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5 Ways to Resell Your Textbooks

When students enroll in professional courses, they invest a huge sum into course fees. But they also have to spend a ton on books. Though it is an unavoidable expenditure, there are ways to make it feel less dramatic. You can achieve saving goals by reselling your textbooks once you complete your semester. But how do you resell your old textbooks?

Here are a few ways to resell your books with minimal effort:

College bookstore

One of the best ways to sell your textbooks is by approaching a college bookstore. There are many college bookstores that purchase used books and sell them back to students and teachers.


  • You can get instant cash right away.
  • This is one of the most convenient methods if you need extra money.


  • You cannot expect huge profits.
  • Your college bookstore may not accept your textbook for some reason.


Online selling

The Internet has made everything possible, and selling books is not an exception. There are different websites that allow book reselling, and you can easily find buyers on such platforms. Many students keep an eye on such online book reselling sites to get a good deal for their books and save money. Here’s an overview and comparison of the top 5 best places where you can sell books online.


  • With the invention of websites like, you can easily make a buyback price comparison and ensure that you are not settling down for a meager amount.
  • Selling becomes a lot easier on such platforms.
  • All you need is to pen down all the book’s information, wait till it’s sold, and get your cash.


  • The shipping process is difficult.


Direct selling

Though this might not be easy, you can consider selling your books directly to your juniors.


  • There is no middleman cost involved.


  • Finding a buyer may not be easy.
  • You may feel awkward doing such a thing, and if a person decides to drop their course, they may request a refund from you.


Online auctioning

Just like online selling platforms, there are online auctioning platforms that can also help you sell your textbooks. You can consider advertising your textbooks on auction websites like eBay, and sooner or later, you can fetch a good deal.


  • You can make a good profit by selling a textbook that is popular or rare.


  • You might not receive a full value for your books, as users of such auction websites usually come with the purpose of saving money.



If you want to generate a constant cash flow, consider renting your books rather than reselling them. This way, you can rent the textbook multiple times and make money. You can rent a book to a student for a particular semester, and once it’s over, you can take your book back and rent it to another student.


  • You can make more money.


  • Getting your book back after the semester’s over might be challenging.
  • Finding the next applicant might be a problem.



Books drain a considerable amount of money, so reselling them once you complete your semester is a smart hack to save money. Do you have more such ideas on how you can resell your old textbooks? Do let us know!

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