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Top 11 Tools To Help You Write Better Essays

Top 11 writing Tools To Help You Write Better Essays

Writing essays has always been an inescapable part of college assignments. Completing and submitting essays on time secures better grades for you. Yet, you always need guidance from a teacher or the help of an expert to craft a perfect essay. Attending to each student in the class is nearly impossible for an instructor. More often than not, students seek professionals who provide “do my essay for me” services to avoid the struggle of writing an essay. Hence, to help you overcome the challenges of putting together a flawless essay, here are some writing tools that expert writers swear by.


Best Tools for Research

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the best websites to research from a broad spectrum of data available online. You can practically look from one place for scholarly literature, facts, e-books, research papers, articles, blogs, case studies, theses, citations, and other web materials.

You can easily explore the literary work of academic publishers, professional societies, and online repositories on related topics.



Scopus provides you access to the largest database of abstracts and citations from publishers. It allows choosing from a pool of peer-reviewed journals, books, and conferences in multiple disciplines. You can also track the latest scholarly articles on Scopus.


Web of Science

Your essay would be more convincing with relevant data and facts. One of the best places to find that is the Web of Science. It is a subscription-based tool that provides a gateway to comprehensive citation data for different academic subjects. This tool is considered to be the most informative citation network as it is independent of any publisher.


Essay Tools for Writing and Organizing Your Work

Google Docs

It is a widely used text editing tool that is an online substitute for well-known Microsoft Word. The tool reflects all the features of MS Word and expands to advanced attributes such as autosaving, speech-to-text conversion, offline sync, and so on. You can also enable Grammarly extension, and the editor will show you the errors within the document.



This tool provides a simple and distraction-free writing environment. Its well-structured user interface stows away the side panels to keep it minimal. You can simply access the menu bars by hovering the mouse over the sides.


LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is an effective essay writing platform that allows you to create your content, review, and revise as and whenever you need it. This tool helps you keep your essay organized and neat, increasing your focus at the same time.


Tools To Proofread and Edit Your Essay


Grammarly is an all-in-one app used by most writers in the world. It is an AI-based tool. You can certainly not rely completely upon an automated tool, but with Grammarly, you can root out maximum grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

It also helps you identify tautologies, unnecessary words, and unsuitable sentences in your essay. You can use this tool to free your text from undetectable mistakes easily. Grammarly shows the overall score for your essay based on sentence length, content’s tone, clarity, and many other factors.


Hemingway App

The app is another widely used editing software that focuses on the readability and quality of your content. It highlights wordy and lengthy sentences, unnecessary adverbs, complicated words, and grammar errors in different colors. Hemingway app claims to make your writing bold and clear with its suggestions and readability score.


Plagiarism Checker Tools for Your Essays


Plagscan is a plagiarism detection software that is majorly used by institutes and academic writers. The tool is single-purpose; hence, it is more trusted than other software with a similar objective. This plagiarism checker compares your submitted document with web papers, journals, and internal archives. You can browse its private plans to choose the most suitable one for you.


Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools comprises many services that can help you finalize your essay. You can try their grammar checker or paraphrasing tools for improving your writing, but we didn’t find them accurate. However, their plagiarism checker is one tool that we certainly use. It looks for similar content on the web once you paste your essay into the allocated space.

It shows you sentences that are found on any other page and displays the comparison. And it even offers you rephrasing suggestions to improve the uniqueness of your content.


Mind Mapping Tool


If you like to make your essay visually appealing and add some flow charts or mind maps to it, the tool is for you. The mind maps call for better comprehensiveness of your points. Coggle produces hierarchically structured documents, like a branching tree.

Even if you don’t include mind maps in your essay, you can use Coggle to create mind maps to plan for your essay. This tool is collaborative and free of cost, except for a few features that are paid.

The Last Note

You can use various writing tools and apps available on the Internet today. These apps have certainly simplified the process of writing for each one of us. But you still have to apply your reasoning before finalizing each change suggested by any of these writing tools. In the end, they are programs and are not 100% correct in terms of context and grammar rules.

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