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Books That Will Make You Believe in Love That Started with Casual Dating

According to reports, we are fast approaching a world where 50% of relationships will have been instigated in the online environment. What this tells us is that there is so much more to digital dating platforms than the stereotypical notion that they’re only for casual encounters. Meeting prospective partners on a casual basis by virtual messaging often kindles meaningful romance. As well as stats, many interesting books explore this topic on dating. If you’re keen to arrange tender hookups by joining a vibrant dating outlet, it will help if you could not only sign up for an excellent matchmaking service but also find some inspiration for finding someone compatible.

Let’s look into captivating books on dating that will inspire you to find a soulmate.


Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown

Texas-born Brown has made a name for herself for her lectures and popular podcasts covering topics such as social vulnerability and has also been a bestselling New York Times author five times. Her podcast interviewees have included the MeToo movement’s founder, Tarana Burke. This book will inspire your journey to transforming even the most casual get-together into something fulfilling. Here she lays out the key skills you can master to make that all-important connection, highlighting no fewer than 87 separate emotions that define what it means to be human. You can then take these on board to boost your confidence.


The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

Swiss author de Botton often discusses philosophical themes that might be considered fairly high brow. But he also manages to present them in a way that makes his subject easily understood. Much of the material you will come across is all about the first steps of romance. How to successfully navigate the often-tricky course of A meets B. De Botton’s emphasis is on what happens next? Is there such a thing as ‘happily ever after?’ As many couples enjoy long-lasting partnerships, there clearly must be. But how is this achieved after the heady rush of initial lust gives way to real commitment? In short, this book is all about how to survive modern relationships and is a must if you are single with ambitions beyond another weekend of ‘no strings attached’ encounters.


How to Not Die Alone: The Surprising Science That Will Help You Find Love by Logan Ury

Ury started her career as a behavioral scientist, only to discover she had a specific knack for imparting dating advice. As a coach, she is now dedicated to focusing on the sometimes-elusive search to find love. If you’ve been single for any length of time, it can be depolarizing to see yourself immersed in a society where success is gauged by being in a relationship. Don’t fret. By taking you back to basics, Ury pinpoints how to avoid wrong decisions and why you can’t expect the perfect partnership to land in your lap.


Atomic Attraction: The Psychology of Attraction by Christopher Canwell

Psychologist Canwell is someone singles can rely on to get to the heart of the matter where new relationships are concerned. He is particularly interested in what draws certain people together and how singles can capitalize on these basic instincts. Canwell opens with the somewhat startling statistic that, according to science, one-fifth of men will achieve dating success, with 80% of females. So this book is all about sharpening your innate relationship skills to become a member of that elite 20%.


Block, Delete, Move On: It’s not you, it’s them by ‘Lalala Let Me Explain’

Who on earth is LaLaLa Let Me Explain? First of all, she has chosen to remain anonymous. But does this detract from her message? No. As well as a VIP columnist for OK! Magazine, this mysterious but well-respected writer has amassed a huge cult following on her Instagram account. Amongst the topics, she covers with passion are abuse and toxic dating culture. This book is highly recommended because it’s so topical, focusing on the digital world. The bottom line: if you’ve endured disastrous dates or ever been ghosted online, never, ever blame yourself. So the ethos behind this advice isn’t so much about how to spot the right person for you. It’s all about empowerment by recognizing unsuitable singles.

We’ve outlined some of the literature that will fill you with confidence at the prospect of tracking down your ideal partner. As well as checking out these suggestions, there are always online resources where you can immerse yourself in the world of books. There will be many more books covering topics on dating relevant to singles. Why not bookmark some of the sites celebrating the latest news about books? After reading a few of these, you’ll be ready to arrange a casual hookup with a charming single. So what are you waiting for?

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