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Can you learn sports betting from a book?

Online sports betting in the United States is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Since it arrived in 2018, sports gambling has flourished as major states rushed to embrace change. Sports fans couldn’t wait to take advantage of their newfound freedoms, placing bets on competitions including the NFL, NBA, and English Premier League. Today, many gamblers feel confident that they can use their sports expertise to make informed wagers. Therefore, this is the point at which sports betting books become relevant in the lives of those who are new to this industry.

Betting has become a billion-dollar industry with no way of knowing just how far it will grow. How do you get involved, and what’s the best way to place Vegas bets online?

The more you know about how the industry works, the more chance you’ll have of making a profit. Learning about sports betting isn’t complicated, with tons of information online, books dedicated to beating the bookies, and tutorial videos.

Don’t trust everything you read

You can only trust some things you read, so how do you separate reliable sources of information from promotional stuff? Are the articles designed to sell you a betting app or encourage you to use a system? That’s a little more difficult.

It would help if you had an experienced guide to help you through the trees to a clearing and toward profit. And that’s what you have on this page.

We have enlisted the help of an online gambling expert with over two decades of experience in the sportsbook betting industry. Our guest explains three ways you can learn about betting, evaluating each so you can decide how best to source the information.

Can you learn sports betting from a book

Betting books

There’s no lack of books dedicated to betting to beat the biggest names in the field and making a profit from sports predictions. But some are better than others. Search your local library or online retailer, and you’ll suffer snowblindness. How are there so many books written to help you beat your bookie?

It could be because none of the previous have achieved their goal. Surely you need just one book that explains all. But that’s not to say there aren’t any good reference points. It’s all about opinion, but you should look for one written by an author who has made millions from gambling. Otherwise, what’s the point?

You wouldn’t read a book on learning tennis from someone who messes around at their local community court. We recommend researching the author and their credentials before considering buying their book. And if they have made a million from betting, why are they rushing to profit more from your purchases? That’s an interesting one.

What’s the betting bible? Well, we’re sad to report there isn’t one. But Enemy Number 1 by Patrick Veitch takes some beating. It details how the Cambridge maths scholar made over 10 million from betting. He shares some of his secrets and tales of how his winning streak attracted the wrong attention from some shady characters.

Online predictions

Can you trust an online betting tipster? There are many out there, and from experience, we know most aren’t worth following. Before taking tips from an online source, ask yourself this question. What has the tipster got to gain from sharing their information with you?

Are they asking for a subscription payment? Then avoid it at all costs, as they wouldn’t need your money if they were bashing the bookies. Do they work for a sportsbook betting app? Another to give a wide berth as they’ll probably be doing their employers a favor. You must tread carefully, but a few great tipsters are giving nice-priced winners out of the goodness of their hearts and for the attention it brings. Few people are more popular than a free tipster on a winning run.

Online betting tipsters to keep close can be found working for betting exchanges. These apps make their profit not from losing bets but from winners. They charge commission on your earnings, and that’s why they employ some of the industry’s best to provide readers with reliable information and picks.

No substitute for experience

It’s true; you can’t buy experience. Read as many betting books as you can get your hands on. Follow all the best online sportsbook tipsters. You must get out there and learn for yourself. Get your hands dirty. You’ll enjoy it more.

Keep your stakes low while learning the ropes. Bet on different sports, use promotions and experiment with markets. Keep a record of every bet you place and the results. It’ll soon become apparent which brings you the most success.



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