Book Review: Work Hard-ly by Monica Iyengar

With the help of Work Hard-ly by Monica Iyengar, you'll be able to master meetings, networking events, and corporate retreats without having to know or say anything of relevance.

Book Review: With Ash On Their Faces by Cathy Otten

With Ash On Their Faces by Cathy Otten is a remarkable story of Yezidi women's strength, perseverance, and intelligence; and we should all admire them. However, I think it’s important to remember that there are countless young women who continue to endure immense cruelty on a daily basis. My thoughts are with these young women.

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

Title: Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of Spacex and Tesla is Shaping Our FutureAuthors: Ashlee VancePublisher: Virgin BooksGenre: Biography, BusinessFirst Publication: 2015Language: English  Book Summary: Elon...

Best Books for Entrepreneurs

In an era where books for entrepreneurs are a super-popular and super-hyped thing on Amazon, it is hard to choose which ones to pick. Even though there are thousands of books for entrepreneurs on the market – not all of them live to your fullest expectations and most of them are a ton of paper waste…
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Happiness to the Power of Infinity by Rohit Sodha

Happiness to the Power of Infinity is brilliant book with concrete techniques to change ones habits, founded in extensive research. Much of what is presented, is common sense I think, but the difference is, that it is articulated in ways I can not, and is tested in research studies.

Book Review: Your Life Is Your Message by Nancy Blair & Mark Gesner

Great Content, Numerous Personalities being Quoted, Very Apt Anecdotes, Easy to Understand Principles and Universal Application is how I would describe what the book ‘Your Life Is Your Message’ is all about.

Book Review: The Game Of Votes by Farhat Basir Khan

The basic premise of The Game of Votes by Farhat Basir Khan rests on the calculation made to differentiate successful election practices from unsuccessful ones. It is filled with amazing insider details about every big campaign in the last forty years.

Just Kidding Yours Destiny by Anirban Das

'Just Kidding... Yours, Destiny' is Anirban's debut book. The introduction suggests that it's a story of an ambitious guy named Kunal Roy whose peaceful professional and personal life drowns when a new boss arrives in his company and a new girl in his life.
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Book Review: Moment of Signal by Sreedhar Bevara

What I love most about this book, Moment of Signal, is the zero nonsense it allows. I read this when I really needed a kick up the backside, and it did that. The book builds on the premise that the circumstances affect us not as much by how good/bad they are but how we react to them.

Where Will Man Take Us? by Atul Jalan

Here in ‘Where Will Man Take Us?’, Atul Jalan presents a wonderful mish-mash of thoughts, comparisons, personal experiences, and research. The book was so stuffed full of ideas and I devoured them eagerly.
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