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The Best Casino Books to Sharpen Your Game

The internet has had many effects on society over the past thirty years. One of the most noticeable is the rise of new ways for people to entertain themselves. Take casino gambling for example. It had a customer base in the pre-internet era, but it was much smaller than the one that exists for sites like casino888 nowadays.

There is no great mystery to any of this. Online casinos are simply much more accessible and convenient to use, as well as offering lucrative bonuses that land-based ones cannot match.

If there is any mysterious aspect, it lies in the fact that so many of these new casino players fail to study gaming strategies. Especially when there are excellent books freely available in the shops that can help them with that.

The Different Strategies

Before exploring those books, it is important to understand that there are different strategies for the various casino games. The strategies range from counting the cards in a blackjack game to bluffing in poker or the Martingale strategy for roulette.

Some people want to learn how to get better at all of these games, while others are focused on honing their skills in a single one. Equally, some like to do so by reading up first, while others prefer to improve by playing – although that can be a high risk (and high cost) way of getting better.

Experienced poker players will not go easy on you while you learn and nor will the casinos themselves if you are playing blackjack or roulette. That is why good gambling books can be such a godsend to new players.

They let you master something of the rules and methods for success before actually putting your money on the line. So what are the best ones on the market?

Top Gambling Books

Gambling has always been a popular subject matter in the literary world – think Dostoevsky and ‘The Gambler’. The high stakes risks involved make for gripping fiction, but that is distinct from the subgenre of books dedicated to teaching people about the games. Here are the best books for that.

‘New Complete Guide to Gambling’ by John Scarne

This is the first book you should pick up if you want a wide-ranging overview of casino games and approaches to playing them. It explores the mathematical basis of many casino games in detail and also how psychology influences gambling.

That will be particularly useful for a game such as poker that is as much a psychological battle as anything else. Another useful subject covered is odds and the ways in which they can be turned to the advantage of the player.

One fascinating fact found within its pages is that blackjack winning odds are lower than those for the ever-popular slot games! This book is essential for both new players and those who have been visiting casinos for years.

‘Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games’ by Mike Shackleford

If you just want a handy guide to strategic play for each major casino game, this is the book you need. It outlines strategies for games such as poker and blackjack that will improve your chances as well as how you can cut the odds in favour of the casino for each game.

That makes it a must-have book if you want to turn a gambling hobby into something more serious, or just want to win more often.

‘Win at Gambling’ by Avery Cardoza

This book goes into detail about the top strategies for sophisticated games like blackjack. Maybe you have heard about card counting, well this book will explain how it works and how to put it into practice during a game.

Part of what Avery refers to as “gambling with an edge” is also just general gaming strategy; for example, managing your money carefully during a game so that you can stay in long enough to see your fortunes turn.

He also explores how to make the most of both online casino bonuses and land-based loyalty schemes.

Why Improving Your Skills and Strategies is Important

All of the games on offer at a casino come with an edge that favours the house rather than the gambler. Strategies are about trying to cut that edge so that you have a greater chance of coming out on top.

Even games that are more about luck – think roulette and slots – can be turned in your favour. For example, playing European roulette rather than American will give you better odds due to the presence of just one green 0 pocket on the wheel instead of two. The best books about casino gambling teach you these things.

Try these three books before you next visit a casino site and watch your gaming get better

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