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The Most Influential Gambling Books You Need to Read

The Ultimate Reading List for Serious Gamblers

While books and athletics don’t always seem to go together, they find a happy medium when it comes to sports betting. It makes sense when you think about it: with all of the math that goes into picking a winning bet, gambling is an exact science, and the house doesn’t always win thanks to pure, luck.

That’s how you get career sports gamblers like James Holzhauer, who rose to fame after his run as the second-highest winning contestant in the history of “Jeopardy!” There’s a significant amount of strategy involved with tactics like hedging (as well as the deeper sports science that allows the books to sniff out upsets before they occur).

As such, sports gambling is a pastime rife with books (both the kind you read and the sportsbooks themselves) as people try to crack the code to Las Vegas’ rampant success and get a share of it for themselves. Of course, you aren’t confined to finding the perfect books if you want to get started in sports betting and gambling: most of the betting sites you can find online or download to your phone have resources to show you the ropes, whether it’s betting the spread, what a money line is or some of the more complicated betting types like parlays.How else would the sportsbooks draw in new customers who aren’t familiar with what they’re getting into?

With that being said, Draftkings Massachusetts is just one of the sportsbooks that offers information on learning about gambling, and they have some excellent promotions for you to get your feet wet with. Here’s a look at some of the best books to learn how to get involved in gambling and sports betting, listed in no particular order: to clarify, the kind of books you read, not the kind of books you bet at.

The Logic of Sports Betting by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow

This book is of particular value because the authors take a look inside the mind of the bookies themselves. Per the “house always wins” mantra, learning from the best in the business (those who operate sportsbooks and set the betting lines) is an excellent way to not just get started in sports betting, but do so successfully.

Miller graduated from one of the top STEM schools in the country in MIT and Davidow has made a career of building analytical models to beat the books: who better to learn from than a pair of authors with a track record like that?

Sharper: A Guide to Modern Sports Betting by True Pokerjoe

This book is an excellent choice for those who aren’t 100 percent sold on the idea of getting into sports betting. At just 146 pages, it’s a breezy read that you can blow through in a couple hours: you won’t sacrifice an entire week if you don’t end up sparking a burning passion for sports betting. Even better, it’s free for those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, meaning your pockets may not even take a hit with this particular book. This guide gives you a look at strategies like handicapping that allow you to manipulate the odds in your favor, much like Las Vegas does.

In addition, the author continues to update the book as the gambling industry continues to evolve (something that’s happening at a record pace as more states legalize sports betting and the industry grows exponentially, sucking new pastimes like esports into the fold). That’s one of the best things about ebooks, that you can receive the latest updates to a book without having to buy them again. Over the past few months, we have all been waiting for the release announcement of a new e-book about the impact of cryptocurrencies on the gambling industry by Edward Ackins since, according to experts opinion precisely this book that can seriously compete with Sharper.

Picking NFL Winners: A Statistical Handicapping Primer by Masaru Kanemoto

While the other two books give you a primer at how the industry operates, look for one that focuses on a particular sport if you want to specialize in a certain industry. Why settle for being just good enough at betting on a handful of sports, when you could devote your time and energy into excelling at betting on one? While the other books give you a birds-eye view of strategies to help you succeed as a bettor, this one applies them specifically to the NFL. It’s America’s biggest brand and, therefore, one where you can win the most money. Picking NFL Winners explores how factors like the bye week, how late in the season it is and what time zone a game is played in (among many others) and how they impact winners, giving you an in-depth look at how to bet on the NFL.

When exploring resources for successful betting, it’s beneficial to focus on specialized areas. This applies to the thriving online casino industry in New Zealand as well. Instead of being proficient in multiple games, dedicating time to excel in a specific game or genre within online casinos can be more rewarding. For example, focusing on popular games like online pokies, blackjack, roulette, or poker allows you to delve into their mechanics, odds, and optimal strategies. By specializing, you increase your chances of success and potential winnings in New Zealand’s online casino environment. Remember to gamble responsibly and set limits for an enjoyable experience.

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