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Niharika Chaturvedi

the author of Law of Attraction: It works through you - How to make Law of Attraction work wonders in your life

Niharika Chaturvedi is a “Jack Canfield Certified Trainer” on the Success Principles, a Law of Attraction Trainer, Life Coach, Author, Singer, YouTuber. She is a graduate in pharmacy, a post-graduate in pharmaceutical chemistry and has completed her Strategy Management Programme from IIM, Lucknow. She founded AttrAct Workshops & Events which aims at educating and empowering audience to expand their awareness and synchronize them with the natural, unlimited laws of the universe. She always had dreamt of writing a book and this is the first time she is penning a book as an author to connect with her readers on a deeper level. Her book, Law of Attraction: It works through you, was published by Leadstart publishing.


TBE: Can you tell us a little about your new book, ‘Law of Attraction; It works through you!!!’? What prompted you to write this book? How did you get the idea for this book?

Law of Attraction by Niharika ChaturvediNiharika Chaturvedi: My book “Law of Attraction; It works through you” emphasizes our role in directing the Law of Attraction to work in our favor. The book will help the readers in making Law of Attraction works wonders for them.

The concept of Law of Attraction has been life transforming for me. But when the concept was first mentioned to me, I was on a roller coaster ride in my life. And that is why I was skeptical about it. It was too good to be true for me. It was not that the concept intrigued me in the first place but the intrigue was lukewarm and not strong enough for me to explore it. What sparked my curiosity in the concept was my realization that some of the greatest names I had admired throughout my life, had endorsed the Law of Attraction. The validation by these geniuses made me re-consider my urge of dismissing it without trying. At that point in my life, I had nothing to lose. I wanted something that I could use to restart from the scratch.

So, I started using the Law of Attraction consciously to begin with and through years of learning, applying, failing and applying again, I eventually started to witness my life transform in outstanding ways. Today I can say that the impact of applying the Law of Attraction in my life has been monumental. That cultivated in me, a deep desire to share with others the answers I have found in the process of using Law of Attraction. That was the motivation behind my book “Law of Attraction; It works through you”.

I wrote this book so someone out there going through the roller coaster phase in life can use the law of attraction to turn things around for the best, just like I did for myself. It’s a read for everyone willing to use the law of attraction to consciously create a life full of abundance.


TBE: Can you please explain the concept of the Law of Attraction?

Niharika Chaturvedi: The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws of the Universe that impacts all our lives. The Law of attraction states that, whatever you think about persistently, feel about intensely and believe about strongly, you will attract in your life. So, it’s your thoughts accompanied by your beliefs and feelings, that are creating your life.

But one important catch over here is also that your thoughts, beliefs and feelings should be followed by your inspired action as well so you can consciously create your life.

The Science that backs the Law of Attraction says that we all are made of energy vibrating at a frequency and we attract everything in our lives based on our frequency. Our frequency determines our reality. And our frequency is determined by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we are holding in us. If we are holding positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings, we are vibrating at a higher positive frequency and will attract or create a positive life. Similarly negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings will create a negative life.

Hence, all we need to do is to keep our frequency positive by keeping our thoughts positive to begin with. So, we can use Law of Attraction consciously to create a life of our choice than to let life run on autopilot mode.


TBE: The mindset and understanding thoughts and feelings is something that we talk about all the time and people are truly seeking information to improve their life every day. I’m curious, is it possible that anyone can truly achieve what they want if they use ‘Law  of Attraction’ effectively? And  how to practice it so it’s effective?

Niharika Chaturvedi: Let me be very honest with you over here and say that no, it’s not possible to achieve everything that you want in your life using Law of Attraction. Let me reframe and correct the statement, it is possible to achieve and attract everything that you are aligned with in terms of your frequency. To create the reality you want in life, you need to align your frequency with frequency of that reality. That is what Law of Attraction says.

Also, it is not what you think about that manifest in your life. It is what you think about intensely, with feelings and beliefs aligned to your thoughts. For example, you think about owning a company and yet your beliefs are not aligned to your thoughts. Deeply, you don’t think you deserve to own a company. So, no matter, how many times you think about owning a company you will fail because your beliefs and feelings are not aligned with your thoughts. So, you see, it is not what you think, it is what you think with feelings and beliefs, that will manifest. Another important catch for the law of attraction to work in your favor is your inspired action.

Effective implementation of the Law of Attraction means two things for me; believing fiercely and taking inspired action. Beliefs and action are core ingredients for applying the Law of Attraction so you get favorable results from it.


TBE: How does a person know if he/she is using the Law of Attraction properly?

Niharika Chaturvedi: You will know you are using the Law of attraction correctly when you are in full control of your thoughts and are keeping a track of your feelings. You try staying in the receiving mode where you feel good about everything, you look at the positive sides of things and focus on the brighter sides of life even in darker trying times. You are able to look at the silver linings of grey clouds and able to look out for sources of happiness even if those are trivial and tiny.

You have acknowledged the fact that your point of power is your response (i.e. your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions) and know that any external negative situation will not affect you unless you are in charge of your response.

Once you start using the Law of Attraction correctly, eventually you will start witnessing changes in your overall energy. You will start being in close alignment with your dreams and with everything you want to attract in your life.  You will start finding yourself in the right place at the right time with the right people and opportunities. You eventually will start attracting your dreams creating reality of your choice consciously.


TBE: How to change negativity in our mind to pure positive thoughts?

Niharika Chaturvedi: There are keys to changing your negative thoughts to positive and staying positive.

First is to practice gratitude and be grateful for minimum 20 things you are grateful for in the moment. The power of gratitude is immense, it immediately raises your vibration and shifts your focus from negative to positive. Practicing gratitude every morning as you begin your day can be life-transforming. It will help you to start your day on a positive note as you begin your day to take up the world. And not only morning, every time you feel your energy slipping away, you can start practicing gratitude and turn your way around.

Second is to practice positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are like auto-suggestions to remind yourself that things will get better eventually, that negativity is not here to stay. Positive affirmations will help you bombard your subconscious minds with positive thoughts and strong beliefs that you can manifest your dreams even if you are stuck in adversity.

The third key which will help you to make positivity as your way of life is meditation. Meditation is the most impactful way to calm the chaos inside your mind and shift your focus from negativity to positivity. Meditation will help you calm your thoughts and filter out negative thoughts, it will help you change your perception, your thought patterns and your belief system. Making meditation part of your life and lifestyle can help you change in extraordinary ways.

Once you start using these keys to staying positive, you will witness yourself changing your negative mindset, beliefs and thoughts to positive ones effortlessly. It will need practice, persistence and patience but once you get used to it, it will be worth all the painstaking efforts.


TBE: What changes for people in their day-to-day lives when they begin to walk on the route  of ‘Law of Attraction’? What are the consequences of this realization?

Niharika Chaturvedi: Once you start living the Law of Attraction, this is how things will change for you.

You will start having a better understanding of your role in making the Law of Attraction work for you. You will have a better control of your belief system and your thought process. You will be able to remove all your hidden mental blockages and limitless beliefs and thoughts effortlessly. You will have all your intuitions strengthened and guiding you toward magnificence. You will be aligned with the universe and guided by it through signs and synchronicities. You will start attracting all right people, at the right place and right time, effortlessly. Eventually, you will start manifesting your desires left, right and center & people will look up to you in awe, wondering what are you doing right.

Yes, this is how magnificently, you will start witnessing your life transform in extraordinary ways as you start imbibing the Law of Attraction in your life.


TBE: Most people define happiness as depending on certain external circumstances or conditions. How do you define happiness?

Niharika Chaturvedi: While growing up, my happiness depended on everything that I had on my wish list. My happiness depended on every unfulfilled dream of mine. I always used to think that I will be happy if I have that particular job, I will be happy when I will have financial abundance, I will be happy when I will move to my favorite city and so on. Result, I never used to feel genuinely happy. I was always in pursuit of happiness and hence, I was always miserable.

Thankfully, through time, I realized that happiness is not something you should attach with what you want. Happiness is something that we all can create for ourselves. Happiness lies inside us, to be found by us, to be created by us. We don’t need reasons or resources to create our own happiness.

Today, happiness for me is not something outside of me and today I always find something to be happy about. Smallest and most trivial things can make me happy today as I cut the cords of my happiness attached to my never-ending wish list. And you should try it too.

Stop attaching your happiness to your desires you have yet to fulfill. Happiness can be found in that beautiful sunset, in that amazing song you are listening to, in that wonderful book you are reading, in that smile of your loved one. Happiness can be found in your present moments, in your passions you want to follow, in the hobbies which are your idea of bliss and so on. Once you will realize that happiness is ever-present in the tiniest of things around you, you will always find something to be happy about.


TBE: What would be the number one piece of advice you’d give to someone who is currently struggling  in life?

Niharika Chaturvedi: Everything that you are going through or struggling with, every negative reality that you are dealing with right now will lose its power over you if you just realize one fact that no negative event, person or circumstance will have any effect on you if you do not give it the permission to disrupt your energy. Your point of power is your response and no kind of negativity has power over you if you don’t permit it.

I know it is easier said than done but if you really want to come out of your negative bubble of reality, you need to keep reminding yourself that your point of power is your response and its always up to you to choose your response. All you have to do is to persistently try choosing either neutral or positive responses to any negative situation. Try finding the positive sides to every negative event. When you start to choose positivity as your response, you will get better at it and eventually you will start turning things around for yourself. Trust me, it works. I myself have turned my life around and I believe anyone and everyone struggling in life can do it.


TBE: Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

Niharika Chaturvedi: I am currently working on lots of ambitious projects, few of them are digital video and audio courses, one-on-one personalized sessions on Law of Attraction and another is a children’s book that I am working on.

The courses that I am on the verge of launching are introductory audio course on the Law of Attraction and an advanced 3 days digital course on Law of Attraction named Conscious Creators Blueprint and its advanced course Conscious Creators Challenge.

All these courses I am working on are fun, creative, interesting and super-engaging. There is a reason I have kept the content fun and not too formal because I didn’t want this to be just another course in which people have to sit through and they don’t implement the learning in their lives. I want these courses to be adventurous rides for them which takes them to a process of imbibing Law of Attraction in their lives in ways that the it starts working through them.

I also am working on one of my dream projects which is my next book. I am working on a moral-based children’s story book to help them learn some basic things about and around happiness, concept of Law of Attraction, staying in the moment, finding things to be happy about and powerful processes like visualization etc. We all know these basic life-changing lessons are not taught in schools. You know schools teach us that mitochondrion is the powerhouse of cell but they don’t teach us the power that lies in us, in our mind and how we can use our mind, our attitude towards life and powerful processes to create our lives. I am trying to imbibe these teachings in my children’s books for them to learn and apply in their lives. The book is in the editing stage and I am super-excited about it.

I recently have also launched “Attract Calm in Chaos” meditation audio series for audience to help them make meditation part of their lifestyle and life and attract the calm they deserve despite everything negative happening around us.

The intention for all my products whether it’s a book or a course or a session, is to help someone out there come out of their bubble of negativity and turn their life for the best.

Readers can explore more about me and my work on my website

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