In a Relationship with Food by Victoria Onica

In a Relationship with Food by Victoria Onica combines diet instructions with lessons on the cognitive flaws in the human psyche that make dieting necessary for so many of us.

Rethinking Money and Capital by Swapnil Pawar

Title: Rethinking Money and CapitalAuthor: Swapnil PawarPublisher: One Point Six TechnologiesGenre: Economics, FinanceFirst Publication: 2022Language: English  Book Summary: Rethinking Money and Capital by Swapnil Pawar While money and capital...

The Law of Attraction & Effection by Vinod Reghunathan

Vinod Reghunathan is geared towards helping readers improve their lives in terms of their finances through this book. The idea of the Law of Attraction is that what you receive in life is a product of your habitual thinking and emotions; that the "vibe" that you send out influences what you will attract into your life.
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Digital Belonging by Yogesh Soni

In Digital Belonging, Yogesh Soni integrates the most recent findings from the fields of motivation, creativity, organisational behaviour, neuroscience, and management to uncover the factors that actually contribute to our performance in our professional lives.

Why Should I Worry When I Can Face The World? by Shibu Nair

Shibu Nair shows you, via kind and encouraging advice and recommendations, how to make your actions more peaceful and compassionate, which has the extra advantage of making your life more stress-free and tranquil. This book is a joy to read since it's so straightforward and easy to understand.

You Need PR by Jenna Guarneri

The way that people communicate has changed, and brands are struggling to keep up. In You Need PR, Jenna Guarneri starts out with a basis in traditional marketing theory, and then expands upon it to cover the competitive landscape in the modern age.

Internet Moguls of the World by Avijit Arya

'Internet Moguls of the World' is a compilation of research, stories, and strategies that showcase innovative leadership through technology in a cutting-edge manner. With insights from information technology practitioners, leadership experts, technology consultants, and, of course, organization leaders, this book provides an insider's perspective.
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It Wasn’t A Waste of Time by Nikhil D. Samant

The book opens with a match fixing scandal in April 2000, when Delhi police charge South African captain Hansie Cronje with the crime and implicated team India's involvement in it as well. Indian fans' love, respect, and trust in their beloved Indian cricket team and its players is shattered by this devastating news.

UBUNTU by Shilpa Aroskar | I AM BECAUSE WE ARE: Parables of the United Human Spirit

Title: UBUNTU - I AM BECAUSE WE ARE: Parables of the United Human SpiritAuthor: Shilpa AroskarPublisher: Leadstart publishingGenre: Personal Transformation, True AccountFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: UBUNTU...
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