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Book Review : Love, Swipe, Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan

Title: Love, Swipe, BlackmailBook Review - Love Swipe Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan

Author: Nitish Bhushan

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers

Genre: Romance

First Publication: 2020

Language: English


Book Summary: Love, Swipe, Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan

Ravi & Vandana have everything going right for themselves – they are both in careers of their choice, both are alphas in their role and profession, both love each other deeply.

And while they seem to be steadily headed towards marriage, Ravi is conflicted by his desires. Encouraged by his friends he downloads an app and meets someone!

Now what are the odds of another someone getting to know about his activities on the app?
How will Vandana react if and when she gets to know about this?
Who is blackmailing Ravi?
What about demons from Vandana’s past?


Book Review : Love, Swipe, Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan

The primitive matchups made a good backdrop for this pseudo-suspense romance by Nitish Bhushan. From the title of the book, anyone can conclude that the story is about a dating app, a bad date with a wrong girl and a couple of lies coming out!

Although the story of ‘Love, Swipe, Blackmail’ was kind of basic, I found myself intrigued by the dynamic of friendship and a love story. Falling in love over the internet isn’t such a surprise anymore. This book has drama, romance and laughs-out-loud moments and a bit of suspense. It hooks you in completely from the beginning of the book.

I’ve had a string of reading romances lately where the negative motivation and damaged men served a big role. So it’s little surprise that this one was a huge relief as both Ravi and Vandana have conflict that arises naturally from their background. The romantic tension and chemistry between Ravi and Vandana was good and I loved their banter.

Anyway, the plot is simple but it also hung together pretty well and made sense. It is rich in twists and turns and has strong character development. The pacing is excellent and pulled me right in. The unbreakable friendship of Ravi, Raaj and Bhanu, and the relationship worked for me as Ravi and Vandana fit very well together and I enjoyed their romance. One thing I loved most about this story was the characters, how they fit so well together and the level of trust they had for each other was inspiring.

Nitish Bhushan is a pure genius when he’s bringing his characters to life. They all have different personalities and you just can’t help but like each of them. To keep this review spoiler free, I won’t go into further detail because you need to read and enjoy this book yourself.


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