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How AI Can Help to Write a Good Book Summary?

Living in the 21st century is just like living in the AI era, where every field is now utilizing Artificial Intelligence. From the healthcare sector to transportation systems, AI is now used everywhere.

Similarly, AI plays an important role in the field of writing like it can help writers to create a good summary of a book that is too much difficult. You know that how lengthy a book is, and creating a summary of it is… impossible.

But with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this can be done with ease. So, in today’s article, we are going to see how AI can help to write a good book summary.

Remember: AI can only create a summary when used with an online summary generator because these summarizers are specially developed and trained for writing summaries. So, from now on, we will be talking about AI summarizers.

How an AI Summary Generator Can Help you to Write a Good Book Summary?

We mentioned some steps of working to see how an AI summary generator works to write a perfect summary of the book.

Text Summarization

Before moving towards how AI-powered summarizers works to create the summary, you should know about what type of summary they create. If you don’t know what we are saying, then here’s the quick explanation. Summary is of types: Extractive summary and Abstractive summary. Here’s the definition of both summaries:

  • Extractive summarization: In this type of summary, the summarize tool works to extract the main points from the text and use them as it is without changing any words.
  • Abstractive summarization: This type of summary is different from extractive one where the summarizing tool doesn’t only extract points, but also changes words in them to make it more human-like.

Majority of online summary generators work on extractive summarization. They analyze the book’s text, extract the main points, and use them to create the summary.

If you don’t know which tool does the extractive summarization, then you can use Summary Generator offered by Editpad which is available for free. You can check out the proof of Editpad’s availability in the below image, where we have pasted 3,000 words in it, and Editpad’s Text Summarizer has created a short summary of given text.

How AI Can Help to Write a Good Book Summary? - 1

Content Analysis

Now you have understood what type of summary an online tool creates. Let’s talk about how they work to do that.

If you have written the book in the DOC file, then you just have to import it from your device in the summarizing tool.

The good thing about an AI-based summary generator is they also provides the file uploading options, from where you can import text files in any format like DOC, PDF, DOCX, or TXT.

Reminder: Some AI-powered summary generators provide word limits to users. So, you should keep this in mind while creating the summary of a book.

After the text is imported into the tool, the AI will work to understand its context and purpose of writing. This is very important for a tool to understand the text because if it doesn’t, then it will not summarize the text effectively.

If you are wondering how such online tools can behave like humans and understand the given book, let us tell you. There is a subfield of AI called Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP. This technology works to analyze the input text and understand its context.

Keyword Extraction

After understanding the text, the next thing AI technology does is extract the main points (sentences) from the text and keywords. As you know, summary is all made of important points, so the tool extracts the keywords and sentences from the book.

However, you might be wondering how the online tool will know what keywords to extract. Let us explain this to you. There are also some online summary generators present, in which when you paste the text, they provide optional words.

Those words are the keywords that are used in the content (mostly). You can choose any of them, and the tool will create the summary using the same keyword.

A perfect example of such an online tool is QuillBot’s Text Summarizer, where it provides the option to choose specific keywords that are used mostly.

Keep in mind that it finds keywords on its own and gives you a choice to select them. To show you how this works, we have pasted the text in it, and the results are shown below.

How AI Can Help to Write a Good Book Summary?-2

Remember, this summary generator provides a 1,200-word limit, which is not good if you want to create a summary of a book.

Language Quality Enhancement

After extracting the main points and keywords, the AI will then combine each of them and create a summary. However, this is also where AI plays an important role in creating a good summary.

Let us demonstrate how.

As a writer, whether you are writing a book, blog, or journal, you know that writing perfect and error-free content isn’t easy.

What we mean by errors here is grammatical errors. Grammatical errors are very common in writing, and even a professional or experienced writer also falls prey to these.

They occur when you make a spelling mistake, miss the punctuation mark, or write a sentence that is grammatically incorrect.

Such types of errors can lower the quality of your book and make a bad impact on readers’ minds. So, when you summarize the book with the help of AI, they will also work to correct all mistakes.

Besides, correcting all the mistakes not only makes the content error-free but also makes it readable for readers.

Remember: Tools that do extractive summarization can’t correct grammar mistakes in the book. So, if you want to enhance the quality of your book, use the tool that can create an abstractive summary of your book.

So, this is how AI can help to write a good book summary.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, writing a summary of the book is a very difficult task, but with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this can be done easily.

So, here in this article, we have talked about how AI can help to write a good book summary. You can say we have discussed some benefits of utilizing AI to create a summary of the book.

However, when it comes to choosing an AI-powered summary generator, choose it wisely. This is because some online tools work to create an extractive summary, and some work to create an abstractive summary.

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