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4 Ways to Manage Your Time Effectively as a Student

Students often get overwhelmed with busy schedules. It can be extremely challenging to attend classes full time, study, get homework done and work a part-time job -something that many have to face. If that’s you, while it probably won’t be easy, there are ways to manage your time more effectively, making what may seem impossible more achievable. And, in the long run, you’re likely to look back at those times and smile with pride, as they’re simply stepping stones to a better future.


Creating a weekly schedule for classes, work and other responsibilities is a must. Once those commitments are on your calendar, add blocks of time for studying, completing homework and essays as well as time for self-care and for family and friends. Be reasonable and realistic when scheduling, meaning don’t try to commit to studying at 10 o’clock in the evening after you’ve gone out with friends that night. Try to create a balance of that includes study, work and personal time, including eight hours of sleep every night so that you’ll have the focus and energy you need for the next day.


Learning how to prioritize can be an important lesson for your future career and work-life balance. When organizing your time, be sure to consider what’s most important. Be careful of deadlines and don’t procrastinate those important tasks, otherwise it only adds more stress and pressure than you already have. Make a list of things that need you need to get done when you have a lot on your plate, deciding what your highest priority is and what might be able to wait until tomorrow or another time.

Skip the Commute

Do whatever you can to avoid a lengthy commute. For example, if you’re attending Regent University, you might want to look for a property that’s for rent among Virginia Beach real estate (or if it’s financially feasible, to buy) so that you can avoid a longer commute. Most colleges offer online classes that can be a good option for cutting back transport time. In fact, 33 percent of students take at least one online course these days. If you’re self-disciplined and complete a course off campus, this is a great way to save some time by skipping the drive to school as well as parking fees and other expenses like gas.

Don’t Over Do It

No matter how much you schedule and prioritize what needs to get done, if you overload yourself with too many classes, work too many hours or you tend to enjoy a few too many nights out on the town, responsibilities can easily be pushed aside. Only take on what you’re comfortable with. If you notice you have free time on your hands, then you can decide what to add to your schedule. Perhaps you can choose to add an extra class over the next quarter if you want to graduate faster or take on an extra shift or two at work if you want to save money for a summer vacation.

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