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6 Lesbian Romance Books Everyone Should Read This Pride Month

Reading is one of the best activities anyone can do. It develops us on so many levels. Our personalities change depending on the books we read. Technical and professional books are tools for prospering at work. Self help books, at least good ones, are handy for personal development. But novels are arguably better than everything. They teach us about life and broaden our views. Romance books maybe more than any other genre. And like in everything else, there are subcategories. Lesbian romance novels are popular today. There are many new books about lesbian romance, but we picked some old gems for our list. First, we’ll mention how reading romance can help get dates you want.

Different Lesbian Loves in Books

Depending on the time of writing and writer’s experience, lesbian romance books have different topics. Some love stories are open and happy. Nothing stands in their way, and girls just go through the book as a couple having adventures. Love stories with twists are more popular. Usually, one of the girls isn’t ready to fully embrace her identity, so it takes time to build up the connection. Some books are sad and portray problems LGBT members had (have) to overcome. There are some of everything on our list of books below. But now, we’ll move your focus onto using books to thrive in the dating world.

Reading books, especially romance, can help with dating because they give useful insights. It teaches girls how to behave in different situations. Books also teach empathy but can help with experiencing things most girls can only dream about. Many young lesbians dream about meeting wealthy older women who’ll show them everything this world can offer. Most will never come close to achieving that. But those looking for the lesbian sugar mommy on the trustworthy site have much better chances. Romance books come in handy as chat topics too. It pays off to read on every level. Wealthy ladies don’t want to spend time or money on boring girls.

Lesbian Romance Books List

Now you know the benefits of reading lesbian romance books, so we’ll suggest what to read. There are many more books, but we’ll let you discover them on the way. That’s the beauty of reading. It’s like walking in the forest. There’s always something new to see, flowers to smell, new birds to hear. You may even feel the need to read more, participate in book chat rooms, or join a book club.


Fingersmith by Sarah Waters (2002)

Fingersmith is one of the novels where lesbian romance doesn’t seem relevant for the plot until it becomes the center of the action. This book is perfect for everyone with a taste for mystery and excitement. Motivated by her wish to provide for her adopted family, Sue – a fingersmith orphan, agrees to do something nasty.

Goodreads rating: 4.0* out of 94.834 reviews


Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown ( 1973)

Rubyfruit is one of those books that made a lot of noise at their time. The early 70s weren’t the best time to be openly lesbian, but Rita Mae Brown still managed to publish her first novel. Critics have divided opinions about Rubyfruit Jungle, but many lesbians claim they could relate to Molly, a girl from the books.

Goodreads rating: 3.92* out of 35.836 reviews


The Color Purple by Alice Walker (1982)

The Color Purple almost doesn’t need any description. It won the Pulitzers and the National Book Award. If you still need more convincing, this will win you over. Alice created a masterpiece in which she didn’t hide from all the bad things lesbians had to survive. The Color Purple is so popular because it describes real life with just a little bit of spice. Women in the book aren’t perfect, but they’re strong. And they grow together with the reader.

Goodreads rating: 4.24* out of 588,757 reviews


Gold by E.J. Noyes (2018)

Gold is easier to swallow than The Color Purple, but it’s still a good read. It follows a former alpine skier who decides to hide from the world after suffering a terrible injury in the Olympics finals. Aspen Archers decides to spend her time teaching tourists how to ski. She just gets comfortable with her life when an unexpected beauty appears.

Goodreads rating: 4.37* out of 1,531 reviews


Reservations of the Heart by T.B. Markinson (2019)

Reservations of the Heart is another easy-to-read but entertaining lesbian romance book. It’s relatively new, so it’s jet to reach its full potential. However, we’re sure that most lesbians looking for a relaxing romance novel will love the story about Stella and Aurora.

Goodreads rating: 4.27* out of 935 reviews


Ask, Tell by E.J. Noyes (2017)

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was an American policy that allowed LGBT members to serve in the army only if they never showed their sexuality. Ask, Tell is a romance book about Captain Sabine Fleischer and her experience in Afghanistan. It speaks about problems for LGBT people in the army and has an exciting love story.

Goodreads rating: 4.42* out of 2,609 reviews


We see how the world is changing, how literature is changing, how people’s attitude towards their own or someone else’s identity is changing. Many books describing the problems and relationships of lesbian individuals, written in the early years, are still relevant today. Many lesbian women now accept themselves more easily, including thanks to groundbreaking novels. The world of relationships and dating for lesbians now goes beyond the narrow circle, allowing women to be open and happy on dating sites, chat rooms or even book clubs.

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