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The Best Gaming Books To Read In 2023

Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: Behind Game Development

It doesn’t matter whether you like a tablet, audiobook, or have to have a hardback in your hands – reading is and always will be a hugely important part of how people spend their time. No matter what you’re interested in reading, there are books in that niche – and the gaming market is no exception.

The gaming book Market is so interesting because it can be incredibly diverse. A popular one is that you can play a game as you read! LitRPG is just one of the ways that gamers can enjoy books; others are epic novels about their favorite characters.

Covering lore, future, adventures, trials, and tribulations. These can be great for tying storylines and giving game fans more to explore.

Some of the biggest heroes and antiheroes were comic books or book characters before they hit the big screen.

Within the gaming book niche are guides on how to play, be better at the game, and even break into gamer content and streaming.

It is incredibly diverse, but there are always a few massive hits in the gaming book genres. And here are some of the most-read gaming books of 2023.

Blood, Sweat and Pixels: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Making Video Games

There are currently a few great movies about the making of games on streaming services like Netflix, but if you like to ponder over words and re-read a few times, then this is a great option.

Jason Schreier does an excellent job of talking the reader through the creative process and some of the technical challenges that are faced and even dip into the business side. It’s an excellent read for any aspiring game developer.

Blood, Sweat and Pixels: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Making Video Games covers some of the biggest names in the gaming game, including Stardew Valley and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

What you’re really getting with this book is a real BTS, and for those who are midway through making a game or even just at the starting point, the tech issues and straying deadlines will feel familiar.

This book has a relatively high rating on Goodreads, with a 4.1 out of 5, and isn’t incredibly long (under 400 pages), but it has a wealth of information.

The Blackjack Formula: The Definitive Guide to Playing Winning Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time, although it does sit behind poker in all forms and slots like Secrets of the Phoenix and Starburst with online popularity.

One of the big draws about almost all card games is that there is an element of skill involved, and you can, with enough practice, become very good at it. The Blackjack Formula: The Definitive Guide to Playing Winning Blackjack, written by Arnold Snyder, is not new; in fact, it was published in 1980, but it holds up.

The book breaks the formula for success into three parts – the basics (rules, card worth and bets), the second part is the counting, and how to work out (or improve) your odds of winning and the third is how to avoid mistakes and manage the bankroll.

It’s packed with straightforward tips that can take you from beginner to master in no time.

The Skyrim Library

When it comes to gaming fans, there is one thing for sure: once they find their game – they need to have more. More character backstories, more maps, more goodies, just more. The great thing about gaming fandom in this way is that they are typically gifted with plenty.

Game writers and storytellers work with the artist and concept designer to create books like The Skyrim Library. A hardback collection of the books from the game that is packed with cool stuff like lore, maps, stunning artwork, and a new story from Skyrim.

With this one, you get: The Histories, The Man, Mer & Beast, and The Arcane. In the Histories section, you’ll go through Tamriel’s past, like The Great War and The Book of the Dragonborn.

What makes this one so popular is the beautiful illustrations; with a high score of 4.1 on Goodreads, it is a must for anyone who enjoys the games or just well-written characters.

Here are some more of the best gaming books to fill up the last part of 2023:

  • A Handheld History is the story of how we went from wires to handheld devices.
  • The GameCube Anthology is one for retro console lovers.
  • Game Boy: The Box Art Collection is exactly what it sounds like and shows all of the coolest artwork. Not only that, but the book itself looks a bit like a grey game cartridge.
  • The Art of Point and Click Adventure Games looks at some of the most-loved retro games like King’s Quest and Monkey Island.
  • PACMAN: Birth of an Icon follows the popularity of an arcade classic.

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