An Unusual Honeymoon by Mamta Kashyap

Title: An Unusual HoneymoonAuthor: Mamta KashyapPublisher: Notion PressGenre: RomanceFirst Publication: 2020Language: English  Book Summary: An Unusual Honeymoon by Mamta Kashyap Transport yourself into the world of Bollywood romcoms!"By...

You don’t love me, the way I Love you! By Ekta Chandana

Title: You don't love me, the way I Love you!Author: Ekta ChandanaPublisher: Bluerose PublishersGenre: Contemporary RomanceFirst Publication: 2021Language: English  Book Summary: You don't love me, the...

Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia

Just Missed by Himanshu Bhatia is a tremendously moving story of love, loss, sacrifice, honor, friendship, healing, acceptance, first and second chances, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and the wrong thing for the right reasons. There is so much packed into these pages.

The Disappointing 5 by Bobanga

Title: The Disappointing 5Author: BobangaPublisher: Self-publishedGenre: Contemporary Romance, FictionFirst Publication: 2020Language: English  Book Review: The Disappointing 5 by Bobanga Akash Malhotra is the poster child of a teenage...
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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is not just romance, though romance is a big part of it and it's one of the best things about it. This book is about seeing the gap of generations, seeing how in 200 hundred years so many things have changed, not only epochal, but also people.. People have changed, their ways of mind and heart are completely different and Claire is forced to adapt or die.

One Day, Life Will Change by Saranya Umakanthan

One Day, Life Will Change is a sweet and inspiring story about two characters that are complete opposites and very unique in their own way. Samaira was a quirky and light-hearted, and I really liked reading about her and getting a glimpse at how her mind worked. But after losing everything, her love, parents and her career, she's despondent to any feelings.

Book Review: Our Love Story by Rohit Sharma

Title: Our Love StoryAuthor: Rohit SharmaGenre: Contemporary RomanceFirst Publication: 2020Language: EnglishMajor Characters: Aditya Bakshi, Veronica, VikramjeetNarrator: Third person omniscient  Book Summary: Our Love Story by Rohit Sharma Veronica is done. Done...

Book Review: The Saga of Shom and Raima by Tapan Ghosh

While The Saga of Shom and Raima by Tapan Ghosh a typical love story involving a man discovering the woman of his dreams, the real weight of the entire plot lay in the last few pages. It lays a big emphasis on human choices when things go wrong. Most times, we humans tend to get carried away especially when the going is good. When it gets tough is what determines who we really are on the inside. It was sweet and cute at the beginning, romantic in the middle, agonizing at the near-end, and hopeful at the ending.
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Book Review : Love, Swipe, Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan

Although the story of 'Love, Swipe, Blackmail' was kind of basic, I found myself intrigued by the dynamic of friendship and a love story. Falling in love over the internet isn’t such a surprise anymore.

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