The Melancholy of Strumpet Master by Zeb Beck

The Melancholy Strumpet Master is a witty and entertaining read that delves into the complexities of academic life and the pursuit of knowledge. Through Gil's struggles and triumphs, the book reminds us that sometimes the greatest insights and breakthroughs come from the most unexpected sources.

Mallory’s Manly Methods by Thomas Keech

Mallory's Manly Methods by Thomas Keech is a colourful and well-written novel featuring the life and misadventures of Kevin Mallory, whose fragile fame is on the wane. Kevin Mallory is a manipulator, a morally reprehensible person, and a liar; however, he is forced to be all of these things since it is the only way for him to get a break in the world he lives in.

Tom Collins by Douglas Vigliotti

Douglas Vigliotti wrote a story with the perfect blend of humor, passion and drama. His writing just flowed and had me invested from the moment I began to read. There is a chance, when an author tells a story such as this, the male ends up being a bit of a doormat in part because of the situation he has found himself in.

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