Five Tips on Ruining Your Reputation in College


College years — what a wonderful time! Except for the times when you are buried under piles of homework, which makes you wonder, “Can someone do my assignment for me?” Well, there are plenty of assignment helper services that can help you with that. Besides, homework can be the least of your problems during your college years.

Yes, college time has a lot to do with writing assignments, preparing for exams, and studying for short. But your social life goes through a lot of changes during that period. You say goodbye to your old friends and make new ones. The same can be said about your enemies.

Reputation is important in school, but a tarnished reputation in college can be a bigger issue. Thus, everyone knows the golden rules of keeping a good reputation:

  • Study hard.
  • Think about what you post on social media.
  • Respect your peers.
  • Volunteer.
  • Make a positive impact.

Easy, right? Follow those simple rules, and your life in college is going to be perfect. But perfect is boring. What’s there to discuss about perfection? Well, don’t you worry, as it’s unlikely that you’re going to be perfect. Your reputation in college can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. So, let’s figure out how to ruin your reputation in college.

Overreact to Misconceptions

You said that you liked that lacrosse player? Or you said that he looked cool? That’s quite innocent, right? Well, don’t get surprised if you wake up one morning learning that you have STDs from him. No, you didn’t sleep with him. And, no, you don’t have STDs. That’s just how your “he’s cool” or “he’s cute” was interpreted by some local gossiper. And you will have a hard time proving that the information is false.

That gossip is built on nothing, just an innocent remark. But you see, gossip mustn’t be based on anything solid. And the more you try to prove that there’s nothing behind that gossip, the stronger it sticks to you.

If that’s just gossip, why do you worry that much? So, worry a lot! Tell everyone that that’s not true! People will believe in that gossip more, and your reputation is going to be destroyed.

Become a Gossiper

Gossipers are not immune to tarnished reputations. At first glance, that seems like nonsense. After all, those are the people who ruin the reputations of others. But it’s one thing to be a journalist for some gossip magazine, and it’s another thing to be a college gossiper. Having a reputation as a gossiper, you may end up having zero friends. No one would want to be friends with you, as they want their reputation secured.

But you don’t have to be an exact gossiper to earn a reputation as one. Just start talking about somebody behind their backs, and you’re labeled as a gossiper. Your new acquaintances will immediately suspect that you can talk about them behind their backs as well. So, start discussing your peers immediately upon arrival on campus. It will surely ruin your reputation.

Turn Into a Party Rat

You just enrolled in college, and you’re trying to get comfortable on campus. And suddenly you hear that someone is going to have a party, and everyone is invited.

A party! Is there a better way to get acquainted with your college peers? So, surely you’re going to show up there. But upon arrival, you realize that everyone from some certain circle was invited. Not everyone literally. But you stay anyway.

As you don’t have anyone to talk to, and people are naturally very humane and pay little to no attention to you, you can either leave or get drunk. But what’s the point in leaving? No one will remember that you were at the party.

So, we strongly suggest you get drunk. You will surely end up doing something foolish that will ruin your reputation. And you’ll be known as a party rat for quite a long time.

Try Extra Hard to Fit in

You would do anything to fit in. Does anybody enjoy Ingmar Bergman’s movies? You never heard of him, but you like his movies too. Is anyone into photography? You don’t know anything about exposure or who George Eastman was, but suddenly, you’re into photography too. The same goes for football, partying, basketball, literature club, video games, etc.

And the desire to fit in is okay. It’s natural for students, newbies especially, to want to fit in on campus. But when you’re trying too hard to fit in, you may easily get the reputation of a social chameleon, if not a socially awkward chameleon.

So, try to fit in as hard as you can. Ever tried, ever failed. Try again and fail better. Your goal is to excel in failing. Fail the best.

Complain About Everything

There are so many things that bother you. Your roommate is annoying, and your room is terrible. You never have enough time to do all the assignments. You got a really terrible odd job that leads you nowhere, as it’s barely enough to pay the rent. Your parents are getting on your nerves. You can’t stand that professor or that student. It’s too hot today – you’re sweating; too cold – you’re freezing; mild – too boring.

And you need to let everyone know about it. Complain as much as you can. Do you see that group of people talking in the hallway? Interrupt them just to let them know how terrible your day was.

If people are trying to avoid you because of your constant complaints, it ain’t no big deal. Post about it online so everyone can see that. Post as much as you please. You’re surely going to be known as the life of the party.

Closing Thoughts

Of course, the things listed above are not the most radical examples of how you can ruin your college reputation. There’s so much more that you can do. Just use your imagination ‘cause if we provide more examples, this article is going to get flagged. But there’s a chance that you may want to get rid of a bad reputation. Here’s what to do:

  • Analyze what went wrong;
  • Ask your peers for feedback;
  • Apologize to those you have wronged;
  • Clear up misunderstandings;
  • Become a different person…

But why would you want to undo the ruined reputation? Think about all the efforts it took you to destroy it. People with good reputations are boring. And suspicious. They are surely hiding something. Bad reputation rules anyway.



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