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Book Review: U n Me.. It’s Complicated by Dr Aditya Nighhot

Title: U n Me… It’s ComplicateBook Review - U n Me It's Complicated by Aditya Nighhot

Author: Dr Aditya Nighhot

Publisher: FingerPrint Publishing

Genre: Romance

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Aditya, Rutuja, Nikhil

Narration: First Person (Aditya’s Perspective)


Book Summary: U n Me… It’s Complicated

Love is not complicated, people are! The four-letter word, easy to spell and easier to say, is far more complicated when the brain and heart play their parts in a relationship. Aditya, a nerd, falls head over heels in love with rutuja, who happens to be the eye candy of the college. Rutuja loves books and wants Aditya to pen down a story. Will Aditya, a non-reader, manage to write a novel?

Just when their relationship goes on a roller-coaster ride for the worse, Aditya decides to attempt suicide. Can a relationship make you weak? Can true love make you a rebellious, self-destructive, and violent person? Or will it make way for a better future?

From the bestselling author of until love sets us apart comes another heart-wrenching tale of not just true love and friendship but also about hope and destiny, and the journey of a non-reader as he becomes a Bestselling author.


Book Review: U n Me… It’s Complicated

What an intriguing story. The focus of ‘U n Me… It’s Complicated’ seems to be romance but as the story unfurls it becomes clear that it is much more about self discovery, relationships and the expectations we place on ourselves and others to cope with these relationships.

At the start of ‘U n Me It’s Complicated’, our protagonist Aditya is on the verge of suicide. He’s complaining about his life and want to end the misery by ending the life. Then we go to flashback, and learn about his college life and how he fall for Rutuja. The ups and down of their relationship is the main story of the book. Their love story moves forward with poetry and letters. The story is told in first person, Aditya’s perspective. Without giving too much away, main characters and dysfunctional love birds Aditya and Rutuja breaks up after some silly misunderstanding. This sparks a series of events leading to the questioning of their relationship and about letting go and accepting circumstances; basically about life.

“Relationships are like books,
They take a few seconds to burn,
It takes years to write one
So, write it carefully
Never let it burn!”

I enjoyed the supporting characters and the tone that was set in the book. it wasn’t the most romantic tragic story I’ve ever read and I’m glad that it didn’t put on airs about it being this ‘tell-all’ love story. It was a quick, fast, speed through the pages read that left me wanting more but at the same time wanting to see how it ends…it will leave the reader going through all of the typical emotions.

Though the love story was beautiful, the book included themes and lessons that were far deeper than the typical high school romance, such as forgiveness and trust. The reader is taken on an emotional roller coaster.

With a colourful writing style of Dr Aditya Nighhot, with plenty of embellishments and metaphors, readers get both the excitement of a developing love story, along with one that is as familiar and cozy as your favourite blanket, all wrapped up with a bit of heartbreak and romance complications.

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