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Book Review: The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh

Title: The Belated Bachelor PartyThe Belated Bachelor Party

Author: Ravinder Singh

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Genre: Contemporary, Adventure Fiction

First Publication: 2019

Language: English

Major Characters: Happy, MP, Raamji and Ravin


Book Summary: The Belated Bachelor Party

It’s been twelve years since Happy, MP, Raamji and Ravin graduated. Well into their married lives, they realize that none of them had a bachelor party before their weddings. But it’s never too late to set things right.

They go about planning their belated bachelor party – a Euro trip which, well, ends up becoming the trip of their lifetime. Picture this: It’s the middle of the night. The four friends wait to be strip-searched by the border police.

They are stuck in the no-man’s land between Croatia and Slovenia, without valid visas, but with banned party drugs and a rifle cartridge…

Welcome to one hell of a reunion! Bestselling author Ravinder Singh returns with his friends in a hilarious, moving story of friendship and adventure.


Book Review: The Belated Bachelor Party

Read something so hilarious after such a long time. The Belated Bachelor Party by Ravinder Singh is way too witty and filled with sarcasm, this book is surely going to be one of your favorite books!

The premise I got from reading the blurb was that there was an unexpected ‘incident’ during the bachelor party trip of four best friends to Europe. But the story does have some build up to ‘the moment’. I liked all four characters, though Ravin definitely has a little more(!) maturing to do. I was blown away by how they got together and how they became the ultimate family.

A Well-written book, with very realistic depictions of the characters’ feelings. The story was progressive and made me want to continue on until I finished it. The situations created by a little misfortune and by more of their mistakes make this book worth even more of your time. The characters were written real enough that you develop a soft spot for them.

I really loved this Belated Bachelor Party. I found myself laughing so hard I had tears running down my face at certain scenes. Ravin is a great character to follow and I’m glad I got to be in his head for the duration of the book. The smart and snarky remarks the four of them make, the nicknames they give to each other, and their interactions with the people around them really make this one a gem.

I was glad that the book got a little bit more serious at the some places and addressed some of the more pressing issues.

This was a hot read and enjoyed the belated bachelor party concept!  Highly recommend it if you want a story that will make you smile and feel so good at the ending!!!

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