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7 Helpful Tips for Writing College Essays: Guidelines for Students

7 Helpful Tips for Writing College Essays Guidelines for Students

For many college students, writing essays is a difficult task. They have to write academic papers all through high school and then at colleges as well. In college, the requirements for these assignments and the professor’s expectations have drastically changed. Initially, students are not aware of it and find it challenging to cope with this.

Reading instructions is crucial for developing a good essay writing plan. Students are not supposed to develop good essay writing skills without developing a good understanding of the teacher’s requirements. However, you can save yourself from all that boring stuff and buy term papers online. Those who are incapable of completing an assignment due to lack of knowledge can opt for expert essay writing help to perform well in their academics.

Starting college is an exciting time, but it is also daunting. The first step is to write a good essay that will get you chosen for your perfect college. If you find it exceedingly difficult to manage all the admission essays together, you can opt to pay for college essays.  You can hire a professional writer from a paper writing service. They are highly skilled and can compose any document you want while ensuring it is high-quality. Nevertheless, if you want to take up this challenge on your own, you will need help. An essay writing guide has been created to aid you in the writing process.


Setup and brainstorm

It is best to create a plan before you start with the assignment. It would be best if you tried to incorporate a few preparatory steps in your process as well. The first one is to create a schedule. Time management is a critical skill when writing college essays with deadlines. You can break down tasks and assign a time limit to help stay on track. For example, you can give writing the first draft 30 minutes and proofreading it 10 minutes, and so on.

One of the best college essays writing tips is to spend five to ten minutes on your environment and setup. It is not productive to write academic papers in messy and loud places, so you can huddle in a quiet corner or go to the library. In case you get hungry, keep a little snack as well with a water bottle or juice. You can try to keep a notebook with you to make notes.

Once you are ready to begin, start with brainstorming and creating an outline. To do this, you need to understand the topic and what is being asked. You can decide on a topic that meets all the assignment requirements and determine how to write it. At this stage, you will brainstorm ideas and themes. After you have a rough idea of what to write, arrange all the brainstormed headings into an outline.



Self-reflection is an important step you need to take before you start writing academic documents. It is advised to do this with your very admissions essay. College essays are very different from high school essays, so you need to determine your writing style. Every student has a different style in expressing themselves in words, and each style is suited to a different type of academic document.

It would help if you determined which essay type does your writing style complements the most. If you choose the topic or the type of document, choose the essay you are good at. However, if you are tasked to write a specific essay, it is good to read sample essays. The sample will help you determine how to structure the essay and what to include in the body paragraphs.

Another important aspect is to consider how and what to research. You can conduct extensive research, but only if you have time. It is best if you consult the outline and keep your research within its bounds. Jot down relevant points and their sources next to the headings on the outline. It will save time and prevent writers’ block as well.


Don’t Be Afraid to Use Humor

The admission board has to read hundreds, if not thousands, of essays for admissions. They are bored and tired, so they will have little interest in your essay. To acquire the reader’s attention and keep it focused, make sure to write an engaging paper.

You can use a cliffhanger in the introduction or a question in conclusion. Moreover, do not shy away from using humor. It will get a chuckle out of the reader and refresh their mind. You can use rhetorical remarks and idioms as well. If you look for college essay writing help, they will advise you to do the same. Nevertheless, a word of warning; make sure not to overdo it as that will have a negative impact on the readers.


Use Examples

Do not shy away from using examples and stories in your paper. You can use;

  • daily life scenarios,
  • incidents from the lives of famous people.

It is advised to compare or contrast your experience with others to be more relevant to the readers.


Write Drafts

If you look for tips for college essays, everyone will tell you to write drafts. It does not matter how good of a writer you are; you cannot create a perfect essay on the first try. Famous authors also have to write several drafts before they get approved. The first draft is jotting down the foundation of your essay in an unorganized manner.

After the first draft, you will have to proofread it. It helps find any grammatical and spelling errors. Furthermore, it helps you examine the flow of the paper. You can even ask a colleague or friend to read it for you and get a fresh perspective. You can change words, add phrases and move information where it is relevant. You will make edits to your papers until you have a final draft ready for submission.

You will format the final document according to your professor’s instructions. There are a few format styles you can use, like APA or MLA. Be sure to add references and in-text citations to give credit where it is due.


Be Honest and Yourself

A good college essay is supposed to reflect your personality. The admissions board does not want to read another essay about a random topic. Instead, they want to read about something that reflects who they are. It does not have to be an essay about your entire life but can be about one aspect.

If you play an instrument and like music, then write about it. What prompted you to start, who motivated you and what obstacles you overcame when learning to play it. You can even write about loss and how it affected you.



Writing an essay is stressful even without the stress of your college admission dependent on it. It is not unusual for students to hire professionals for help or use sample essays as a guide. Each student has their own method to work.

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