Why Is Fantasy Reserved for Geeks? 10 Fantasy Books Everyone Should Read


There is a lot of prejudice surrounding fantasy books. For some reason, they are considered to be the domain of children, teenagers, and geeks. The prejudice claims them not to be serious as how can it be – there are dragons in it!

Maybe it is due to a lack of confidence in some readers. Some might think that important subjects can be raised only in non-fiction books. Maybe it is hard for them to imagine that a college professor or an expert at dissertation writing service loves fantasy novels. Well, Tolkien was a college professor. And in fact, everyone can love fantasy!


Why Read Fantasy?

The truth is that fantasy is as relevant and valid as any other type of writing. Moreover, it is deeply rooted in human tradition. Stories about mythical creatures and heroes were told for as long as we can remember. Here are several reasons to give this genre a chance if you haven’t already:

  • The amazing world-building and strong storytelling. These stories are not driven from reality, which means an author needs to create their own world with its rules and citizens. Lord of the Rings is the world-known example as well as Harry Potter. Those fictional worlds are so phenomenal that generations of people are involved with them;
  • Anything can happen. When a story doesn’t have to apply to our reality, it has infinite potential. Any subject or topic can be discovered as well as any creature or hero;
  • Expansion of the concept of reality. Readers get to know new versions of reality, parallel worlds, alternative history, etc. All of that helps to expand our perception of possible and impossible as well as the worldview.

And, of course, the main reason is that it is fun! And if you do not know what to start from, here is a list of amazing fantasy novels that everyone should read.


Books to Add to Your Fantasy Reading List


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

This is a very well-known story that was adapted on screen numerous times. Yet, it is a classic. This is an example of how something that looks so childish can still be incredibly entertaining and interesting for adults. Even if you’ve read it in childhood, it is worth coming back as you’ll discover a lot of nuances and things that you didn’t notice before.


The Blue Sword, Robin McKinley

Yet another classic story with an exciting premise. The protagonist is Harry, an orphan girl who is appointed to Kings’ rider. This position has never been held by a woman for ages. It is a story of a young woman finding her place in an unfamiliar world. And it is incredibly exciting to read.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Despite the first book of the series adapted on a big screen, this is still a hugely underrated book. It is rather a science-fiction part of things, although there is no science as we know it. And it is incredibly funny.

During this space adventure, you’ll find yourself laughing at witty and sometimes sarcastic narration. At the same time, you might enjoy the quest to find the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.


The Dragonbone Chair, Tad Williams

If you are into epic fantasies, this trilogy is a way to go. George R.R. Martin called it one of the fundamentals of his writer’s success which is quite a praise. It is a tale of a kitchen boy who is swept by an ancient evil, war, and battles with mythical creatures.


Assassin’s Apprentice, Robin Hobb

Those, who are tired of traditional heroic characters, will love this one. It is a story of a soon-to-be-a-king bastard that is also an assassin. This is a rare combo even in fantasy books. It is a coming-of-age tale that describes the protagonist’s path from rags to becoming a full-fledged hero.


The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

The story is set around a mysterious circus and a competition between two magicians. They’ve been rivals for years despite not knowing why or who they are competing with. It is full of magic and interesting plot twists. It is very well-written and the characters are very compelling to audiences of all ages.


Angelfall, Susan Ee

This one is on the other side of the spectrum – it is a modern post-apocalyptic fantasy. The novel is set in a world where the apocalypse was caused by angels. The main protagonist is set on the quest to save her sister and she is ready to ally even with her worst enemies to succeed.


Who Fears Death, Nnedi Okorafor

It is a modern book that has already gained recognition. This is a tale of the future world after the nuclear war. The adventure takes place in Sudan, where two tribes suffer from war, pain, and violence. The main protagonist has magical powers and a destiny to fulfill. It is a mix of magic, spirituality, folk tale, and love.


The Power, Naomi Alderman

What if one day every woman in the world gained the power to electrocute men with a simple touch of fingers? Well, this book has an idea of how it could all unravel. Although it has many features of science fiction, the main premise is to explore the alternative world with the major change in the power dynamics. Would it be a utopia or hell on Earth? Read to find out.


Running with the Demon, Terry Brooks

This is a dark, contemporary, and urban fantasy. The protagonist is an American teenager that has a big secret – she has magic powers. It is about past family secrets, demons, a knight, and many mysterious adventures.


In Summary

Fantasy books can offer something for everyone, whether you like medieval-like tales, dragons, space adventures, or vampires and magic. It is a perfect entertainment that also tackles important topics and exciting alternative worlds.


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