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Sadath Ali

The Author of The Last Ritual: Dawn of Darkness

Born in Kadmath island, Union territory of Lakshadweep, Sadath Ali is a medical graduate of Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. A holder of UPSC-CMS, he spends most of his time providing palliative care to the bedridden. He holds excellency in various streams of medicine including Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Otorhinolaryngology, etc. Apart from his clinical practice, he is a water sports enthusiast and an avid scuba diver. He enjoy exploring shipwrecks and historical forts other than writing fiction. The Last Ritual: Dawn of Darkness is his first book published by Leadstart.

TBE: Firstly, for those who haven’t yet read the incredible ‘The Last Ritual: Dawn of Darkness’, can you briefly sum up what it’s about?

The Last Ritual- Dawn of Darkness by Sadath AliSadath Ali: It’s the story of a young psychiatrist Dr. Samee Barack set in a 24-hour frame. Set in the background of London and Egypt, the story runs through history, mythology, and theology. Dr Samee undertakes a thrilling, adventurous journey through twisted riddles and ancient clues to stop a horrific villain, who overtakes him on every other corner.

During the breath holding chase to stop the villain from unfurling a greater evil upon the world, Samee unearths an ancient Satanic Cult and its frightful rituals with abducted pregnant girls. Between the war of Good and evil, Dr Samee tries to save the world from the arch enemy of the God who is already pushing the world into a catastrophe.


TBE: The storyline of this book is definitely intriguing, filled with fantasy, adventure, and mystery. What made you want to write this particular story in the first place?

Sadath Ali: I have a keen interest in mystery and problem solving. Always dreamed of these kinds of adventures in my childhood. So technically Dr Samee is me being imagined in a parallel life. And yes, whenever I touch my nib down to paper only mystery comes out.


TBE: When writing a story, where do you generally start? Do you pick the characters first, the overall plot, or the story’s moral/theme, etc.?

Sadath Ali: Story’s moral, theme and character comes as primary consideration. For me, my story started from Dr. Samee and his intellectual brilliancy. Then placing him in a space time of mystery was a piece of cake.


TBE: Do you have to plan out every detail of your story in advance, or do you just have a good idea of where it is going?

Sadath Ali: I had a very good idea where it was going. Only difference is, I cut my imaginations short. If I would have written the whole plot I planned, it would be a three-volume book.


TBE: What was your favorite part of world-building? The magic and fantasy aspects of the book are so vivid, and I would love to know how you did that?

Sadath Ali: My favorite part is the Last Ritual itself. Imagining and penning it out gave my brain pleasure as same as your muscles will get after a proper work out.


TBE: What kind of research did you undergo during the writing process?

Sadath Ali: Extensive reading and research I did, to find out about the brotherhood and satanic rituals as well as ritual abuse.


TBE: How was your publishing experience with Leadstart?

Sadath Ali: One word, awesome.


TBE: Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Sadath Ali: One Malayalam book for my Malayalam readers is coming. Also, there is a reentry of Dr Samee in the second part of The Last Ritual where he takes another hell ride to save his people.

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