Book Review -Don't Talk about Mental Health by Arjun Gupta

Book Review: Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health by Arjun Gupta

Title: Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health

Author: Arjun Gupta

Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Health and Wellness, Psychology

Language: English


Book Summary: Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental HealthBook Review - Don't Talk about Mental Health by Arjun Gupta

Shhh! Don’t talk about Mental Health begins with the story of a 19-year-old boy suffering from clinical depression, tormented by his own mind, contemplating to end his life in a hotel room. The extensive research on the subject is clearly reflected as you go ahead reading with verified facts, figures, and substantial data presented throughout the book. Through a story, the author explains how crucial it is to reconsider our perspective of this health crisis.

The book takes an interesting journey by discussing mental health and its different stages, the history of depression, demystifying theories and the mentality of the society towards the affected. The book clearly explains common misconceptions about the subject by bringing forth strong testimonies such as extensive research and data about the obstacles and stigma faced in the Indian society concerning mental health, and the various socio-cultural aspects of the same.

In this age where information and knowledge are at your fingertips, this book manages to give a competing edge for a better understanding of mental health. It makes you wonder if we take mental health and its awareness as seriously as we consider other health problems. It makes us think about the environment we create for the ones struggling with anxiety and depression. Is it yet a safe zone for them to open up about their emotions to feel better and not be judged for it?

“The problem with defining intelligence is that there are many different concepts of it across cultures.”

With the backdrop of true-life incidents, valid statistics and accurate data, Shhh! Don’t talk about Mental Health is an obvious pick for everyone who doesn’t want to dive too deep into psychology but is also curious and eager to learn more about our mental health.


Book Review: Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health

FINALLY! A book about depression that makes sense, that those with depression will read and sit nodding their heads and agreeing all the way through it. No psychobabble here (from Psychologists who have never experienced depression) – just real raw telling of 19 year old Yashasvi’s journey with the dreaded black hole in his mind sucking his life in. I read it in the wee hours of the morning relating to everything Yashasvi has gone through and cheering for his moments of coming out of the darkness that is so devastating. Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health should be given or bought by EVERYONE battling depression, or has a loved one battling it. It’s everywhere you know.

Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health by Arjun Gupta is one of the most beautifully written books I have read about mental health and illness. Inspiration almost drips off the pages. It’s honest and vivid enough to make difference even for people who have done no personal trips to the hellish planet of Depression.

“Being able to solve problems alone is good but if you feel like you need support, you do not need to be ashamed to ask for it.”

I love when concepts are mixed with guidelines and wisdom of someone who has been there and done all that. In Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health, Author Arjun Gupta so simply explains how it feels, he is so darn honest and all of what he says is true. He breaks it down into simple formats. It’s really what is going on in your dark mind. He tackles the issues of suicidal thoughts and tendencies and how scary it can be, nobody wants to talk about that right? But we need to.

A bit that resonated with me was about how withdrawn you become from the world, scared to go out on your own, or even with others, you need people but you can’t cope with them. It’s overwhelming. The way that Author Arjun Gupta phrased a lot of things in this book was just spot-on. I don’t suffer from depression, but when my anxiety is bad, it can be debilitating. I related to all his descriptions of the fear and the agoraphobia and almost everything else he touched on. But more than that, he just put the experience of living with debilitating mental illness into words.

Let’s get real about depression, it can hit anyone, it’s not a choice, you can’t just positive self-talk your way out of it. Just buy this book. Nice job Arjun Gupta, this one will help so many people. It should be given out at counselling and therapy session for anyone with depression around the world.

Buy Now: Shhh! Don’t Talk about Mental Health by Arjun Gupta

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