenders on any court.

If you don’t already know how James become one of the world’s most respected players, this book is for you. The book will tell you how he got into the league, about his first Cleveland trip, about his four years in Miami and his perspective of the future. Basically, you’ll learn about everything that makes him great, as the book discusses details of both his professional life and his private one.

The book will take you through his AAU tournaments and his immediate NBA breakout and through the ever-changing basketball hierarchy. Did you know that James wasn’t always the hero we perceive him as now? When he first joined the Miami Heat, he had more of a villain persona, and it went against him.

Shooting Stars by LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger

“Shooting Stars” is by LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger, and, as well as narrating James’s life, has as one of its main themes the transformative power of teamwork among a young group of friends, Shooting Stars. It’s a heart-warming and inspiring book of how the group of friends met and carried each through a lifetime of meaningful relationships.

The group first tasted glory one summer after they qualified for a national Memphis championship tournament. They’d made a promise to stick together, only they never knew just how difficult doing that and winning a national title would be.

The friends experienced a wave of backlash, resentment and jealousy from the black community for choosing to go to a white school. They also had to navigate James’s fame, which brought with it a lot of attention and some scandal that had an impact on their friendship. As tough as things were though, they became men who grew to win a national championship.

While reading this book, you’ll come to understand the challenges America’s young people face. You’ll also learn the value of resilient teamwork.

If you’re looking to learn about the life and career of LeBron James, all of the books above will provide terrific insight into how this player got to be the star he is on the court today. They may even inspire you to pick up a basketball and see how far you go in the sport.

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