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Book Learning Vs Experience: Which Is More Important Today?

What is more important for people, book learning or experience? Some have spent their lives studying and gradually acquiring valuable deep knowledge. They are afraid to start and do something wrong. They continue accumulating knowledge, and, in the end, they realize that they have only learned one thing to do well during this time. In contrast, others don’t worry about anything. They quickly start doing something using learning beyond the book, make mistakes, and learn from this experience.

The debate between book learning and experience has been going on for a long time. There is no clear “right answer” yet, but there is strong evidence that experience gives us important skills that can’t be learned in books. The existence of both competency based colleges and traditional credit-hour-based ones clearly shows that academia acknowledges that there is more to learning than credit-hours and GPA. Here are four reasons why experience is more important than book learning.

What Is Book Learning?

Book learning is generally called some information that can be useful when a person studies something. The acquired knowledge can be supplemented and improved from time to time. Therefore, it is generally accepted that knowledge has no practical boundaries. Knowledge is a universal category of human communication.

What Is Experience?

It is the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a person or a community of people has acquired through living, practicing, or working in a particular field. Gaining experience is a great advantage in life. The biggest one is that once you have experienced and accepted it, you can no longer make serious mistakes. Therefore, experience is essential for anyone who wants to learn the right principles and guidelines for a successful life.

Why Experience is More Important than Learning from Books

A book is like a guide to the pursuit of knowledge. But each of us needs to experience it, learn new things and improve our lives. So, the idea that “experience is the best teacher” is quite true. Through experience, you can also learn how to interact with different people. You will also learn how to negotiate and compromise. So, what are other arguments for experience?

You can become an expert in a particular field

Neither musicians, athletes, scientists, nor doctors have read books and become experts. Of course, reading the best books on learning gives you knowledge, but experience gives you know-how. It comes from practicing again and again. Experts can’t manage to learn only from books. Professionals can make themselves because they devote their work, practice, and time to obtaining this position. This distinguishes them from all the others.

Anyone who wants to be an expert in a particular field needs practice and experience. Unfortunately, no matter how much you read a book, you can’t become an expert.

Experience can give you more knowledge

So, reading more books about something doesn’t lead to success. You can acquire a lot of knowledge by reading and teaching, but there are also ways to accumulate knowledge through experience. Knowledge is theoretical, but experience is distinguished by the fact that you can put into practice what you have learned in a book. It is also an opportunity to test and challenge your knowledge.

Experience helps you understand the theory behind the concept

Book learning to understand a concept is important. But if you can’t understand the application of the concept in real time, the concept is useless. Experience allows you to put the learned concepts into practice. You can learn a lot from books on self-learning. You can’t effectively learn important skills without applying the concept to real life.

Experience is rooted in your memory

The more you practice, the more new ways you have in your brain to do a good job. The more experience you have in practicing a concept you are learning, the better you will master the necessary skills. Of course, with experience, skills and concepts are acquired. They become a part of you.

Experience can help you learn from your mistakes

You can achieve maximum success in any industry if you dare to take on challenges without fear of failure. The more you practice the learned technique, the more you rebuild it until you master it. It is worth trying and failing.

Of course, the experience can lead to failure, but you can also learn from that failure and lead to success. This is valuable knowledge that is not found in any book. Therefore, experience is your greatest ally in professional development if you want to understand the theory behind the concept, become an expert in this field, keep the technique in mind, and gain valuable insights through failure.

So, experience is more important in life than self-learning from a book. Therefore, employers ask applicants not only about their education but also about their experience. Experienced people can earn even higher salaries than those with several degrees who can’t apply in life what they learned at college.

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