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Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney

A collision of political intrigue, royalty, and romance

A thrilling romance novel filled with secrets, political intrigue, and unexpected twists, featuring a cast of complex characters and a beautifully crafted writing style that will leave readers captivated and yearning for more.

Title: Made for Petrova

Author: Lauren Kutney

Publisher: iUniverse

Genre: Royal Romance

First Publication: 2023

Language: English

Book Summary: Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney

Some choices are just meant to be.

After saving her brother from possibly facing jail, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scott, is about to face the consequences for protecting her brother’s most recent antics. As a political speech writer for Boston’s mayoral campaign, her boss can’t have his number one employee tied to any sort of scandal on the evening of his incumbent race.

As the only remaining bloodline of the Worthington monarch, King Maxwell Worthington finds himself in a precarious situation. With the recent passing of his sister, Maxwell’s lineage is called into question and whether a new monarch should be instituted. Maxwell has the perfect idea—adopt his niece from his late sister to secure a living heir to the Worthington name. With all his competing priorities, Maxwell needs a governess that can be trusted with discretion and give his niece the attention he is unable to.

To avoid potential consequences to the mayoral race, the mayor sends Lizzie to take a temporary position as governess to help his friend, The King, Maxwell Worthington. Only Lizzie has entered a world that is more than what she bargained for. As Maxwell faces increased pressure of removal from the monarch, he soon discovers there is a group of people that would rather see him dead than removed from the throne. From threats, secrets, an arranged marriage, and slow burn romance, the decision begs on whether Lizzie should cut and run back home, or whether she was Made for Petrova.

Book Review - Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney

Book Review: Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney

Romance novels have the power to transport us to new and exciting worlds, filled with drama, passion, and unexpected twists. These books provide a temporary escape from reality, taking us on emotional journeys that leave us feeling both fulfilled and longing for more. Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney is no exception, offering readers a tantalizing mix of political intrigue, family drama, and slow-burning romance.

The plot of “Made for Petrova” by Lauren Kutney is a whirlwind of secrets, romance, and political intrigue. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scott finds herself in hot water after saving her brother from potential jail time, and her boss can’t afford any scandals on the night of the mayoral race in Boston. Enter King Maxwell Worthington, the last remaining bloodline of the Worthington monarch, who is in need of a governess for his niece after the passing of his sister. The king’s throne is in jeopardy, and he must secure a living heir to his name.

Lizzie is sent to help with the governess duties, but she soon discovers that she has stepped into a world far beyond her expectations. Threats, secrets, and an arranged marriage are just the tip of the iceberg in this suspenseful tale. As Lizzie and Maxwell navigate their way through the dangerous landscape, they also find themselves drawn to each other in a slow burn romance that begs the question – was Lizzie made for Petrova?

Lauren Kutney has created a cast of dynamic and memorable characters in “Made for Petrova.” At the center of the story is Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scott, a strong-willed and determined woman who is fiercely loyal to her family. Lizzie’s quick wit and intelligence are evident throughout the story, and she quickly finds herself in the midst of political intrigue and danger. King Maxwell Worthington is another compelling character, facing immense pressure and scrutiny as the only remaining bloodline of the Worthington monarchy. Maxwell is a man of great responsibility and honor, and his desire to protect his niece and secure the future of his family’s legacy is admirable.

Supporting characters such as Lizzie’s brother and the mayor of Boston add depth to the story and provide context for the complex web of relationships and politics that permeate the narrative. Kutney’s ability to create characters that feel real and three-dimensional is a testament to her skill as a writer. Each character is distinct and memorable, with their own motivations and flaws that drive the story forward.

Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney explores themes of family, loyalty, duty, and identity in a world of political intrigue and royal lineage. At its core, the novel challenges the notion of fate and whether individuals truly have control over their own lives or if they are simply bound by the circumstances of their birth. The characters grapple with their responsibilities to their families and their own desires, questioning whether they can reconcile the two or if they must choose one over the other.

The novel also delves into the idea of power and its corrupting influence, as characters struggle to maintain their hold on their positions while also fighting against those who seek to remove them. Ultimately, the story raises questions about what it means to be true to oneself and one’s values, even in the face of adversity and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Lauren Kutney’s writing style in “Made for Petrova” is a perfect fit for the story she’s crafted. The author’s elegant prose is interspersed with poetic language and vivid descriptions. The writing is smooth and engaging, drawing the reader in and immersing them in the story. Kutney’s ability to create vivid and realistic scenes and characters is particularly impressive, with every detail carefully chosen to evoke a specific mood or atmosphere. The story flows effortlessly, and the dialogue is natural and realistic, with each character’s voice distinct and memorable. Overall, Lauren Kutney’s writing style is perfectly suited to “Made for Petrova,” and her skillful use of language and storytelling makes for a captivating and satisfying read.

In conclusion, Lauren Kutney’s “Made for Petrova” is a delightful blend of political intrigue, royal drama, and slow-burn romance. The author’s writing style is smooth and polished, with well-crafted characters and an engaging plot that keeps the reader hooked until the very end. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-written, character-driven story with a touch of politics and royal drama. It is also suitable for readers who appreciate a slow-burn romance that develops over the course of the story.


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A thrilling romance novel filled with secrets, political intrigue, and unexpected twists, featuring a cast of complex characters and a beautifully crafted writing style that will leave readers captivated and yearning for more.Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney