Book Review: A Man From Mandu by Manoj Jain

A Man from Mandu is the story of Avishkar Baba, a new age Guru in town slowly gaining popularity. Instagram posts and WhatsApp daily quotes play pivotal roles in creating the hype behind this Baba.

Book Review: Silver Hair Sins by Saumick Pal

The central theme in Silver Hair Sins has been picked up: man managed to create an "inferior" version of man in order to make use of that product for their own benefit: as slaves, as company.

Book Review: Finding Myself by Nandini Dhanani

Completely compelling from the very first page Finding Myself is a beautifully written novel by Nandini Dhanani; an authentic and intriguing family drama that had me completely hooked.

Book Review: The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh

The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh is way too witty and filled with sarcasm, this book is surely going to be one of your favorite books! The premise I got from reading the blurb was that there was an unexpected 'incident' during the bachelor party trip of four best friends to Europe.

Book Review: The Little Light by Dipa Sanatani

I found The Little Light brilliant and mysterious book. So amazing! Great characters, great setting, great ideas, epic scope, and so well written. It has novelty and nuance from its first to its final paragraphs.

Book Review: No Margin For Error by Tanushree Podder

No Margin For Error is an excellent read with excellent insights into the personalities and temperaments of the two great commandos from the elite Special Force. The strength of this book is that the narrative is very compelling and easy to read.

Book Review: That Thing About You by Abhaidev

Author introduce readers to Subodh, just another IT guy, who gets rejected at love. But wait, 'That Thing About You' is not just another love-story. After heart break, Subodh found a mysterious female voice in his head who knows everything about him and guides him for better.

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