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Wrestle With Destiny by Arnab Roy

Wrestle with Destiny by Arnab Roy

Title: Wrestle With Destiny

Author: Arnab Roy

Publisher: Independently published

Genre: Self Help

First Publication: 2021

Language: English


Book Summary: Wrestle With Destiny by Arnab Roy

“Guess what! Asking for help is a Privilege; Privilege for the one being asked to help as this shows the amount of TRUST the other person have in YOU !!”

We all need help from time to time in our pursuit of SUCCESS, JOY and ENLIGHTENMENT.

This book is a little bit of my own contribution to inspire and spur you on your journey.

This book is a short read, divided into 8 chapters which are basically 8 practical concepts, values or skills to inspire and guide you on your quest for success. A few of those are described below:

ATTITUDE: The ‘how’ of things

Measure everything: A ‘mirror’ for your success

Find your own ‘superpower’: A cape to fly to the zenith

And many more such small nuggets of wisdom and practices…

This book is arranged in the format of concept description/importance, personal stories/examples of the same and finally an ‘Action Plan’ if you are interested in cultivating the concept further.

“PRACTICE is always the basis of achieving or succeeding in anything. You can have numerous fantastic theoretical ideas and knowledge, but if you don’t practice the same daily, it will only stay as an Idea”

Wrestle With Destiny by Arnab Roy

Book Review: Wrestle With Destiny by Arnab Roy

In pursuit of our most cherished desires – success, joy, and enlightenment – we all need some help from time to time. This book by Arnab Roy will provide that help. Wrestle with Destiny is a comprehensive guide based on developing an awareness of how perceptions and assumptions hinder success – in work as well as personal relationships. It will help to improve your way of thinking and lead to greater opportunities and effective problem solving.

We all experience challenges and often face failures, but if we look at them with a positive attitude, appreciate what we have learned and move on, continue moving forward and growing, the negative feelings won’t drag us down or hold us back. We have the ability to consciously change our thought process, and Arnab Roy provides us with “8 sparks on Attitude, Health & Spirituality, Wealth creation, Balance and many more”. Essentially, Wrestle with Destiny is a kind of cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is a mode of therapy whose sole aim is to get a person to improve his or her thinking. Any person can do that with a little reorientation regarding what’s important to them. In other words, the aim of this book is to get a person to discover what he or she values the most and then put those values into action in daily life, constantly renewing what was committed to.

The book consists of 8 chapters, each of which presents a powerful concept in a way that serves to motivate and inspire you upon your quest for excellence. Each chapter in this book begins with an introductory description of concept and an explanation of its importance before moving on to personal stories and examples, and finally an ‘Action Plan’ for those looking to develop the concept further.

The power of the techniques in this book is life-changing. Implementation of all of them require continuous practice – and just reading a book does not give enough push to do something. Yes, this is not the kind of book that you read once and forget about it. it is indeed a book of continuous growth and improvement in all walks of life. Wrestle with Destiny is one of the practical books and most of the strategies do work.

Arnab Roy puts a positive spin on what we might typically see as failure, bad news, short end of the straw. Opportunity awaits us around every corner and behind every door. It is just a matter of being able to see the good, be resilient, keep on going, and put yourself in the best situations to encourage success. With his own personal stories and struggles, we get advice on how to overcome negative feelings and how to take control of our lives. Author Arnab Roy seems an experienced expert in the field of self-development, or what is known as the science of human success and excellence. His approach makes deep stuff an easy and enjoyable read.

The crux of this book is finding and realizing the power within yourself to make any change and improvement. We all have amazing strength, power and determination within us. Once we learn how to utilize that, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our dreams. Wrestle with Destiny is a quick and uplifting read – a great gift for everyone!

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