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Ride On! by S A Sterling | Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph

How to Unleash the Power within, Push Boundaries, and Champion Excellence

Reflecting on the book as a whole, I am struck by how effectively S.A. Sterling crafted Dame Sarah Storey's journey into a inspiring blueprint for resilience applicable to any reader's life path. By focusing on distilling the underlying philosophies and strategies from Storey's experiences over simply recounting achievements, the book delivers a much more impactful message.

Title: Ride On! Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph

Author: S A Sterling

Publisher: Independently published

Genre: Sports Biography, Self-help

First Publication: 2023

Language: English

Book Summary: Ride On! Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph by S A Sterling

From surmounting a career-ending injury to thriving in a male-dominated sport, ‘Ride On! Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph’ offers a story that goes beyond athletic accomplishment—it’s a masterclass in resilience and personal growth.
Feel stuck in life, burdened by challenges and self-doubt?

This book is your roadmap to breaking free. Reading ‘Ride On!’ you’ll gain:
• Self-Belief: Harness confidence as your driving force.
• Resilience: Equip yourself with tools to face life’s challenges head-on.
• Adaptability: Learn to pivot your way to success, just like Sarah.

S.A. Sterling captures the indomitable spirit of Dame Sarah Storey, making ‘Ride On!’ a must-read for sports aficionados and anyone inspired by human resilience.

Penned by S.A. Sterling, an author committed to narratives of triumph over adversity, ‘Ride On!’ isn’t just a biography—it’s a guide to unlocking your untapped potential.

As you turn the pages, you won’t just find a compelling story, but actionable insights to elevate you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Are you ready to complete your picture?

Book Review: Ride On! Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph by S A Sterling

S.A. Sterling’s book “Ride On!” chronicles the inspiring journey of British Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey. Through engrossing storytelling, Sterling peels back the layers of Storey’s life to examine the formative experiences and personal milestones that shaped her into the legendary athlete and role model she is today. More than simply recounting Storey’s achievements, the book provides invaluable life lessons on overcoming adversity, cultivating resilience, and pushing past perceived limits.

In Ride On!, S A Sterling clearly aims to empower and motivate through Storey’s example. By examining the adversity Storey faced, the support systems she cultivated, and the unwavering self-belief and determination that defined her, readers gain insight into conquering challenges in their own lives. Sterling also highlights Storey’s efforts to pave the way for future generations of female athletes and advocate for inclusivity in sport. Her story is one of not just athletic triumph but of diversity, courage, and unconventional femininity.

The introduction does an excellent job of framing the broader lessons and takeaways that readers can gain from Storey’s journey. We learn that her story is about having the courage to grow even when one doesn’t think they can anymore. The author also emphasizes how pivotal moments in Storey’s life came through difficulties and how she learned valuable lessons during her darkest times. This creates intrigue and sets the expectation that we will explore both the triumphs and struggles.

By focusing on Storey’s pioneering role for female athletes and those with disabilities, the introduction shows how her journey was about more than just sports. She had to fight biases and push past conventional norms. This gives readers a role model who battled similar barriers and helps them connect Storey’s story to their own lives. Overall, the introduction establishes Dame Storey as a legendary figure while promising actionable insights on resilience, self-belief, and unlocking potential through adversity. It sets the book up as more than just an athletic biography.

One of the early themes established in “Ride On!” is Storey’s natural giftedness in sports from a very young age, despite facing adversity due to her congenital hand deformity. Sterling illustrates how Storey was encouraged to participate in various sports from a young age by her supportive family. Though Storey herself was initially unaware of any disadvantage, her lap times revealed the effects of her disability around age twelve. This pivotal moment of realization could have crushed her dreams, but instead lit a fire in Storey to prove herself.

Sterling relates Storey’s discovery of Paralympic sports on television, seeing another athlete with a similar disability to her own competing at the highest levels, which proved hugely inspirational. This showed Storey that her disability need not define her potential and opened up an entire world of opportunity. Her relentless pursuit to contact coaches and compete eventually led to Paralympic success. Storey’s story demonstrates the power of inspiration and not putting limits on oneself based on circumstances outside one’s control. Haters may doubt due to visible differences or disabilities, but champions see talent regardless.

Storey’s supportive family also played a vital role. Sterling highlights how they drove Storey to endless trainings and competitions without concern for outcome, instilling a strong work ethic and imparting the invaluable life lesson that one’s worth isn’t defined by victories alone. Storey would not have achieved so much without the unconditional love and normalization of her disability within her family. Their encouragement taught Storey at a young age that she deserved equal opportunities despite facing disadvantages. This lesson of empowerment through community support is one readers can apply to face their own obstacles and insecurities.

In Chapter 2, Sterling traces Storey’s rapid rise in competitive swimming, from breaking records at the local level up through Paralympic success as a teenager. What emerges is a portrait of a fiercely determined and talented young athlete who refused to be defined or limited by outside skepticism. Though naturally gifted, Storey’s success arose from an indefatigable work ethic, training relentlessly before and after school to perfect her technique and surpass expectations. Even as a star, she welcomed every challenge and used losses or perceived inadequacies as motivation to grow.

Sterling unpacks life lessons within Storey’s driven mentality. While nature endowed Storey with abilities, her nurture—through focused practice, embracing challenges, and refusing to make excuses—allowed her to maximize her potential. Like Storey, readers can achieve more by turning perceived weaknesses into strengths. Redefining failure or disadvantage as opportunities to improve conveys an empowering message. Storey’s unwillingness to be content and constant desire to push boundaries also demonstrates how greatness requires continuous growth beyond what most deem possible.

Another takeaway is realizing that roadblocks exist to be overcome, not accommodate. Storey refused coaching suggestions that she focus solely on Paralympic sports, opting instead to compete at elite able-bodied levels as well. Broadening one’s horizons versus limiting them based on external doubts cultivates the expansive thinking required for transcendent success. Overall, Storey’s story encourages readers never to sell themselves short and instead dream limitlessly through hard work and resilience in the face of setbacks.

Storey reached swimming pinnacles yet was not content, constantly challenging herself to new heights as detailed in Chapter 3. This echoed her childhood participation in numerous sports. Sterling notes how Storey felt drawn to cycling later in life, though coached to avoid such a dangerous switch as her training had been swimming-focused for decades. Rejecting the status quo yet again, Storey adopted cycling and committed herself to mastering a new discipline from the ground up.

Her transition serves as a profound lesson. Despite facing discouragement due to age, lack of experience in cycling, and risks of injury, Storey trusted her intuition and passion. By overcoming self-doubt and listening within, she unlocked new potential rather than plateauing. Though the path was uncertain, Storey embarked buoyed by perseverance. This open-minded and fearless approach allowed her to enjoy new achievements on the bike, highlighting how we often limit ourselves more than any disability or perceived inadequacy ever could.

Storey’s storied success flowing from her swimming retirement reinforces one of Sterling’s overarching messages – that we contain untapped talents simply waiting to be unearthed through bold reinvention. By seizing opportunities that scare us, we too can transform what others call loneliness of spirit into exhilaration. Storey did not confine herself to safe choices or preconceived roles, and her example encourages readers to bravely walk new paths.

The next chapter focuses on Storey’s multifaceted life that extended far beyond sports success. Sterling portrays her as a devoted mother and wife balancing demanding training with quality family time and passions outside athletics. This reinforces the book’s message that exemplary lives contain depth beyond victories. Storey maintained perspective that preventing burnout and nurturing whole-self wellness allowed her continued excellence.

Sterling highlights Storey’s work advocating for women’s representation and empowerment in all disciplines, not just her own. She fought for higher competitive opportunities and pay equity, recognizing that her platform could lift others up. This altruistic spirit is deeply inspirational. Storey did not just think of herself but worked to make the world more inclusive, showing that unity and collectivism amplify individual achievement. Her willingness to elevate disadvantages faced specifically by women in sport with grace and solution-oriented optimism encourages readers to do the same in their own spheres of influence.

This part of the book “Ride On!” underscores that Storey’s satisfaction arose from living fully and using her talents for good, not empty accolades. Her commitment to continual betterment extended to supporting others and seeking work-life integration. Readers learn the importance of sustainable excellence through balance and service – lessons that cultivate more compassionate, well-rounded individuals able to effect positive change.

Perhaps Dame Sarah’s success philosophy that empowers readers to define achievement on their own unified terms is the most illuminating chapter. She emphasizes the power of self-belief as a driving force to overcome any doubt. Storey’s belief in herself allowed pushing past barriers, trusting the process, and achieving more than even she thought possible.

Also expounded upon is Storey’s growth mindset where goal setting and hunger to constantly improve fortified her. Complacency was her greatest enemy, so she filled each victory with focused preparation for what’s next. Storey rejected limits and embraced challenges, knowing it is through adversity we discover untapped depths. Her willingness to be uncomfortable and leave her comfort zone engendered continuous evolution.

A takeaway is that triumph stems not just from talent but from belief that fuels strategy and resilience when obstacles arise. Readers learn they too can accomplish extraordinary feats by fortifying self-belief, setting ambitious yet attainable targets, welcoming feedback, and refusing to accept defeat as anything other than work left undone. Storey expresses success as a personal definition of maximized potential – something we all can find in our own ways through grit and grace in relentlessly pursuing our visions.

One of the most impactful lessons Sterling draws from Storey’s story in “Ride On!” is the importance of cultivating community and a strong support system. Storey credits her family’s unconditional love and encouragement from a young age as being fundamental to her success. They normalized her disability and refused to let perceived limitations stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Change can be scary, yet adapting is crucial for growth and evolving beyond what was. Sterling highlights Storey’s openness to new opportunities that expanded her horizons, like transitioning from swimming to cycling later in life against the advice of others. Storey trusted that her passion pointed to untapped potential worth pursuing through risks and uncertainty.

Readers learn that even complete career shifts or life changes don’t have to induce panic but can unlock fresh visions. Storey embraced flexibility and evolving interests rather than confinement. With an open and curious mindset, she discovered exciting new talents. Though paths may diverge from plans, staying receptive to life’s invitations leads to unforeseen places of fulfillment.

More than talent alone, Storey’s unstoppable drive arose from a passion that refused to quit. Despite obstacles, she pursued sporting bliss purely for love – not stakes or proving anything. Sterling observes that Storey followed instinct toward her true calling of cycling, trusting where fervor led would bear fruit. Readers learn the importance of listening within to uncover unique talents waiting to inspire. By discerning our veritable callings and fueling them with hard work devoid of outer expectations, we discover wellsprings of profound fulfillment and can push past perceived limitations. Storey shows harnessing inner fire versus depending on validation from society to light our paths. Authentic passion lights the way to personal legend.

In the culminating chapter, Sterling explores Storey’s immense legacy and far-reaching influence on others. Her records and honors made her the most successful British Paralympian in history and role model empowering a generation. Yet Storey’s impact extends beyond trophies to reshaping narrow perceptions of ability through demonstrated greatness.

Because Storey refused to be confined by society’s preconceptions of disability or gender, she liberated minds to see unlimited potential in all people. Her advocacy expanded opportunities for future female and disabled athletes. Sterling portrays Storey as illuminating new roads to greatness by proving judgements of what others “can’t” do say more about limited perspective than about true human spirit.

Readers learn that individual acts of courage in pursuing passions against all odds can spark movements nourishing others. Storey leaves a rippling legacy kept alive through those continuing the good work she inspired. A takeaway is each small step toward authenticity and unlocking dormant talents makes the world more progressive and inclusive. Though humble about her influence, Storey empowered exponentially through demonstration that where the heart leads is where great discoveries happen.

Overall Reflection:

Reflecting on the book as a whole, I am struck by how effectively S.A. Sterling crafted Dame Sarah Storey’s journey into a inspiring blueprint for resilience applicable to any reader’s life path. By focusing on distilling the underlying philosophies and strategies from Storey’s experiences over simply recounting achievements, the book delivers a much more impactful message.

Readers come away not just amazed by Storey’s accomplishments, but empowered to apply tangible tools of cultivating self-belief, navigating challenges, and utilizing support systems. Small moments that showcase Storey’s humanity make her philosophy seem within reach for an everyday person. The writing strikes a great balance of painting Storey as heroic while maintaining her relatability.

What I found most impressive was how each chapter served as a sort of lesson, pulling out discrete insights around themes of adversity, growth mindsets, networks and more. Having these packaged into easily digestible takeaways allows readers to immediately incorporate what resonates most into their lives. Storey’s embodiment of these qualities gives the strategies credibility.

For those facing obstacles or wanting to maximize strengths, this book delivers a profoundly inspiring reminder of human potential through change and perseverance. Readers walk away fueled by Storey’s example that barriers are meant for breaking when armed with strategies, passion and community. It’s a work that achieves lasting impact by illuminating what’s possible through challenging preconceived limitations of the self. I feel grateful to have joined Dame Storey’s journey through these pages and am left motivated to continue cultivating my own potential.

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Reflecting on the book as a whole, I am struck by how effectively S.A. Sterling crafted Dame Sarah Storey's journey into a inspiring blueprint for resilience applicable to any reader's life path. By focusing on distilling the underlying philosophies and strategies from Storey's experiences over simply recounting achievements, the book delivers a much more impactful message.Ride On! by S A Sterling | Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph